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Home Goods offers prices 20-60% off department and specialty store prices on popular home items.

Home Goods Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
The TJX Companies, Inc.
Official Address:
770 Cochituate Road
Framingham, MA 01701 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-508-390-1000

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1-800-614-4663 Review Needed Please Comment


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2/16/2016 Home Goods - I want to thank the homegoods on 1536 Dale Maby
I want to thank the homegoods on 1536 Dale Maby hwy,tampa,fl 33607 for taking time out to speak with me concerning my job app.

Evan Calloway Read More
1/6/2016 I am now a Home Goods addict! Great Customer Service
In the past 4 months I have started shopping in Home Goods since I just completed building my new home ( my husband and I actually hired the contractors ourselves so it was a long journey of 9 months to say the least) I was really ready to shop! I am now a Home Goods addict! I met a wonderful lady named Jessica who works at the Highland Village, Texas store. She recently re-located here from calif. I discovered in our conversations.
I had to return a large mirror that did not fit my bathroom space and Jessica was so helpful and pleasant! She went out of her way to help me because there was an error on the pricing. I very rarely pay a compliment to an employee on line but really wanted the company to know. When I go to the store which will be EVERY WEEK for my " therapy" I will ask for Jessica. I saw her again this evening and was so happy she was there! She is a wonderful asset to Home Goods.

Debbie Guido Read More
10/14/2014 Home Goods - I used to work at this store and I feel overall

I used to work at this store and I feel overall it was a good experience. I visited this store in vacaville on 10/02/14, the day before I noticed a ottoman I was inserted in because it went with my interior decor however, there was a button missing from it and because it was missing it changed the tuffle backing appearance on the furniture and obviously needed to be brought to a upolsutury shop. With that being said I spoke with Caasandra and without even looking at the furniture she said she would take $5.00 off and that was it.(price of furniture $179.99) so I passed then went back the next day and to add injury to insult I found a floor manger spoke to him and he said we will see what we can do so I showed him the furniture and because of the condition he offered $154.00 in which I gladly accepted. Knowing I would need to get this fixed. During our conversation Cassandra was stocking and decided to rudely interrupt and mocked me throughout the store stating, " I helped her yesturday and she didn't want my help, so I guess we will see what this manager will do". Her bahavior was very unprofessional and she should be aware of her "audience". I shop here frequently and will continue to do so however if I experience such behavior in the future I will be sure this doesn't happen to future customers as well as myself.

Jezza Soto Read More
10/21/2013 From Boston am area and loved home goods and now
From Boston am area and loved home goods and now in the San Luis obispo area of CA central coast. We need one somewhere in the immediate area. This is a popular vacation area with the beaches and wineries and with the growth in area a Home Goods would do so well. I recently travelled up to bay area and visited three different stores . Please consider this as one of your next sites!!!

Pam Read More
10/10/2013 Home Goods - First of all let me say, "I live Homegoods". I
First of all let me say, "I live Homegoods". I moved to Bradenton, FL 2 years ago from Boston, where I had at least 4 stores within 15 minutes of me. I now have them in towns surrounding me , but the closest one is Sarasota and is 40 minutes away. Bradenton is huge and growing. We need a Homegoods!!!! There is so many available properties there. I live in a beautiful community and we all shop there. But would shop therefore often if we had one close by.

Also, I notice a big difference in inventory every time I come back to Boston. We do not get the same inventory in Florida . The same applies to T J Maxx and Marshall's. I have not purchased one tenth the amount in Florida that I do in Boston. Thee are many people where I live that are originally from MA, NY, and NJ. We all have the same issue.

Can you please give this serious consideration. A new Marshall's opened in a bradenton recently. It is the worst Marshall's I ever ever been in.

