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1/4/2017 hhgregg.com - HHGregg will NEVER get my business again! My
HHGregg will NEVER get my business again! My husband and I own a 2nd home in Florida and bought a new frig online which we had planned to have delivered on Dec 27. Their "Customer NON-service" department cancelled the order saying that the product was not available (because they were giving a good discount!). We went into the HHGREGG in Jacksonville who were happy to sell us the frig that we were told was out of stock, but they still had not refunded our purchase! After nearly an hour on the phone trying to work this out, they "removed a hold" on our refund but would not assist us in buying the product locally. It is now DEc 4 and they STILL have not refunded our money. We purchased the new frig elsewhere and I will encourage others to never buy from this company again.

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11/24/2016 hhgregg.com - Simply FALSE advertising...or, at minimum, very
Simply FALSE advertising...or, at minimum, very misleading and, I believe to be ILLEGAL in Illinois. Your emails and your website simply shows a "coupon" with the cut-out lines around it that says 15% of purchases of $299 or more in addition to the possible 40% savings already going on....go into the store...and...uuhhh....was told it only pertained to a few TVs and not the entire purchase just a single item/etc. ALL NOT in accordance with what your advertisement says and with Illinois law.

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9/13/2016 hhgregg.com - "All available agents are busy helping other
"All available agents are busy helping other customers. Please stay on the line."
55 minutes and still no live person.

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11/12/2015 hhgregg.com - hhgregg does not honor what they say, and the
hhgregg does not honor what they say, and the employees are very rude, I went to purchase an item only to be told they do not price match that item, I was then told if it goes on sale in 30 days for lower I could get that item for that lower price, except Black Friday, that I understood, when I called customer service they said they do not price match at all during pre Black Friday times, I stated that is not what I was told, the person I spoke to in the store was rude and said you can go to Walmart and get it for that price?? Well that was very rude, that's why I called customer service and spoke to rose, she was extremely rude and tried to over talk me, I asked to speak to a supervisor, she said no one was available, and took my name and number, I have never been treated so porely in my entire life, I am beyond upset, I will not shop at hhgregg ever again!!!

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10/6/2015 hhgregg.com - Wow! I will never shop here again!
Wow! I will never shop here again! I bought a fridge the end of July. The fridge was making all kinds of noises so I called the manager Shatal Patel and explained everything to her. She was very rude. I told her my husband moved the fridge a Lil bit to make sure water line was hooked up right and she proceeded to blame my husband for doing something wrong. I explained I had no problems returning the fridge if I didn't get satisfaction so then she agreed to exchange the fridge after fighting on the phone with her for 10 mins! The second fridge arrived and I thought we were done until later I went to wipe it down and there were all swirl scratches at the top of the left door. I think when the delivery guy was taking the plastic off his watch scratched the fridge. Again I call Shall she says she'll give me 100 off the fridge. So I said no I want a fridge that's not scratched! She says I am NOT replacing this fridge again. So I asked where the fridge was that was sent back because there were no scratches on it and I would take that if it's not damaged. She said it was in the store and she would PERSONALLY check it to make sure it was not scratched. She said it was ok and we scheduled delivery. When the guys came out they unwrapped it and it was scratched several places! So she ordered the components on the new door without the guts. She said delivery guys could fix it well they couldn't. I was livid. I called and spoke to the district manager. He said he would give me money back for my problems ( which I've yet to see) 3 weeks, and talk with the manager Shatal. I will NEVER do business with HHgregg again! They're a bunch of sheenies there!! Worst store ever!!

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4/26/2015 hhgregg.com - Store associates very helpful, buying experience
Store associates very helpful, buying experience easy. Delivery personel, not so much. They are un-reliable, not at all knowledgeable of thier profession. Sean, I think is his name from the Champaign, IL delivery team made threats when the damage they did to our home entry was pointed out. We will not return to hhgregg for any future purchases. We have already made arrangements for purchases elsewhere as we continue our kitchen remodel. I am still contemplating reporting to authorities concerning the threat made to me.

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2/18/2015 hhgregg.com - Price match is worthless. Bought a tv from the
Price match is worthless. Bought a tv from the Gurnee, Ill store and they sent me an update less than 3 weeks later via email from their own website for a valentine be mine discount of 14%. Called the store manager Adam he said it did not apply and would not honor it..

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2/4/2015 hhgregg.com - I have been on hold for over 2 hours off and on
I have been on hold for over 2 hours off and on for two days trying to get to customer service. I have been calling and writing the local store for the last 3 months. I don't know how this company can continue to stay in business with such terrible customer service.

