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Hollister Stores, A popular youth orientated clothing store. Toll Free Number 1-866-426-1285 for US and Canada. International Customers Dial 1-614-219-5593

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7/10/2015 Hollister Stores - Their customer service is awful!!My son bought
Their customer service is awful!!
My son bought shirts from the store,. One of the pairs they did not have his size, so they said they would expedite ship it to him. We waited 10 days and received nothing. He called them and they said there was no order for him. Thank God he had his receipt!! We reordered it and was told it was expedited shipping. We would get it in 4 days. It's been over a week and we are told another 3 days. The customer service rep to say the least was RUDE!!! She talked over me, was snotty and she told me she has been a customer service rep for 35 years. I don't know how she has a job!!

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6/19/2014 Hollister Stores - I think you have bad taste on your gift Bags. The
I think you have bad taste on your gift Bags. The Bags should be plain because they look to sexy for young teenagers the ones of today. You need to change Bags. I heard when grandparents gone it they like the clothes but the Bags are not good.

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5/16/2014 Hollister Stores - Parkersburg WV Hollister Store - Told us to get the F Out
I took my 12 yr old daughter to the Parkersburg WV store last Saturday since she received a couple gift cards for her birthday. Upon checking out I ask, politely I might add, for a bag that didn't have a naked man on it. The supervisor checking me out said, with an attitude, we don't have any other bags and then forcefully tossed my two tops on the counter. Before anyone had a chance to say anything else, a little blonde, better known as Morgan said, and I quote "if you don't like it then get the F... Out of the store"! I looked at her and said honey I wasn't speaking to you I was speaking to your supervisor and once again this little girl said "if you don't like it get the F... Out! The supervisor said nothing so I said to her, now I need the store manager. A young gentleman by the name of Brett came over to me and I explained what just happened asking him if this is their normal practice around this store? He apologized for the whole situation but I told him the one who owes me and my daughter an apology is the little girl behind him that has such a "potty" mouth and obviously does not have any business working with the public. I then ask for their corporate phone number and Brett said I don't have a number but I can give you this card which had an email address. I thanked him letting my daughter know we will NOT be back in this store! And furthermore I will be sharing my very unfortunate and shocking experience with family and friends! I am appalled and disgusted that we were treated with such disrespect and can only hope that the proper action has taken place by the management team. Once again let me say how very RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL and VULGAR Morgan was!

Note: I don't use the email provided on any regular basis so please don't respond to me. (It's required in order to submit this message). I am done wasting my time on this matter and I will pray for this young gal because she obviously need some help

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4/7/2014 Hollister Stores - Don't ever order from hollister online. Just trust
Don't ever order from hollister online. Just trust me. They r worthless

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2/6/2014 Hollister Stores - Hollister still have not paid me for working on Black Friday
I have worked for Hollister for about two years with no problems. I came back from school/summer leave to help with the holidays this year. I worked twelve hours on black Friday, and have not received my pay for it yet. It is now February 5 and still no money. they paid me for all of my following shifts but not my Black Friday pay yet. I emailed several parts of the company with no response, and every time i talk to my managers they give me some excuse. I was told by a member of the company by phone to speak to my district manager about the situation. My store manager supposedly asked him about this, but i still have yet to hear from them. Its not about the money at this point, its the fact that they don't care to fix the problem. I no longer work there, because i cant take anymore of there crap. If anyone has any input that can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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1/13/2014 Hollister Stores - My daughters and I visited store #30154 (Okemos,
My daughters and I visited store #30154 (Okemos, MI) on 1-12-14. What a frustrating and disappointing experience. Although 4 sales people were on the floor, it took 5 minutes before one attended to the long line for the fitting rooms. When we were checking out, I noticed that the sales prices were not reflected on the register screen. The salesperson said, "We can't keep up with every sale." That is understandable. However, once an item is on sale, it should ring up on sale. What should the salesperson or worse yet, the customer need to remember every sales price? My daughter's dress did not reflect the 50% off price. When the sales person checked the merchandise on the floor, she told us that the white dresses that were on the same rack as the coral dresses with a sign above stating 50% off, were not part of the sale. She told us she moved the white dresses back to another rack. She informed me that we could pay full price. I asked to speak to a manager. The manager repeated the same information and added that we could have a coral dress for the sales price. I informed him that we did want the coral dress, however it was not in my daughter's size. He said he would check the back stock. I thanked him and told him that another employee had checked earlier and told us there weren't any in her size. He stated that he knew the stock better and could find it. Now, why would a manager be better able to locate an item in the store than a salesperson? Meanwhile, another salesperson took over and rang up a sweater and scarf. The price of the scarf did not reflect the 60% sale. It took 2 employees to walk over to the display to verify that the scarves were indeed 60% off. However, no one could figure out how to enter that information into the register. Ten minutes later the manager emerged and told us that there were no coral dresses in my daughter's size. The manager used his cell phone to compute the additional discount for the scarf. Then we were asked if we wanted to buy the white dress. I said, "Yes, for the discounted price that was advertised when we walked into the store." He replied, "I can't do that." At this point it was clear that the white dresses were not on sale. However, because they were placed on the rack with the other dresses, common sense and great customer service would dictate that the white dress be sold as originally advertised. The manager excused himself. The original salesperson looked at our merchandise on the counter and said, "Do you still want it?" Smiling, I replied, "Yes, the manager is helping us." After another 10 minutes he emerged without any solutions. He told me that I could pay full price for the white dress and call customer care afterward to ask or a discount. That was ridiculous! I restated that we would like the coral dress, and asked if he could check another store. He tried to use the phone by the register, but because the music is too loud, had to leave. Five minutes later he returned saying he had found one in my daughter's size and he could have it shipped to the store. He would call us once it arrived. I asked if we could pay for it along with the other merchandise and he said no. We wanted to use our coupon that expired the following day. He suggested that we buy a coral dress and exchange it once the correct size arrived to his store. That is what we ended up doing. When I thanked him for his help, he replied,"Yep." A simple "You are welcome" would suffice. The Hollister employees really failed in every aspect when it came to customer service. The overall attitude was one of "you are lucky to spend your money at our store." Moreover, why doesn't the manager have the authority to right a wrong? It seemed as though his hands were tied. After exchanging the dress, we will not patronize that store in Okemos, MI. What a frustrating and tiresome experience.