Robin Read More
6/14/2013 Home Goods - I visited a Homegoods store in my area Norcross
I visited a Homegoods store in my area Norcross Ga. yesterday. A clerk looked me right in my face and did not even greet me. But that was not the problem because I know that today's customer service sucks. What got me was when she came back through the isle I was in and walked in front of me while I was looking at something without even saying excuse me. I just shook my head. I saw another clerk who greeted me and asked me if she could help me ( 5 stars for her!!!) I asked her if the other lady that had pass me was the manager ( because she was giving her orders.) She said yes, I said oh really, I said to her could I have the Corporate number, the nice clerk went to get it for me. A Couple minutes later she come back with the rude so call manager who askes me if she could help me. I say oh now you want to ask me if I need help when you have already pasted by me twice, no I do not need help. I called corporate, not because she did not speak, but because she was rude and a manager too!

Kim Read More
5/28/2013 I was very disappointed with Home Goods this past
I was very disappointed with Home Goods this past weekend. I had 2 gift cards, one still had a partial balance and the other was a new card I received for my birthday a month ago. I went shopping on Monday, May 27th, even driving to another store (Manahawkin, NJ) which was 45min away, as they were suppose to have a better selection. After completing my shopping I go to the register only to find out that my new $50 gift card was not accepted at the register. The cashier said they were having trouble with their gift cards all day. I asked for the manager who said they had been calling all day to verify the gift cards, but that no one was picking up. They suggested I pay for this order and use my gift card at a later date. I was totally exasperated at this point. I drove way out of my way to go to this store. I could not believe the nerve that I can only use my "GIFT CARD" when it is convenient for the store, but not at my convenience. Gift cards should be the same as "cash", at least that is the policy in every other store I have had a gift card with. I could not believe how inconvenienced I was. They want you to purchase gift cards, but then won't let you use it when "I" want to. NO, they wanted me to use it when it's convenient for them. Apparently I was informed that they had turned a number of people away that day who tried to use their gift cards. What kind of business is that? I refuse to pay for something, when I have "2 GIFT CARDS" to their store. I left everything on the counter, took notice of the "customer service" phone number to call and file a complaint and left the store. This experience has left a very sour taste for shopping at Home Goods again, or TJ Maxx, or Marshalls for that matter if this is the way they treat customers. I believe after I "try and use my gift cards again", that will be my last time visiting this establishment. I will surely let my friends and family know "NOT" to purchase any more gift cards for me from these stores.

Rachel Read More
5/26/2013 Home Goods - I would like to comment on the good, helpful
I would like to comment on the good, helpful service by Sean T. Manager and Carolyn at the store in Irvine market place.

Tami Read More
5/16/2013 Home Goods - Making the best out of minivacation. Hope yo
Making the best out of minivacation. Hope yo visit the biggest stores in California. Can u provide me w/the names of the biggest 10 stores in Southern California( up to Santa Barbara) ?
Thank you,

Pat Read More
12/4/2012 Home Goods - May we please have a homegoods in Broadheadsville
May we please have a homegoods in Broadheadsville pa? I live in Effort pa and have to travel 45 mins to the nearest Homegoods store my favorite store. When i vist my sister in NJ there are so many Homegoods 15mins apart from one another.Please give us one. Every state I go to I look for the Homegoods store the best one so far is in VA the next is in Mt olive NJ.Anyone how knows me will give me a homegoods gift card for a present.

Lisa Read More
12/3/2012 Home Goods will rip you off. They will make you
Home Goods will rip you off. They will make you believe something is a great price by hiding the real price in small print. The samll print states the"percent" off is not true its just that muvh off the price at other stores. If you happen to make it to the register not knowing this they will pull the wrong sign wrong price game. I had a similar situation and also walked out on a carrige full of items and will never go back.

Anne Marie Read More
10/15/2012 Home Goods - Can you please carry Gadeschi Amaretti
Can you please carry Gadeschi Amaretti Tradizionali cookies (net wt 13.23 oz bag)in the Lynnwood WA Home Goods Store. I have bought these Italian cookies a few times when I am in Home Goods store in Reno NV. Please confirm.

Here are the numbers on the price tag: Dept 54, Style 505640, Type 6, Cat 7210, Size Italy, V 0912, Our Price $4.99 (Numbers are really small and hard to read).

Thank you.

nora chin Read More
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