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11/22/2015 Holland America Cruise Line - Disappointing cruise in every aspect. This
Disappointing cruise in every aspect. This Mariner is retiring from HAL. You just don't care as you once did. You pretend to be for the elite but your food and officers not so. Only your Indonesian crew is to be applauded.

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5/6/2014 Holland America Cruise Line - Sailing on the veendam April 24 to May 1 2014 We
Sailing on the veendam April 24 to May 1 2014 We were not advise this ship was in dry dock prior to our sailing. After this cruise I would never recommend Holland American lines again. The crew attitude was a hurry up and get this cruise over with rather than deal with customers. 12 Hour delay at the Dock waiting for the ship to arrive and board and cancellation of our First port of Call. They even had the never to charge Tip on the first Day which we were not on the Boat. Unless you complained and filed a form to get this retracted from your Bill they thought it was totally approapriate. on boarding the ship our orignal Cabin smelled of gasoline and terpintine. And because I advise we were not staying in this cabin They gave us another cabin which after 12 hour wait for this ship was not even made up. No towels cabin bed not even made. I paid for outside cabin and got a inside cabin due to there contruction and changes. I have posted to the [email protected] and so far all you get is a can response saying there looking into it. We paid for outside cabin and tranfer to inside cabin due to the smell of gasoline and terpintine. This ship was still under construction while we were at sea, Nothing was ready, No air conditioning, and the staff seem to be all new to the ship and or not enought staff. I don't understand how they can keep there 5 star rating, more people should be posting about this as they don't seem to care about customer service. And they don't seem to care about compensating customer.
I have sailed with Holland in the past and this Ship never met any Holland American standard what so ever. Never go on a ship after dry dock cause they rush it and the crew doesn't care no standards were followed to comply with the Holland American Brand and the Captain of this Ship should be embarrassed and fired for is lack of Customer Care. This Captain Chris seem to avoid guest at all cost and Stood up in front of us at the Captain toast as if nothing was wrong with his ship. Totally discussed with Holland American line. Will advise if I ever get an answer from ther Corp Office as this is where I was directed to instead of the Ship guest service dealing with our issue.

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1/8/2014 Holland America Cruise Line - I just sailed on my first HA cruise and did not like it
I just sailed on my first HA cruise and did not like it, on the OOsterdam around New Zealand. We were on the suite deck and it smelled like a sewer for 4 days. Out towels were almost always filthy with make-up and shoe polish or mascara on them. The linens were thin and the mattress not so great. And so it went. I saw them putting the net over the pool one night, without bothering to clean it- and the turd that was at the bottom of it ( the pool the kids mainly used). I wonder what filth I didn't see in the kitchen and the food? I have cruised a LOT on many lines, and this was my first disppointment.

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1/22/2013 Holland America Cruise Line - On the 07 of jan.2013, me and my girlfrend took a
On the 07 of jan.2013, me and my girlfrend took a 11 days caribbean cruise on the MS NOORDAM. We greatly enjoyed it. The people either for the food service or room stewards were oustanding. Always very polite and helpfull. It was the same for those at the bars, pool and the rest of the ship!!! The cleanliness throughout the ship was impressive. During the cruise, the captain or cruise director constantly informed the passengers via ship intercom for every day informations about ship destinations or different events. Even while a real emergency happended, the captain told us the truth and reassure us by telling us "how" the ship personnel were taking care of the situation. Now about the quality of the food throughout the ship "unbelievably good"!!! We are thinking about taking a cruise in Europe in a couple of years, we wont forget your cruise line in choosing one.

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8/24/2011 Holland America Cruise Line - My husband and I took the cruise from Seattle to
My husband and I took the cruise from Seattle to Alaska to celebrate our 50th anniversary and it was a complete failure, We didnt even get a happy anniversary from any of the cruise members. We even gave them a second chance and took a 10 day cruise back to Alaska, and our side trip to Anchorage even got messed up.
So i would love it if they would take us off thier mailing list.

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4/12/2011 Holland America Cruise Line - Hello from The SharecroppersTrio
Hello from The SharecroppersTrio (www.thesharecroppers.net). The Maasdam is arriving in Woody Point Newfoundland (Canada) on July 26th,2011. We would love to play on board as we have in the past on many a cruise ship (Seabourn Sun/Norwegian/Royal Carribean etc). We are local entertainment with a 23 yr history of excellent shows depicting wonderful Newfoundland heritage and traditional music. A show well loved. Quite often, I don't mind admiting, passengers would tell us we were the best entertainment on the whole trip. (I don't say that to boast). Please advise us of the possibility of performing for you as you moor in Bonne Bay between Woody Point and NorrisPoint, Newfoundland. I haven't been able to reach anyone at any number, understandably. Thanks...Mike Madigan of The SharecroppersTrio of Newfoundland.([email protected])

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4/5/2011 Holland America Cruise Line - Our two-week Holland America cruise on the Zaandam
Our two-week Holland America cruise on the Zaandam from November 7th'2010 through November 21st was an unacceptable, unsanitary dirty shuttle from San Diego to the Hawaiian Islands and back.

