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Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. Corporate Office HQ:
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Oklahoma City, OK 73179
If you are outside the 48 contiguous United States, please remember that the 1-800 number will not work for you. You may e-mail [email protected] or call 405-745-1200 Ext. 1275.

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7/18/2015 We NEED a Hobby Lobby in Lexington Park, Maryland
I live near Lexington Park,Md; this is the area of our state classified as Southern Maryland. We NEED one of your stores in Lexington Park.!!!!! Currently, our only options for craft purchases are from a small Jo-Ann's Fabrics and a smaller Michael's store. If we want to shop in one of your stores, we have to drive at least two hours to reach one. I think this area would be an ideal one for your company. Located here is Patuxent River Naval Base, Across the river and traveling north, you would draw customers from the Prince Frederick communiy and those between it and Annapolis. Leaving Lexington Park on Rte.235, you would draw customers north to Waldorf, Md. We are centrally located for a large customer base. Previously lived in Longview, Tx. and shopped your store there frequently. I miss the opportunity to shop Hobby Lobby so very much. I am a crafter in many areas. My first passion is making greeting cards and scrapbooking. I use rubber stamps, dies and framelets with my Sizzix machine. My only complaint is that you do not change the variety of your rubber stamp stock frequently enough. We do not have a rubber stamp store here. I thank you for the Christian verse stamps that you offer. You may find this amusing...each time that I shopped the Longview, Tx. store and had the opportunity to speak with the store manager, I would ask him if the company had opened any stores in Salisbury, Md. (on the Eastern Shore). I have family there and we visited often from Texas. I always told him that the women in Salisbury would love having a giant Hobby Lobby because all they had available was a small Michael's store. I think that I was correct in my assumption! So, please take my advice and build a huge store in Lexington Park and do it soon. I'm 74 and cannot wait forever.......

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2/10/2013 Hobby Lobby: Why do you say you support Christian
Hobby Lobby: Why do you say you support Christian values when 90% of the products you sell are imported from China where abortion is completely out of control? Does money trump values?

JennKAtl Read More
12/30/2012 This message is for the CEO of Hobby Lobby. It is
This message is for the CEO of Hobby Lobby. It is suggested that you give serious consideration to revising the firm's employee medical benefit package. The firm can legally develop an Employee Medical Savings Account and provide the funding to each employee thru the payroll process. The upside to this action is that each employee can elect or not elect to purchase birth control medication and the firm can stand by its conviction that they do not condone or promote birth control. Another benefit is that the employees additional wages are still tax deductible same as the premiums paid for employees group medical coverage. The downside is that the firm will be required to pay FICA on any amount credited to the employees' wage package. A small price to pay to keep the Christian ideals alive.

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9/30/2012 Hobby Lobby - Thank you for standing up for your Christian
Thank you for standing up for your Christian beliefs. We need more Chirstians to get
out and stand up for what we believe.


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8/29/2012 I love Hobby Lobby. I wish you would build a
I love Hobby Lobby. I wish you would build a store in ABERDEEN,SD. I know there would be people every interested POPULATION is approximately 30,000 or more. I hope you can come to our great town!

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5/2/2012 Hobby Lobby located in South Austin Texas on South
Hobby Lobby located in South Austin Texas on South Lamar. I was in your store last Wed and purchased a stem flower,along with 2 frames. ttl bill was 45.00. The cashier was an edler man and he rang up the stem floral at 50% off.I returned the next day to purchase move of the same stem floral, this cashier was a nice young male. I advise him that I had purchased the same item yesterday at 50% off. He stated the floral arrangements were on sale this week and the previous cashier made a mistake. Not sure who was correct i ask to speak with the front desk supervisor Louis Veron,middle age whiter/hispanic male. I explain my concern his comment was "Yea you make have gotten away with that price but I'm not going to give you 50% off" Not only was his remark insulting it wasn't professional and clearly lack any sign of Christian value. The cashier then explain the the difference in floral arrnagement and floral stems and told me the floral stems would be on sale next week. I left the store disgusted in the treatment from your supervisor Louis Veron. I returned today and attempted to purchased the floral stems and he not only looked at me rudely; I reminded him his comments were nasty and rude and I was still angry he would not apolgize for his statement that sounds like I got away with murder. After the cashier rang up the sell I decided that I would not support a company that has rude nasty employees like Louis Veron. I left, I have the option to go to the store on the northside of Austin but since my money is not appreciated I think I'll shop at Michaels. If some decides to email with a formal apology and ensures me Louis Veron will be retrained in what customer services means I will then return and spend money in your store or I'll use my facebook account to advise my family and friends as to the problems I encountered in your store.

