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5/17/2012 Hugo Boss - HiMine is no comment but a complaint about service

Mine is no comment but a complaint about service at Hugo Boss store at the Gateway Mall in Durban, South Africa. In December 2011 i bought a pair of white shoes in the Boss Green range but after wearing them four or six times the white plastic like material from both heels started peeling off. I went back to the shop and showed them how the shoe was deteriating. I explained to them that i dont walk much but the peeling could be the result of my feet resting on the carpet while driving. The shoes were sent to an "expert" called Nazeer who after a month of waiting told me that i was responsible for this peeling off because of my driving, no credit or other remedy can considered. Is it fair for me to pay so much money and be told to take off my shoes when ever i step into my vehicle because the carpet will damage the shoes?

This Nazeer has been very rude to me, he has refused to send these shoes to you the manufacturer. In my 47years of wearing shoes i have never seen this and none of my other shoes are peeling off like this.

Please help me! I buy a lot of Hugo Boss clothing but i am very hurt by the way i have been treated in this store. My money is with them and shoes have not been returned.

The CODE IS 50210056 SIZE 43



Mlungisi ShabanguRead More
4/19/2011 Hugo Boss - Hello :I am from Egypt , we have a boss shop in
Hello :
I am from Egypt , we have a boss shop in city stars , i want to tell y it is the owrst i have ever seen in my life, i went yesterday with my husband and son i wanted to buy a complete suit set for my 21 years old son, (suit , shirt , tie , socks , belt, shoes), when we entered the shop we stayed for like 15 minutes with no assistance , then showed up a bold guy who was already so upset from a personal phone call cause he was standing next to us , folding some shirts while talking on the phone, they way he received us was not firendly , he seemed bored and doesnot want to sell anything for us, first of all he said size 48 in suits is not in the store which sounds strange for a big name like boss, second he wanted to sell us a bigger size shirt for my son claiming that the tailor will shorten the sleeve which also sounded weird cause these must be some how standard sizes , , i left the store and bought what i need from other shops in the mall , then i went back again for belts , so i bought two belts for my son the surprise is when we went home we discovered that the belts were not in the fabric covers , i buy brand names all the time and i have never seen such terrible way of treatment , they just placed the belts in this paper bag , do y make any supervision on this store ever? do y check how they treat people and serve them ? i can really understand how can y allow such people to mess up with yr name ? this is the worst service i have ever had .

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