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10/27/2016 Home Depot Credit - Tried to make payment on line they said my card
Tried to make payment on line they said my card wasnt linked to my zip code .My *** it isnt. then they wanted to argue about it,so i asked politely to speak to manager!!! she was not a bit of help.bye bye home depot theres a LOWES in town. 10/27/2016 @ 6:15 pm.

Ronald Vergauwen Read More
7/20/2016 Home Depot Credit - i want automatic payment through checking account
i want automatic payment through checking account

sondra l lewin Read More
4/10/2016 Home Depot Credit - Yesterday was a horrible day..April 9th..at Home
Yesterday was a horrible day..April 9th..at Home Depot..spent an hour searching for tile items.. some out of stock..needed grout and other supplies with a worker at my home waiting to finish up some tile projects...stood in line for a long time only to be told that their credit card system was down and they were only accepting cash. Why in the world did they not post this at the door so customers like myself could get cash or go to Lowes? Many customers had big purchases..mine was a bit over $100. I had to pay my worker $30 an hour..two hours total..waste of my time and money as I had to leave my purchases, go to the bank and then wait in line once again. ALL THE STORE HAD TO DO WAS POST THE PROBLEM AT THE ENTRANCE TO HOME DEPOT..I think you should give me a store credit for my loss. check this out and you see that what I am telling you is the total truth. I understand that it was not you fault about the credit card system being down but you should have let customers know before they shopped..a sign at the entrance would have been all that was needed.

JoAnn Read More
2/5/2016 Home Depot Credit - I have had numerous interest free accounts with home depot over the years and I have never experienced any problems
Contrary to the other comments herein, I have had numerous interest free accounts with home depot over the years and I have never experienced any problems. I'm just saying. Maybe I'm lucky or maybe I actually comply with the terms of the credit card agreements.

Edward Read More
10/21/2015 Home Depot Credit - they charged us a $25 fee and our credit will get dinged. Horrible company to deal with.
Last month I paid a payment on my account and then after waiting for it to post (as I was told to do) we called back and had the payment directed to our promotional balance at which time the employee said that all our future payments would go toward the promotional balance until it was paid off. We received a letter confirming that the payment had been changed to go toward our promotional balance and then later got our statement reflecting our payment. Upon calling this month I was told we were 29 days late on our payment. I was told the banking number was wrong. However I was sent 2 letters confirming my payment and no notification that the payment had not gone through. They reprocessed our payment and then I was told I would have to call after it was posted to have it redirected toward the promotional balance even though the employee we spoke to the previous month told us that we wouldn't need to do that. To make matters worse because my husband is the "primary card holder" I can not call to transfer the payment even though I am on the account. So after my phone call last month and then my husband taking time from work to deal with it we now have this mess to deal with this month which again will mean time away from work. We have always made our payments on time and now because they can not do their job and be honest we have to take time away from work, they charged us a $25 fee and our credit will get dinged. Horrible company to deal with.

Kristina Read More
6/29/2015 Home Depot Credit - I have been a long time customer of Home Depot,
I have been a long time customer of Home Depot, but when I hired a contractor to do some remodeling & got him a card with his name so he didn't have to ask me for money all the time, I called the HD Credit Services when he finished and asked them to take him off of my account and the lady just said "Okay". I assumed it was taken care of. I had also gotten a card for a family member to do other work, but noticed there were charges on my account during the time he had a family emergency & wasn't working for several months. When I asked him about it, he said he hadn't used the card for at least 4-5 months. That's when I discovered that the other contractor was continuing to charge things for himself on my account after I asked for him to be dropped. By the time I discovered it, he had charged over $8,000 for himself at my expense. HD Credit told me their records show that I had called them on 4/10/2012 to cancel him and I asked for a copy of it and never got it. If I had been told to physically get the card back, too, I certainly would have, but they just told me "Okay", so a lawyer I consulted told me they are at fault for not following through. At least $6,000 of previous charges are mine and I will gladly pay that, but I'm 80 years old and live on retirement income and can't pay the full $15,000 they say I owe. I have always had excellent credit, including with them, and they call me constantly and harass me about ruining my credit. I think if they actually looked at my credit background, they would realize there is something very wrong that I'm trying to get across to them, but so far they haven't acknowledged it. I have written to the state Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau and will continue to fight against their policy that they are never wrong and the customer is never right when it comes to their greed. I had been a long time customer for over 20 years, but will never, ever shop at or recommend them to anyone.

Marlene Read More
5/31/2015 Home Depot Credit - I contracted with Home Depot to do some home
I contracted with Home Depot to do some home improvements partly based on the provision that we would receive interest deferred credit for 24 months. Upon receiving the first billing statement I noticed that the interest deferred period was 6 months. I sent an inquiry to them asking for an explanation and have, as of this date, received no acknowledgment whatsoever.

Jay Read More
12/27/2014 Home Depot Credit - We purchased an item at Home Depot that was
We purchased an item at Home Depot that was supposed to be 1-year same as cash, no interest. However they began charging interest two months into the payments for no reason. I am trying to get an answer, but it has been very difficult to get them to correct their error.

AL Read More
8/3/2014 Home Depot Credit - Received e mail confirming credit card acct which
Received e mail confirming credit card acct which I did not apply for. Called no. And no action can be taken without giving my ss no. Which I do not feel comfortable doing . So I must wait for bill to get account no. Before any action can be taken

Ka Read More
1/10/2014 Home Depot Credit owes me money
Home Depot Credit owes me money

but would only issue me a store credit. I tried to use it to make a payment. But evidently it was not accepted and I was not informed of the stores refusal to do so. Now HOME DEPOT has soiled my otherwise good credit that I have worked hard to maintain but say NOTHING about the $117.49 store credit they owe me. So in an effort to maintain my good credit I paid the alleged $79.87 HD said I owed them. NOW because of HD I am obliged to hire an attorney to get this mess of HD corrected and hopefully my credit bureau record set straight. The question begs: Why can HD malign my credit score when they owe me($117.49)far more than they alleged I owed them? Which I have paid them(confirmation no.xxxxxxxxx, $79.41).

Anon Read More
10/5/2011 Home Depot Credit - I recently purchased flooring at Home Depot at
I recently purchased flooring at Home Depot at their Huntersville, NC store. The store at that time was offering 6 months no interest which I accepted. Now, I have fees of over $143.66 left over after paying off credit card. I inquired what these were and I was told that his was "credit card issurance" at 1% of outstanding balance. I stated I never agreed and they forwarded me an electronic signature saying I did; I have no records of such!!!
Now they say that either I pay the $146 or I'll have to pay the back intesest of over $800!!!!!!!! I kept calling every "manager" who said effectively "too bad" since we "got you electronic signature"; what a company!!!!!!!!!!
Never will I trade with Home Depot again.

Tom Read More
6/14/2011 Home Depot Credit - Citibank is now the custodian Bank for the Home
Citibank is now the custodian Bank for the Home Depot Credit Card.
I have an 850 credit rating and they recently lowered my available
balance from $12K to $5k with NO notification. When I called them,
I was told this was done based on info obtained on my credit report.
I went to my credit report online and there has been NO inquiries by
Citibank. So they are liars. Next they changed the terms of my card
and also raised the rate to over 21.99% I called and explained people
with good credit can borrow money at a fraction of this rate. I also
declined their new terms agreement and they closed the card. Good riddance
Shitibank Visa. You are no friend or service to consumers good or bad.
Home Depot should have never left Household Bank Credit Co. I now shop at
Menards instead!

Joe Read More
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