One reason is that most of their competitors have bad customer service also. I have switched over to Lowes who has someone who has worked there for 12 years and is knowledgeable and has a good attitude.

At the moment I am on hold again calling 1-800-284-7344 for customer service. Been on for 20 minutes again and still getting the message "All agents are helping other customers, please continue to hold"

Me me it is no longer about hhgregg taking care of my problem. I realize they do not care. However it is no longer about a refrigerator, it is a personal issue.

Still holding , same message 30 minutes later. Had time to find this on the web:

This Business is not BBB Accredited
HH Gregg Appliances, Inc.
Customer Complaints Summary
1353 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 565 closed in last 12 months
Complaint Type

Total Closed Complaints

Advertising/Sales Issues 158
Billing/Collection Issues 30
Delivery Issues 90
Guarantee/Warranty Issues 189
Problems with Product/Service 886
Total Closed Complaints 1353

Someone finally answered at 10:45. His name is Chris. Sorry he can not help. Feel sorry for him. He has to listen to this all day long and probably can not help anyone.

Asked for legal department. He got off phone and came back 8 minutes later and said "sorry we do not have a legal department"

What a company

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9/18/2014 hhgregg.com - I went to purchase tablets for my teen grand kids.
I went to purchase tablets for my teen grand kids. Salesman approached me and begin to tell me that these are not toys. I told him that I brought these before for my other grand kids. He replied that he don't want me bringing them back due to my lack of knowledge about the product. I said that I knew what I was buying. Instead of him providing me service he begin to talk down to me as I was his grand kid. Terrible customer service. Should of thank me for being a repeat customer, which I will never be again!!!

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8/21/2014 hhgregg.com - I was in the Columbia, S.C.(Harbison) location, I
I was in the Columbia, S.C.(Harbison) location, I was helped by a gentleman (will not mention Name) I asked about special offer, discounts. I also told him about a discount that I received in my inbox to be applied to my item, he seemed not to know what I was talking about and seemed afraid to go ask. The store manager on duty at about 1145, steeped in I told him about the coupon, gave him the number on the coupon and the amount with exp. date. He seemed agitated and annoyed and very cocky. Because he seemed not to know what I was talking about, he did not try to find out, he said well I already okayed the military discount, and it sounds like you have something that applies to online. I know I should have been prepared and had it printed off, but I expected better from a manager. I asked the employee to let me know what the total would be, and that I would come back with the printed coupon I was referring to. The manager came over and looked, again seemed annoyed, stepped in hit some buttons and stepped away. I just noticed thought that was a perfect training opportunity for the young man, that the manager missed. I most likely would have completed the transaction if the cocky attitude was not there. just my opinion.

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12/23/2013 hhgregg.com - I have purchased approx. 15,000.00 in electronics
I have purchased approx. 15,000.00 in electronics and appliances from H H Gregg in Clarksville, Tn over the past 9 years. three refridgerators, 2 microwaves, 5 TV's, 2 washer drier sets and 2 dishwashers. I have always received excellent treatment and service. My recent experience was horrible. I was talked down to and treated very rudely by Patrick the store manager. This is the second time he has done this to us. I tried to explain to him that a sales rep the day before had offered me a 30.00 discount because of all I had bought there and to keep my buisness. I never had planned to buy elsewhere until the treatment I got from Patrick. I told him I would just go to Best Buy and see what they had and he said "ok then" and walked away. I bought the same TV at Best Buy and paid 25.00 more for it because of Patrick. I do not plan to go back.

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11/17/2012 hhgregg.com - not happy with the customer service after buying a whilpool washer
brought a a whilpool washer a year ago from the florence ky location. Did not buy the extended warrenty. Was gone six months so washer was not used and came home used it and it makes a terrible noise.called florence location and was told they could not help me, my warrenty expired a month ago. Whilpool would not help me, I was told that hh-gregg would sell me a cheaper washer at coast for 300. I paid 700. for the one I have, I feel that I was taken advantage of and with as much as I have brought in the past, I felt that they should have tried to help me. I will never buy anything else from hh-gregg nor will my family. I will also not recommend them to other people. If you were consurned about the customer you would have helped me. I do realize that the warrenty ended however, it wa a month and it I feel that this a crime. Please respond back to me if you can help me in any way. I also just brought all new kitchen appliances and have thoughts of taken it all back because of the poor customer service.

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