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HSBC is financial services company that is based in the UK. HSBC is a worldwide bank that is 6th largest in the world.

HSBC USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
452 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10018
HSBC Corporate Phone Number: 1-224-544-2000

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-477-6000 Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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11/1/2013 HSBC - this is the WORST CREDIT CARD EVER !!! I went
this is the WORST CREDIT CARD EVER !!! I went overseas for a holiday and the card doesnt work, giving the PHIL HSBC Cusotmer Service Officer a travel advice, one week before my month long vacation !!!

Cynthia Chuidian Read More
7/18/2012 HSBC - I am about to pay my last payment on my Bestbuy
I am about to pay my last payment on my Bestbuy account and im so glad, after reading all these horrible posts. I will never use this bank again, purely being afraid that I could get caught up in their dissappointing customer service and ruin my great credit.

Shivs Read More
1/15/2012 HSBC - I live in Vietnam with my family and my account is
I live in Vietnam with my family and my account is with HSBC Vn, I also have had trouble trying to get a logical answer as to why I am charged a sum of $25.00 every time I transfer money from an account that I have with UBOC Ca. and pay a fee of $40.00 to transfer the amount I want to HSBC NY and then HSBC NY in turn charges me again to transfer to HSBC Vn although my account is with the same bank. These people/bank should be investigated.

Joe G Read More
1/9/2012 HSBC - I have just read all the above comments and my
I have just read all the above comments and my first thought was "no wonder corporations
are fighting the creation of a consumer protection agency". You would think that they
would be willing to spend just a wee bit the of millions they have saved by computer-
izing and dehumanizing and not protecting their customers to at least give them a human to talk to that doesn't further victimize them.
I bought a condo in Panama for cash a few years ago, but live in USA and use it when I go down there. I decided to sell it, unfortunately, the buyer financed it with HSBC. I have
been trying to get the money out them for 6 months and they have come up with many reasons
for not sending it, many of which would make it impossible to get it cashed here.
I think one thing is obvious, "They don't give a rats ass about their customers!"

Luis Read More
12/9/2011 HSBC - I sent in my payment on the 21 of November and
I sent in my payment on the 21 of November and Best buy claims they didnt receive it until the 9th of December. They said it takes 7-10 days to process and that is more that 7-1o days. I have never been late on my payment and I asked if as a courtesy would remove the late fee. They would not! They charged me $25 late fee and only gave me $12.50 back. I canceled my account and asked them if the $12.50 was worth losing a customer.

sondra Read More
10/15/2011 HSBC - why are you taking money out of my account without
why are you taking money out of my account without asking

dorothy Read More
8/14/2011 HSBC - I hvae had two disputes in the last five years of
I hvae had two disputes in the last five years of dealing with this bank and each time no matter what i send them they still manage to invalidate my claim and repost the amounts with interest. They lack the ability to handle any type of customer service and refuse to honor any disputes leaving you as a consumer to seek the alternative and write a constituant complaint prior to doing the obvious. I like all others asked for the corporate offices and was given a PO Box although they need to have every ounce of validation for all customers prior to even speaking with you. They send out letters without any reply to information other than a reference number leaving you to exhaust your time and efforts for them to comply with Fair Credit practices.There is a general customer service number at 800-477-6000. (good Luck) I say lets start a class action suite. Re: Failure to abide by Fair Credit and disclosure laws. Columbus, Ohio

Regina Read More
5/10/2011 HSBC - This is the worst bank that I have ever had to
This is the worst bank that I have ever had to dealt with. Customer Service is also the worst, they have some of the most unprofessional people I have ever worked with. I would never recommend this bank to anyone. -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -* -10/10 Stars.

dee Read More
4/20/2011 I closed my multiple HSBC accounts including
I closed my multiple HSBC accounts including credit cards, line of credit, mortgage etc. in 2006 when moving from New York State to another state. Suddenly in 2010,4 yrs later, I began receiving dunning letters from HSBC for an alleged delinquent account. I tried to contact the branch where I use to have my account - I no longer had any account numbers having destroyed all credit cards, checks etc. I was bounced around their system for over an hour, despite giving them my SS # and answering all their questions. No one could help me. I was even transferred to some outsourced office in the Philippines ! To no avail. I just hung up out of frustration. The letters continued, I then tried getting to their corporate headquarters and was repeatedly stonewalled and told by various branches that this information was not available.Nor did anyone know who the US CEO of HSBC was !!!! Angry by then, I advised them that legally as HSBC is a publicly traded Corp. they have to list their address, executive staff (CEO etc.) as well as Board members as this is all part of the public information mandated for a traded stock. To no avail. This was several months ago, I finally got through to someone in a Buffalo office who found the record in question and advised me that there had been an error and that one of my credit card accounts despite being closed kept accruing yearly membership fees and that had reached $200+ . He assured me that he would take care of it and delete any erroneous outstsnding balance. I demanded a letter clearly explsining their error so that any future repercussions, such as negative credit report,could be easily dispelled by such a letter. I received a form letter with a PO BOXreturn address -no signature or name, indicating that "...we have received your recent request regarding your acct. issued by HSBC Bank USA N.A. In response to your request, we have closed the above referenced account. It was sheer insanity - I felt caught up in some nightmare sequence.This worthless piece of paper was the useless response to my 6 months of complaining, calling etc. Their response was purposely phrased to avoid admitting their mistake. To make matters worse, about a month later I pulled copies of my current credit reports snd ALL 3 AGENCIES reported me as delinquent for over 90 days. I am now fighting the credit bureaus trying to clear my name. This doesn't end....last week I received 3 seperate letters (1 FOR EACH CREDIT ACOUNT I HOLD WITH MY CURRENT BANK) advising that upon reviewing my credit history (as obtained from the 3 agencies),being that I appesr to be a long term delinquent, my future interest rate on my credit cards has been raised from 13% to the high risk category of 29.5% - this even though I have an excellent track record with my current bank. I am contemplating bringing a law suit against HSBC. Having read all your complaints and similar aggravating accounts of your experiences with this dangereously incompetent and irresponsible bank I would like to see other posts with similar experiences. Perhaps a Class action suit is the wasy to go.

dina Read More
4/19/2011 HSBC - This is the worst bank that I've ever had the
This is the worst bank that I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I'm desperately trying to get a lein release letter for the past 2 months. If anyone can help me please post here. I cannot understand how this bank has remained in business.

Robert Read More
3/30/2011 HSBC - AUTO LOAN DEPT. I paid off my auto loan two years
AUTO LOAN DEPT. I paid off my auto loan two years ago. I just found out after trading in the vehicle, that there is still a lien on the vehicle. This account was paid in full in 2009. I have spent two days calling every phone number given to me by various departments, the take-over bank, etc., and have also left a messsage on 224-544-2000 with an account executive. Please HELP!!

Barb Read More
2/18/2011 HSBC - I have been trying for 3 days to pay my Best Buy
I have been trying for 3 days to pay my Best Buy account. I cannot get into the log-in so I have tried calling everybody, even Best Buy Corporate and have had no luck. I do not have my account number as I cut the card up a long time ago and without that the phone systems hang up on me. Finally talked to a Shanna and she said she would put my account number in and I could go ahead and pay my account. Then that system hung up on me. I just want to pay the danm thing off. Now I just tried calling and was told to wait for someone to answer and got cut off again. My balance is $130.11 My name is Arlene dob address is Findlay Oh. last 4 digits of my social is, according to the payment page the last 6 digits of the account # I am at my wits in but after reading the comments from other people dealing with you, I am not alone. Please do something!

Arlene Read More
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