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5/15/2016 Honda of America - I bought my wife a brand new 2015 accord sport. at
I bought my wife a brand new 2015 accord sport. at 15,000 miles the tires has a real bad road noise. took it in to see what was wrong with it. Hugh White service center said the belts in the tires was broke and one tire has warren bare spots on it. Mechanic said he had a 2015 sport and said "oh I have a sport and I had to replace the tires on mine to. If tires don't last that long I will never buy another Honda product again. Mechanic also says tires are not under warranty.

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12/2/2013 Honda of America - 2004 Honda brought in for recall for airbags
2004 oddysey brought in for recall for airbags, interlock. broght in done in about 2 hrs, left dealer with a jerking transmission almost caused 2 crashes, trans would just drop down to 1st or so. dealer says nothing they did, caused this, arguing back and forth, disabled,need my lift for chair in van, found another recall for trans shiftnhtsa04v176000, all they had to do is replace trans with my mileage, they just put it on my bill due to the mileage, but they won't do it, saying its my fault. my point is i got it there perfectly fine and picked it up with a dead transmission, end of story, i want my car back the way i left it to them

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9/20/2013 Honda of America - Just got screwed out of $200 by the service
Just got screwed out of $200 by the service department of Middletown Honda. Poor leadership and fast turnover of people in the department have led that dealership down the wrong road. Will not use it ever again. Have owed several Honda cars / vans for over 30 years. I'm going to campaign to get people to stop going to that dealership.

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8/1/2013 Honda of America - I think the reverse view of the Accord, especially
I think the reverse view of the Accord, especially the coupe should be available at all times not just when you are backing up. I am interested in purchasing an Accord Coupe however the rear-end is high which makes it difficult to see behind you when driving down the road and if the rear view was available at all times it would be an added safety feature, which I think should be added to future models and I would definitely be in favor of this. I am a short person so it makes seeing the rear view even more difficult so it I could see that view at all times, it would give me added security. Another safety feature is blink spot alerts on both mirrors in the event another car or if I was drifting from my lane. I am a Honda owner for 15 years and I have purchased 2 new Honda automobiles and still have a Honda at present. I REALLLY WANT TO PURCHASE ANOTHER ACCORD COUPE HOWEVER I FEEL I NEED THESE ADDITIONAL SAFETY FEATURES...PLEASE CONSIDER ADDING THESE FEATURES TO FUTURE MODELS. Thank you, a HONDA OWNER ALWAYS!!!!!

Tonda Fuller Read More
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