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3/23/2014 Horizon Air - I can't seem to get an answer. My husband and I
I can't seem to get an answer. My husband and I are leaving for Hawaii next Saturday. He has a small back pack just for his meds and shaving stuff. I have a shopping bag that I would carry my purse in. We each of a small suitcase (overnighter). Is there a problem in carrying these items on? Thank you

Anna EdwardsRead More
1/11/2013 Horizon Air - I'm in yakima wa and I can't believe that you let
I'm in yakima wa and I can't believe that you let your employees wear sweat suits at the front counter wow how professional!

Bob Wilson Read More
7/23/2012 Horizon Air - Dear Sir/MadamWe are from FSG. LLC Dubai and need
Dear Sir/Madam
We are from FSG. LLC Dubai and need to pass one urgent Message to Mr.KLAUDIUSZ HELMAN from Poland and Holding the passport#,so could you please provide us his email address or the contact Details?


AbrarRead More
6/6/2011 Horizon Air - I would like to express my gratitude for two
I would like to express my gratitude for two obliging employees you possess: Seng and Elana. They have been most helpful and kind to my friend and I when we were trying to catch a flight on standby to Seattle. They offered all the help they can and even made sure if things don’t work, that we find them and continue to gain there assistance. I am all the more grateful for them and most importantly their benevolence towards us that we definitely have not obtained from anyone else that day. They went above and beyond what they were being paid for. I hope Horizon can do something to honor them because I certainly will never forget their kindness!

LizRead More
3/9/2010 Dear Horizon Airlines Customer Service,Once,
Dear Horizon Airlines Customer Service,
Once, again, I am amazed and delighted with your selection of employees for Lewiston, ID Horizon Airlines.

What Michelle Jones, your employee, did for me went far beyond her job description.

Michelle Jones recognized that the passenger (Mary Blake) (Lewiston, Idaho to Seattle, Wa. - on to Maui, Hawaii -- yes, Alaska Airlines) had not arrived at the usual time for passenger check-in.

Michelle called my home phone to alert me of flight #2216 was leaving Lewiston for Seattle on time 12:10 noon. She was unaware of my anxiety and frustration I was experiencing. I had pulled the door shut and locked my backpack with tickets, money and essentials and the keys to my car and home inside this backpack on the other side of this locked door.

MY friend, Rose,was there to give me ride to airport. She and neighbors came out to help find a solution so I could make this flight.

Thanks to neighbors cell phone, we called my daughter-in-law/Son. They needed to call another member of family in Seattle ( no ans), then another member of family in Maui, Hawaii of possibility my arrival may be delayed. (We call it the Blake Hotline. Before I left Lewiston, all 7 of my children knew of this incident).

The bottom line is: Michelle Jones getting no answer from my home phone, watched for late arriving cars. When she saw me exit my friend's car she immediately left check-in desk (there were other Horizon employees at desk), ran outside door, hugged me, grabbed my bag, ran back inside, checked me in gave me boarding pass and offered to walk me to the plane. Whee! She was moving!! But she got me on #2216 and everyone was happy. AND,The Captain took off on SCHEDULE.

Oh,Yes, One other thing, she boarded the plane to see if I was comfortable -- and to give me her email, phone #, and a warm message, I could call her should I need a ride to the airport for future flights.


I hope Horizon Personnel can do something very nice for her. Maybe, a little extra cash, paid vacation or a small party with other employees, honoring Michelle as a role model. Any thing that will help her. She is a great asset to your company.

Mary Blake

maryRead More
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