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11/20/2016 After 20+ yrs of Honey baked hams I bought one at
After 20+ yrs of Honey baked hams I bought one at my local store. It is absolutely like chewing a rubber band. Never had this problem before but the worst was the manager that continuously refuted my complaints saying that "there was something wrong with my eyesight(?) and then that there was something wrong with my taste buds(?).
After paying $79 for a pink piece of what might be ham but chews like some Wrigley's gum, I'm DONE with your company. I'll make sure to let other people know that if you want a good chew, just buy a HBH.
Opelika, AL

Constance Read More
11/17/2016 I received an email from Honey Baked Ham
I received an email from Honey Baked Ham indicating that there was a Honey Baked Ham location in Dothan, Alabama. This email was sent on 11-16-16. I had googled the Honey Baked Ham site on 11-15-16 requesting the nearest site. It indicated the nearest site was Montgomery, Al. Why would I get an email the next day with an address for the Dothan site with a phone number? The Montgomery store was contacted and was told that there was no location in Dothan. I was also told that this was an old address from last year. This is very poor business practice. I will get my holiday hams from another source, as your company is totally unreliable.

Roy Read More
1/12/2016 Honey Baked Ham - I recently received a coffee cake for Christmas.
I recently received a coffee cake for Christmas. A couple of weeks later I removed it from the freezer as instructed, sliced it and served a slice. When I went to replace the cake to the freezer I discovered it had ants all in the cake. It was a frozen cake from a sealed wrapper which indicates the cake had ants in it from the factory!!!

Tammy Read More
12/29/2015 Honey Baked Ham - Can you make the ham bone bean soup in the crock pot
Can you make the ham bone bean soup in the crock pot? If yes, please give directions.

Sheila Read More
7/22/2015 Very good customer service from Honey Baked Ham
had aproblem with a debit card overcharge. Tom at the baseline ,mesa ,store took care of it promptly . Very good customer service.

rosemary Read More
4/15/2015 Honey Baked Ham - My whole family suffered from food poisoning as a
My whole family suffered from food poisoning as a result of one of their hams. This is the first year we have had such a problem but it was a horrible experience which we are prepared to take to court.

As a courtesy, we will give the company a chance to resolve this matter, but, judging from the comments I have been reading, I am not hopeful.

Curtis Read More
4/6/2015 Honey Baked Ham - I reserved a $75 dollars ham and a turkey breast
I reserved a $75 dollars ham and a turkey breast for Easter today April 5, 2015, the turkey was awful, slimy and was like a deli turkey, no one would eat it as it tasted like some kind of wild meat. Total waste of money. The ham was not flavorful and not at allsweet, thiswas the worst ham and turkey I have bought there. After shopping 30 years or more there, I doubt if any of us will ever eat these meats again. It really ruined our Easter meal as this is usually the highlight of the dinner. What a waste of $100.

marcy Read More
4/4/2015 Honey Baked Ham - Although your HAM is 2nd to none....YOUR BACON

ELMER Read More
1/14/2015 This is not usual for Honey Baked Hams
This is not usual for Honey Baked Hams. I had family and guest for the day after Christmas. The ham wast tough and would not come away from the bone. The good topping was not as good and the ham just wasn't worth feeding to gourmet cooking friends from Birmingham. Opra and Stedman joined us and I could not offer them ham. This was a charge and i do expect a note describing directions you take when this occurs.
Thank you,

Kay Read More
1/10/2015 I have been ordering honey Baked hams for years
I have been ordering honey Baked hams for years now never had a problem until this year. The ham was to arrive on Christmas Eve. I ordered it online three weeks in advance because I work and the nearest store is not lose by. When I got home from work Christmas Eve at 5:15 there was no ham at my door. I called and was told that my order was put on hold and there was a computer glitch. So what am I going to serve the family on Christmas I asked the girl said I'm sorry. REALLY SORRY doesn't give me a ham. When I asked to speak to her supervisor she said why she will tell you the same thing. I said put her on I want to yell at her too! Well same story but she said if I had called earlier she could have reserved one for me at the closest store. Neverwouldhave made it there in time. No compensation nothing. Next year I'm buying my ham atCostco. Honey Ham I am done!

Barb Read More
12/1/2014 Honey Baked Ham - To the CEO of HoneyBaked Ham,I am so
To the CEO of HoneyBaked Ham,
I am so disappointed in HoneyBaked ham right now. Been buying them for our Thanksgiving over twenty years. And an occasional one or two throughout the year because we love them. This year I am having difficulties driving, so I was so excited to see you delivered. I only ordered my ham online, to have it delivered because it said it would be delivered on or around Wednesday. That meant to me, either Tuesday, Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving or possibly Thursday Thanksgiving day. Well my Thanksgiving was ruined, because of the wording in your messages. We had no ham and tried to struggle to throw together a dinner without it. We had to cancel Thanksgiving. The ham arrived late Friday afternoon. As did your message stating you had a new arrival time for my ham.
When I tried to track the package by "clicking here to track" I realized it did not even leave on time, didn't even arrive to Santa Cruz until Thanksgiving morning and is the reason it was late. They don't deliver on Thanksgiving.
When my son tried to call to ask what was going on, he was on hold for hours, no one answered the phone but the message told him for the next few hours what position he was in line to talk to someone, saying there would be a one minute wait.
No way to run a company. Especially with the amount you are charging including shipping.
Somebody dropped the ball and took the Thanks out of my day.

Sandi Read More
11/27/2014 Honey Baked Ham - Very disappointed this year. Been buying a small,
Very disappointed this year. Been buying a small, 2 person, Honey Baked Ham for 10+ years but when I tried to get one this year I was told I needed a "reservation". What? Never heard of that before but they refused to sell me a smal ham. Ended up with a $64 ham that had a bone half the size of the ham and definitely not worth $64. Won't be back for Christmas for sure.

Deb Read More
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