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Hooters features beautiful waitresses, beer, and great bar style food including burgers, wings, and fries.

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1-770-951-2040Review Needed Please Comment


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11/17/2013 Hooters High Point NC location customer review
I stop by your High Point NC location to grab part of the steelers game. After I received my beer, your female manager at 4:00 that day noticed I had a UNC wind breaker on. She promptly walk 1/2 way across the restuarant and asked me if I would like to have the UNC game on. Most restuarants you have to asked someone to change the channel. I was very surprised! You have a very good employee in this person.

ChrisRead More
9/9/2013 Hooters - Very dissapointed with the quality of Hooter's Wings
was very dissapointed with the quality of the wings we were served. some were very hot and then some were very cold that were all on the same plate. server was a bit hopeless and didnt even know what oz size the draft beers come in. and then she told us she would give us some wings to go because i had to leave to go to work and we were there on a all u can eat wings day and we waited for 30mins plus and asked her how much longer it would take and she said she didnt know so we left without the extra wings and a overpriced dinner tab that i feel should have been adjusted after we made them aware of how bad the wings were compared to what we had in the past when we have visiting the exact same hooters. im very dissapointeded even after the manager was made aware of the wing issue and that the server said she would give us some to go and then never did that all they did was take 10% off. i feel they should have comped half of it at least.

natashaRead More
6/22/2013 I took my family to Hooters for fathers day as
I took my family to Hooters for fathers day as they were running a special
I planned to take my husband to see a movie afterwards so I was on a time schedule. We walked in and was seated right away, but the table was dirty so we had to wait til it was cleaned off. The waitress left the table wet, so we wiped it with a towel. No big deal, but for as slow as business was, there was no excuse. We were ready to order right away but she insisted getting our drinks first. We ordered our food an waited. For some time. My husband was just about done before she came by, I asked if our food was being prepared, can you believe she said not yet. I asked if we could change something on it and she said she couldn't. Oh well, I will live with that, but I was getting worried we would not make the movie. Finally our food arrived and we didn't have everything we asked for. So mishaps were piling up. The manager wLked by our table smiled and kept walking. Worst experience here....I love this place. Very sad this happened and makes me wish I chose a different place to dine on fathers day.

jenRead More
9/29/2012 Hooters - I just left the parker road location in Aurura
I just left the parker road location in Aurura CO.hungry and dissapointed I waited 25 minutes for my wings. The flavor was great maybe the problem is I the waitress come back is chicke come bac f****** come back and check on me,, i ate two wings only 2 to do not have black on them I waited 5 more minutes for her to check on me. I said I do not like black on my wings. She said that is how the grill them anything else s any other solution they were too busy she did not care.

ronRead More
10/24/2011 can i have any hooters number
can i have any hooters number

bradRead More
4/18/2011 I use to work at Hooters and its not the way it
I use to work at Hooters and its not the way it use to be. Waitresses are to busy doing anything but waiting on customers. Recently went to 2nd Ave Nashville TN and the young lady was rude. Didn't bother being friendly enough to see If the food was good or if I wanted desert or merchandise which I know is her job. And Its not Just this Hooters. We've tried several and its all the same. Its not about making it a fun relaxing environment. The girls are being rubbed down in front of other customers or just plainly being racially bias. This isn't how We Hooters girls are trained. Hooters needs to do a business wide house cleaning. People don't want to spend money in that type of environment they will go to other place like Quaker steak and lube. Same type of environment but better business ethics. Kinda how Hooters use to be. Its a shame that the company has become so lax on what they've Always stood for. Now myself or friends rarely go... what happened?

hotrodRead More
3/28/2011 My son's wrestling club ate at the Hooters's
My son's wrestling club ate at the Hooters's restaurant in Topeka Kansas 3/25/11 and it was the worst service ever! Almost four hours later we left without having to pay because the waitress was so busy get her butt felt up by a guy at another table she couldn't get out checks separated right. Disgrace!

tracyRead More
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