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4/16/2012 Hobby Lobby - Hello, everyone! My name is Tia Mire. I am 36 and
Hello, everyone! My name is Tia Mire. I am 36 and I am a frequent shopper at Hobby lobby in Lafayette,LA. I had to come on here and share my experiences with the Hobby Lobby we have in Lafayette. First and foremost I would like to ad that this has to be the biggest store that has so many shoppers and remains clean. Im talkin down to the bumpers people. It literally smelled like cleaning supplies from the employees making sure the bumpers are clean. The customer service is absolutely awesome! Well, some of them. You have your few who are very rude. I'm talking about when they don't walk you to what your looking for, they'll just point. My hobby is jewerlry making and I am an artist, so im always near arts and crafts. I ran into Whitney who helped me and i mean she had to be the kindest ever. She had no idea what I was looking for because she never heard it but she made sure she stuck with me until we found it! Then there was a lady named Joselyn whom worked in jewerlry. She had absolutely no clue what a clasp looked like but she stuck with me and helped me look for it without hesitation. Even though she had no CLUE what it looked like. Then when it was time to purchase A furniture piece she left out of her station to make sure a stockmen helped with the heavy lifiting of the furniture peace I needed! They didn't have to do what they did, but they did! I am very thankful for the service recieved! I would definitely recommend customers to go here! Thanks for hearing my experience! Have a blessed day!

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3/16/2012 Dear Hobby Lobby, I live in Crossville Tn and go
Dear Hobby Lobby, I live in Crossville Tn and go to the Hobby Lobby located in Cookeville TN since that is the closest one. I have been going to this store for at least 3 years and all the employees seems to be so nice and helpful. These last three months I have been going to get my photos framed. The first time I went there was a very friendly young gentleman. He was very helpful helping me pick out frames. I went back a week later and could not believe how rude the frame manager was! I asked her to help me pick out some frames since she was right there at the counter and I couldnt make up my mind which frames I liked the best and when I asked if I could see other options she rolled her eyes at me! This is the worst customer service! I apologized for not knowing which frame I liked the best and she just looked at me as if I was stupid. I was so upset at the way she acted towards me. It bothered me so much I decided I would call her boss. Apparently when I did call I was put on hold for over 5 minutes so I just hung up. To make things short, I will never step foot in that store again and deal with anyone rude like that "manager" was rude to me.

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3/14/2012 Hobby Lobby - I called (Harlinge Texas) the store to see if they
I called (Harlinge Texas) the store to see if they could help me out in retrieving a sale reciept for a product i bought less then 6 mos ago. Product is still under warranty but can't return it with out a reciept. They told me that they can not do anything about it, can I obatain it by calling someone in your main office. With the transaction # on my credit card? Please give a # that I can call.

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3/11/2012 Just left the location of your hobby lobby in
Just left the location of your hobby lobby in Pittsburgh Pa on Steubenville pike. I just received the WORSE customer service I have ever received from and employee of a retail company! The associate at the desk in the floral department is a rude individual. I am a manger for Bed Bath and Beyond and I would never have an employee like that work in my store. From the moment stepping up to the floral desk instead of politely asking me how she could assist me she asked in a rude tone did you need something? I was picking up addition flowers for my center pieces for my wedding. So today would of been another $200 trip in your store but because of her I walked out with nothing. Don't know if I will be returning to your store if associates act this way. After she returned with my flowers I had concerned with the colors of the flowers. While showing her the pictures on m phone of my other flowers in the middle of a conversation she left me an upset costumers to help at the register. If you pride yourself on customer service you never walk away from a disappointed customer. When she returned I asked to speak to the manager when she then got even ruder started raising her voice at me and my Fiancé! If I had an associate do this they would be excuse for the day! She told me I was gawking at her instead of telling her I needed help! She proceeded to say rude this to me when Bob the co-efficient manger came over. He even had to tell her to stop being rude to me! I have never been treated this way by someone I was trying to pay 200 dollars to! I walked out of your store with spending any money and a disappointment in your associate! I would like to be contacted about the situation. Contacted Bob and the associates name is Lynn.

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3/10/2012 Hobby Lobby - want to go to your store for major purchase this
want to go to your store for major purchase this morning.... can't get to website to print coupon...

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1/21/2012 Hobby Lobby - Recently(1/17/12) i was in your store in
Recently(1/17/12) i was in your store in Montgomery ohio ibought 6 frames mats to refre some puctures . You have a sign thst saus if you buy our frsmes we will not chg to frame your pjc. Tbe next tjing i see is an right dollar chg for a refit this is the only dtr that has ever done that I use yoyr stpre in Rogers Ark The lady wss very adamant abt thos you need to adfress thst with all employees That eas over390,00 putchase;-)

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