Please see below detailed letter and also attached documents


When we where unpacking our luggage and putting clothing away in closets and drawers we found the following:

1.) Gold foil candy wrapper and dirt on the floor between the nightstand and bed on the left side;

2.) Ballpoint pen clear/black stripes on the floor and balls of hair on the left side toward the head of the bed;

3.) A yellow pill medicine in the top drawer of the nightstand on the right side with;

4.) A circular green/silver metal pill holder with medication on the floor at the foot of the bed on the left side;

5.) Inside portion window over bed on right side two spots of crusty and sticky ?something that we wiped off;

6.) Red brown sewage waste leaking from the toilet’s plumbing. The stateroom smelled of raw human waste.

7.) No plastic toilet seat. There was just the porcelain toilet and a plastic lid non-working toilet.

8.) Yellow stains on the bed sheets ball of hair in the bed see pictures

We immediately called the Front Desk and complained about each of the above items and a head housekeeper / inspector came to our stateroom and we relinquished the candy wrapper, the pen and the medicine pills to him and showed him all he could care less?.

Stateroom 2669

November 22, 2010

Page Two


7.) No plastic toilet seat. non-working There was just the porcelain toilet and a plastic lid.

Stateroom 2669

November 22, 2010

Page Three

Throughout our entire shuttle to Hawaii we complained about our non-working toilet.

1.) The toilet would not flush properly and on several occasions someone had to come and make it flush;

2.) Tess from the Front Office told me at one point that there was only 1 comment in the computer about the

toilet.??? I responded that I was sorry that the staff is not inputting our complaints,and could care less but we have been calling many times all day every day !

every day. And I told her that I have been speaking with her every day about this problem.

On Thursday, November 18th someone from Engineering or Housekeeping came to our stateroom and installed a toilet seat. It was actually nice to sit on a toilet seat instead of the cold porcelain toilet.

Finally on Friday, November 19th (2 days before disembarking) Warren from Engineering came to our stateroom with an item that looked like a black football and said that this was an air flush pump. Warren said the reason why the toilet was not working and leaking was that it was defective. We told him that the previous engineer that came in told us that the waste leak was from a broken plumbing pipe in the wall.

We complained to all parties that we could possibly think about calling regarding all of the sanitary issues no help at all.?

Question: Shouldn’t the housekeeper Daniel have noticed a toilet seat missing and attended to our concerns that we kept complaining about from this, the smells and to the unsanitary dirt? Or, shouldn’t Tess or someone from the Front Desk communicate with Daniel or Engineering to install a toilet seat sooner and tend to the sanitary health issues?

Tess, Daniel our stateroom housekeeper and others from Housekeeping insisted we were lying and stated that there had been a plastic toilet seat on the toilet “since day 1." see photos.

We received a note card from Tess and a notification letter regarding the toilet and other issues. (See Attached.)

This is a very unacceptable act for Holland staff to accuse us of lying.

we now see many complaints about this nov 7th cruise of all the same issues.


Stateroom 2669

November 22, 2010

Page Four

On November 10th at 1:00 am we were woken to a disturbance in the hallway. We looked and saw what appeared to be smoke coming in from under the door. We opened the door and there were two guys out there in gas masks and suits spraying. Consequently from opening the door I was covered in this fog sprayed in the face as seen in pictures above. I asked both men what they are spraying and they did not tell me what was going on and they would not remove their masks. I called the Front Desk and asked them what was being sprayed as I was covered in this chemical. The Front Desk did not know. When we woke up in the morning we both had itches and bites. Bites and welts escalated the following days I got sick from the spray that was spayed on me severe headache for several days. I asked a Front Desk agent if we can get off the ship when we arrive in Hawaii and fly home and they said no.

While we were in Hawaii, we heard from another passenger that 13 passengers did not return to the ship because of the terrible service, etc. Maybe the same issues as ours.

Throughout this horrible shuttle to and from Hawaii we witnessed the spraying of chemicals and complete mask and suits in various public areas of the ship.


On the morning of day 3 both of our bodies had red welts that were very itchy. We called the Front Office and spoke with Tess. Housekeeping came and inspected the sheets on the bed and inspected the sofa. He sprayed Lysol, but did not change the sheets. The person reported back to Tess that he did not find anything in the bed or sofa.

