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Huawei is a leading telecom solutions provider base in China. Huawei Corporate Headquarters, U.S.A Address:
1700 Alma Drive, Suite 100 Plano, TX 75075 USA
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Bantian, Longgang District
Shenzhen 518129, P.R.China
Tel : 0086-755-28780808
E-mail: [email protected]

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1-972-509-5599 Review Needed Please Comment


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7/17/2017 Huawei - This is the worst phone I have ever seen or used
This is the worst phone I have ever seen or used in my life. I think this company is the devil and of no value i9n our modern society and should be shut down.
A I am a video edit person and pictures and the whole reason I bought phone they claimed thirty two gigs. But a ton of that is with spyware apps etc or apps that have only use for a while then they want you to pay.
They refuse to allow the hard drive to show proper and there software to transfer pictures is so bad that they should be in jail and hung for their monstrosities against man kind. Could you imagine let us say you want to transfer from one phone to another blue tooth. You high lite a bunch and send. Each time each file it asks you do you want to except? Could u imagine having to sit for hours and hours and hours each few minutes asking if you want to send again. If you do not reply within a time it cancels the transfer. Also their lousy transfer system called hisuite when you see pictures it shows different locations camera etc it gives no way at top of bar to click copy all and then transfer to computer. Only you see this on the video part and at bottom of screen that never fits so even tabbing down does not allow you to get to click the go ahead to transfer.
It refuses to have a feature that I can highlite items I want to copy and transfer to computer. They do not allow you to size their highsuite software and it is bigger then my screen so never possibility of actually transferring because there is no button to do so. So many important photos I can never transfer because they refuse to have a typical function like any phone that you can use as hard drive you copy files and you paste. Does not do this under any circumstances. As well maybe full of spyware I notice when you plug in right away this thing say we are sending your updated info to server therefore they are stealing your personal phone contacts likely and resell possibly to advertisers.Also on screen shows new message when I never asked it do so and likely they are stealing your contacts info. The camera is a peace of crap of epic proportions you have to struggle to press the button often not easily and then it is so smooth a phone that so easy to slip out of hand on purpose hopping you will drop and have to buy again. I was sold falsley this phone claiming to be 32 gigs but ton of it is shit apps. Also it constantly will shut off the command you told it to make it a harddrive and you give permission to go on computer but then when transfering it all of a sudden will ask again. They need to have a function where the persons photos etc always can be copied in full or partial all to any of them and need to be at top of screen so in event since they are to lazy and big assholes to make like any other program that you can resize window. Also they need to allow tab function to work correctly and get down to last command to be able to transfer. Then even worse let us say you are filming and start to run out it will not auto then start to save on sd card instead will say no room and then video will stop recording and you loose priceless videos. A person with a brain obviously would of made it film running out do you want to record further on sd card and if no reply start do it if room, The apps are full of spyware wanting to know all your whereabouts etc. I would give this phone a -10 so far and I am going to teach them a lesson and do videos on line I have millions of viewers on my channels so they will all know of how criminal these people are. Then I am actually going to live smash the phone in to thousands of bits with a hammer and show why that this phone should be against the law and not be able to be sold. You need to make products that fit screens right and that all photos can easily be copied under any circumstance and to paste. So hiwasuite software is made by demons and of no value at all. Also seems impossible to answer phone half the time you have to swipe sideways to get to answer and 8 out of ten sweeping many many times not one will work and you loose calls. I hate this company more then apple which I thought would be impossible but I truly must say this is the junkiest phone ever besides a samsung three that does same thing you make video and when run out of room it stops film and wont allow you to save on sd card. So all these companies do same annoying shit and all phones by law should have ability to act as hard drive fully that you can copy and paste items at will and transfer without their shit software that makes it near impossible to do so. I hate you people more then anything and I wish to god I never bought this phone. And may deadly plagues come upon the designers of this phone for their atrocities to man kind. I spent now several dozen hours trying to transfer blue tooth and every time it cancels do to they ask you each file if you want to transfer and you have to have phone in hand and constantly click each new do you want to transfer. They need to stop that and if I choose to transfer 1 or ten thousand photos they need to stop making it cancel it because I am not at phone that second. It asks question do you want to transfer if no reply it cancels it. I don't have time to stare at phone for hours on end so when I tell it I want to transfer files I should not have to answer for each new photo. Again I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you trash

