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hhgregg website support: 1-866-974-7344

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1-800-284-7344Review Needed Please Comment


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12/20/2012 hhgregg stores - HHGreg Customer Service Problems: 12/20/12
HHGreg Customer Service Problems: 12/20/12

HH Gregg is the worst place to do any kind of bussiness. Their call response is very bad and no one knows anything. Do not do business with the place.

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12/20/2012 hhgregg stores - HHGregg Customer Service Review 12/20/12
HHGregg Customer Service Review 12/20/12: The Worst!
WorstC USTOMER SERVICE. I returned a KLU tablet at the Kennesaw, Ga store on 12/16/12 and when the system froze, supposedly the pindebit posted as a WITHDRAWL. Never heard of such. The manager reversed the incorrect charge to washout the transactions on the account. By doing so, the original CREDIT still have not been posted back tyo my account. I spoke to 3 differnt managers to resolved this problem and all they could tell me is the REFUND is processed. Surely, basis accounting will give you a Debit/Credit and the refund will be another Credit. I am so DISAPOINTED!

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