Repetitively for the next two weeks we made several calls to the Front Desk about our itching and welts. Tess was in communication with us the entire time and suggested we go to the medical office and we did. We saw the nurse three times and the doctor once. We were given Benadryl pills and calamine lotion. The Front Desk previously had given us antibiotic ointment. We made so many calls to Tess at the Front Office trying to get her to rectify our issues. While I was in the medical office I saw to other crew members showing each other what appeared to be bug bites like ours I made note of there names at the time, they where motioned to leave the room when it was noticed that I was witnessing this.

Saturday, November 20th there was some acknowledgement from the Front Desk and we were told that there have been no complaints made and Daniel our stateroom steward said that Warren has never been in our Stateroom and never came in with toilet parts to fix the toilet ?. (See attached letter dated November 13th that was placed on our bed.) Also two voice mails left from Joshua at the front desk noting that Warren had changed out an air flush valve on our toilet and it is in good working order now, but said he did not know anything about the toilet seat.

This is how Holland America employees acknowledge issues ~ Deny Deny Deny!

Stateroom 2669

November 22, 2010

Page Five

Stateroom 2669

November 22, 2010

Page Six

and hair balls in the bedding.


At the gift shop, I inquired to the price of Louis the XIII and was quoted $1,200.00 for a 750 ml bottle also quoted the same price by the service agent in the Pinnacle. Then when I was I ready to purchase the product the price went up to $1,450.00 by Kenny and also his associate. It was the product that was in the ship’s vault and per John and Kenny and was displayed to me by both of them in the case with its crystal stopper and COE enclosed #CL6166.

I purchased the Louis XIII and was told by John and his associate that I can pick it up Saturday morning at 9:00 am the day before we land. He said that it will be gift wrapped and waiting for you. I said do not wrap it just leave it in its original box with the COE enclosed. I came back Saturday morning at about 9:00 am and it was gift wrapped. I asked the woman at the register to unwrap it and to my surprise it was not the same COE # as on the bottle. Also the box was not the same and the case was not the same. The case they gift wrapped was damaged and glued together. As well, the crystal stopper was removed.

I went over to the Pinnacle and there was one on display in the lockup window case I told John that this is the case complete with the crystal stopper with the COE that you showed me earlier and I paid for it and I want what I paid for. Also your other associate told me it was $1,200.00 John said that he does not know what goes on in the gift shop with these guys and did not know what happened to the box or the bottle stopper and that the beverage person and the woman in his gift shop that quoted me the $1,200.00 price was on CRACK ?

I told him I am not taking this Louis XIII it looks like the seal was tampered with and missing the COE and crystal stopper along with a broken case that was not the one that was displayed to me by John and his associates. I said this is a total fraud and bait and switch. The Manager (John) said: “I knew that the crystal stopper was missing."


We were on the Amsterdam a few years ago and it was a nice run ship. What has taken place here on the Zaandam is disgusting and horrendous.

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12/28/2010 Holland America Cruise Line - I wrote to Guest Relations November 18,2010 about
I wrote to Guest Relations November 18,2010 about my 28 Day Panama Canal cruise on the Statendam Oct. 15- Nov. 11 2010. I have not heard from the line. Please HELP!

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12/28/2010 Holland America Cruise Line - My wife and I took the Seattle to Alaska round
My wife and I took the Seattle to Alaska round trip cruise this last August 2010 to celebrate our 55th. And while the cruise was outstanding, there was one little glitch that I wish to bring to your attention.
I purchased a gold necklace and four months later it looks more like a lead necklace. I feel like your gold by the inch program is doing an injustice to not only the customer but in turn Holland Americas reputation. I have never felt so ripped off before. The necklace has turn into a piece of trash. I feel that this merchant should be investigated as he is a poor example of what I have come to expect of Holland America.

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1/15/2010 Holland America Cruise Line - The cruise on the MAASDAM on Dec.28.2009 to the
The cruise on the MAASDAM on Dec.28.2009 to the eastern carabbean was our 8TH cruise.
In general the eleven night trip was exelent.The ship is the smallest we have ever traveled on and the food can not compete with the likes of NORWEGIAN and Royal Caribian.
The shore-excursion at the Domenican Republic are the worst of the whole cruise and in
Porto Rico are far better places to dock than in Ponce.Grand Turk was nice but Caicos
would have being better.On board the machines in the casino are way to tight for anyone
with any gambling experience.The cloth-line in the gift store is to conservative and
could be more fun to look at.Last the selection of spirits for sale is very limited and the pricing no great deal by US.&Island standarts.I hope my input turns out to be constructive and help in making changes or improvements.The cabin service was outstanding.
sincerely yours HAYKO P. KLETT

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