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6/4/2017 Huawei - It is pathetic service in Dubai. My Mate 9 fell
It is pathetic service in Dubai. My Mate 9 fell down and the display glass cracked. I was an Apple user who shifted to Huawei. I must say that this phone, though good to use, is pathetic when it comes to after sales service. I gave my phone for the change of display five days back and they are still waiting for the stock to come to a country like UAE. If they do not have the ability to do quick service for a user , then why do they even sell this product? I am fed up of following up with the retail store. I am handicapped without the phone and being in a senior level at the organization, one can imagine how difficult it will be to manage the work without a phone.

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9/10/2016 sir ma huawei wollon ne hafiz center lahore
sir ma huawei wollon ne hafiz center lahore display center lagya hua hai ma na waha se poocha huawei ka 4g lte kon sa set low price ma hai. unhoon ne kaha k huawei y6 pro hai 4g lte ma na wahan shop se purchase kia aur muje huawei waloon ne 16 gb memory card b gift dia jb ma ghar aya warid ke help line pr call ke unhoon ne bataya ye 4g sported nahi hai 3g hai. box k ooper b 4g lte likha hua hai. 4g supported nahi hai to phir likha q hua hai.
mai company k khilaf case karoon ga ye frad kar rahi hai.

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3/7/2015 huawei device is E303F not working then display
huawei device is E303F not working then display untrusted connection what is reason?

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10/4/2014 Hey Sir/Maam. My Huawei Ascend p7 is stolen, can i
Hey Sir/Maam. My Huawei Ascend p7 is stolen, can i ask some help to detect it using IMEI number

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5/26/2014 Huawei Company rating of one star 05.27.14
Company rating of one star because at least my G7300 worked until the warranty expired! Worst company to deal with - contact via the web page contact coupon is not replied to unless you keep hammering, and then they don't reply to your problem - they go off on an entirely different subject. Somebody there in customer service needs to be fluent in English. Does anybody have an email address for complaints? Can't find any info for contacting other than a useless telephone number. I have promised to drive a 6" builders nail through the screen of the G7300 and mount it on the wall of my business with a sign saying "Ask me about Huawei quality products" and their reply was "thank you for choosing Huawei product". Something desperately wrong with their understanding of my problem. PURCHASE ANY HUAWEI PRODUCT AT YOUR PERIL.

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5/24/2014 I can't open Internet Explorer on my Huawei phone
I cannot open any internate explorer i tried goole,googlecrome, evreybody saing i require upgrading . i am not
so much computer savy. please do needful

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2/1/2013 We have recently purchased two HUAWEI 8800. Very
We have recently purchased two HUAWEI 8800. Very satisfied.
We need to know >> will our 8800 be completely Handfree compatible
including Voice Dialing with the Jabra Freeway Speaker Phone ?
Our gratitude .. Casper n Jenny

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6/2/2012 I like my Huawei U8100 but the problem is that it
I like my Huawei U8100 but the problem is that it is unable to start wifi.
when i click to turn it on it gives an error "Unable to Start Wifi"
Please tell me the solution....

the customer

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5/15/2012 Huawei - my phone is the comet from tmobile and this
my phone is the comet from tmobile and this company made it and its overheating on me

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3/28/2012 i have tke huawei u7519 it is the worst phone ever
i have tke huawei u7519 it is the worst phone ever this phone keep telling me that no sim card is found i only had it 2weeks what do i suppose to do HELP PLEASE

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