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12/31/2013 Hollister Stores - Horrible Service - Rude and Racist
Horrible service, very rule and racist. We was checking the size of ours jean and the guy comes tell us "Don't mess up ours jeans" by loud sound to us, I don't understand what is that customer service if u want to buy clothes you have to check your size and what their job is fixing the clothes for customer that why they get pay. We was come to customer service tried to talked to the manager and we found out that guy is the manager and it have me big question why manager did that to us. He come over at my and my brother and yelled at us with loud voice tell us "what is ours problem?" We said "we comes here not for problem, we comes to buy clothes and you don't have to yelled at us" and he said: " you don't have to buy, you can get out here, now." He was kicking us out of the store in the front of few customers. This is horrible service I ever had in my whole life. This location is Gateway mall, Salt Lake City, Utah. He said his name Deon.

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12/28/2013 Hollister Stores - My beautiful graduate student daughter
My beautiful graduate student daughter thoughtfully purchased Hollister clothing for her younger brother's Christmas gift from the Mankato, MN location (as we live several hours from major shopping). Unfortunately her brother needed one size larger. She went to exchange the items today with the receipt of course, and was in tears at what they told her. All she wanted was an EXACT EXCHANGE JUST A SIZE LARGER, yet they would ONLY return the clothes AT SALE PRICE AND MAKE HER PURCHASE THE REPLACEMENTS AT FULL PRICE!!!! She is a university student & can't afford to be taken advantage of like that. She even talked to the manager whom said it was "policy". Exact same items just in a larger size...... The same items that were on sale when she made the original purchase. I've been in business and retail my whole life, have an MBA, & NEVER have I heard such a horrible policy! UNLESS RESOLVED WE WILL BE ON A PERSONAL MISSION TO DISCOURAGE EVERYONE FROM SHOPPING HOLLISTER......and it was honestly my favorite place until we needed to exchance these items. :'(

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12/23/2013 Hollister Stores - I have been given the runaround on a gift card
I have been given the runaround on a gift card order that should of been delivered days ago, it was for my daughter for Christmas! I feel she will not get it! It was first ordered Dec 8th!Then cancelled and reordered. I have still no information on it!

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12/23/2013 Hollister Stores - I went to exchange the same sweater with a bigger
I went to exchange the same sweater with a bigger one with a receipt and they told me that I owe 10 more dollars, and I refused it was the same exact sweater, and then the guy behind the counter was rude to me, I will never go back, I hate hollister!!!

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12/17/2013 Hollister Stores - been playing lets get a new excuse for 5 weeks
been playing lets get a new excuse for 5 weeks now--every time I catch them in 1 lie the story changes--just got 2 emails from 2 different people with conflicting stories! have sent them both a copy of the other persons email! Not that it will go anywhere as they do not care about customer service

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12/16/2013 Hollister Stores - Absolutely Poor on-line customer service!!!!
Absolutely Poor on-line customer service!!!! Please do not order anything on-line! I placed an order for a male jacket and was sent a female jacket from abercrobie womens! When I called to track my new order, I was told that the new order did not get submitted and the jacket was no longer available. I will NEVER order from them again.

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