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It all began in rural Ohio, more than 56 years ago, when Richard Ransom, founder of Hickory Farms, first gave people a sample of the genuine, uncompromising taste of quality that would soon become the company's hallmark.

Richard began by selling cheeses he had hand-cut and wrapped himself at local home shows. These cheeses carried such a rich, full-bodied flavor and irresistible aroma that people began demanding more. Richard's cheeses really filled a niche and soon he was adding more unique kinds of cheeses, as well as their now famous Hickory Farms Beef Stick Summer Sausage.

By 1959, Hickory Farms had opened its first retail store outside Toledo, Ohio. This proven retail concept was so successful that other Hickory Farms stores started appearing across the United States. It could be said that these Hickory Farms stores were the first 'delis' for many Americans. Most grocery stores at that time simply did not carry a wide array of premium cheeses and specialty meats. People fell in love with these friendly stores where they could sample a variety of specialty cheeses, meats, mustards, crackers and candies before making their purchase decisions.

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12/24/2014 Hickory Farms Inc. - Petits Fours very very stale
Petits Fours very very stale

Linda Read More
2/7/2013 Hickory Farms Inc. - I agree with the majority of these comments. Your
I agree with the majority of these comments. Your products are terrific but your shipping
department and your customer service department certainly need improvements. I ordered
your sausage package and mistakenly reordered same product because your website said that
I had no orders pending. When I discovered that I had indeed ordered the product twice, I
tried to cancel the second order by phone. The clerk said that it had been canceled but this morning I received an email stating that it was on back order. I sent an email to your customer service dept and hope that this time the second order will be cancelled.
As much as my husband likes your products, we will wait until the holidays to buy anything
else as your website services are deplorable.

sally Read More
2/16/2012 Hickory Farms Inc. - I got my husband the hickory garms holiday
I got my husband the hickory garms holiday celabration package it includes two signature beef summer sausage both meat sticks are covered in a fatty gel substance and smell very bad the date says its good until 5/ 01/ 12 . They are not good at all..please replace these as they cost me $20..

Christina Read More
2/14/2012 Hickory Farms Inc. - My husband has enjoyed the original cheese ball as
My husband has enjoyed the original cheese ball as a child and still gets one for Christmas. I wanted to get him one for his birthday. Your website says they carry Hickory Farms at Target, Safeway, but they only have these during the holidays. Walmart does nnot carry the cheese ball. I call your 800 number and they could not give me a way to order it. How can I order the original cheese ball?

Donna Read More
12/22/2010 Hickory Farms Inc. - Your delivery service is awful. Ordered 2 packages
Your delivery service is awful. Ordered 2 packages on December 10 for delivery on December 18. Finally one package showed up today the other is suppose to be delivered
tomorrow.I made 6 phone calls to find out why the packages were not delivered on time.

You can't get a straight answer from anyone in your organization.It would be to your advantage to look into this matter so this doesn't continue. I will have to look for
another business to take care of my needs next year.

December 22,2010

L Green Read More
12/19/2010 Hickory Farms Inc. - I see that I am not the only one with package
I see that I am not the only one with package delivery issues. On November 26, 2010, I placed a phone order to be sent to my son and his family. I was assured that the order would be mailed on December 20, 2010, since it was for Christmas. I talked to my son, and he said that the box had arrived on December 12, and that it is now history, thanks to his teen age sons. My son is a recent widower, and I wanted his family to have something nice to snack on at Christmas. If I had known that the shipping date was not going to be honored, I would have waited until later to place the order.
I am not finding fault with the Hickory Farms products, but I do think that when they promise to ship on a certain day, they should keep their promise. I am now scrambling to get another box together so that their Christmas will not be empty.
Thank you for listening to my frustrations.

Mary Lou Read More
11/30/2010 Hickory Farms Inc. - I called today to order gift baskets for some
I called today to order gift baskets for some family members. I was told that the free shipping ended at midnight on Sunday, 11/28? I asked if it was cyber Monday and the young man said that he had to ask his manager. Since when is cyber Monday ending on Sunday? Is this the only Company operating like this? I was disappointed and will take my business else where. Janet Power

janet power Read More
11/27/2010 Hickory Farms Inc. - I live in Darby, approximately 70 miles from the
I live in Darby, approximately 70 miles from the mall where a hickory farms kiosh was set up in Missoula, Montana. When I reached the attendant by phone to place an order I was told "It's too inconvenient to mail the items I wanted to order and I was to come to the mall. I am 75 years old and can't drive that far from home anymore.
For several years I worked at hickory farms in Nevada, as did my daughter and two granddaughters and we never told anyone their order was an inconvience to mail. I guess you don't want my buisness anymore.I thought the customer was what kept you in business.

Today's date is November 27th,2010 and the call was made approximately 12:30 P.M.

Frank Read More
8/10/2010 Hickory Farms Inc. - On a Friday afternoon I ordered the deluxe sausage
On a Friday afternoon I ordered the deluxe sausage and cheese for my dad's birthday... I spent the extra money for 2 day shipping arrival so he would get it on time. Finally the next Tuesday I get an email that it shipped and would be delivered that day (late). Turns out they dont deliver/ship on fridays after 12:00 noon which is ridiculous and they also dont on the weekends which again is ridiculous....so my dad wont get his package till Tuesday even though I spent double the shipping costs to get it to him on time. If I had known this would happen I wouldn't have spent the extra money to get it to him on time for his birthday. Then when I called customer service about this I got no where. I was wanting at least the extra money I paid for shipping refunded back to me but all i got was flack... the only thing I gained from that call to customer service was that I should probably order my family's birthdays, anniversary and other special occasion gifts somewhere else from now on.

Jeff Lee

Jeff Read More
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