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1-800-448-6262 At prompts say "member," "pharmacy," "prescription benefits"; give invalid ID.


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7/13/2016 Humana - aweful service hangs up on handicapped tty user
aweful service hangs up on handicapped tty user 2x in 15 minutes full of urselves

jeff fromer Read More
6/2/2016 Humana - They DO act like they don't have time for your
They DO act like they don't have time for your concerns. I live in the country, but there's an oxygen supply office in a town only 7 miles from me. When I switched to Humana, now thinking it was a HUGE mistake, my oxygen supplies now come from an hour and a half away, and the type of cannula's they offer are sh$! and have caused an open sore on my nose. I contacted them about it and was told they'd send a couple of every type they had so I could find the one that was most comfortable for me. Two weeks later....nothing. I called again. This time I was sent the exact same type I had and about 200'...yes FEET of tubing from the machine to my face, which is all of 10 FEET away from it, when I specifically told them I didn't need anymore of it! Then yet another call...this time I was sent different cannulas, all which pretty much look the same to me, and some foam ear pieces to place on the tubing manually. That's GREAT for somebody with essential tremors, and the oxygen supply dealer I had locally brought the PERFECT item from the get-go, and if I needed anything, they could have it here the same day, not days later via UPS, and another day later if I couldn't make it to the door when the rude ass driver drove up, blew his horn like I live in a ghetto then left the box SOMEWHERE under my carport for me to find. Pissy service all around! I guess they do it figuring since they give you that little "perk" of OTC crap, that you're getting great service and can stand to wait a while. Speaking of the OTC stuff...I've ordered the B-12 Complex from them. If you've EVER smelled a REAL B-12 Complex before, you never forget that smell. The ones from Humana have no smell at all, and I'm figuring no B-12 either!

Chuck Read More
3/1/2016 Humana - Smart Summary RX today, opened to find it not printed in the English language
Received my Smart Summary RX today, opened to find it not printed in the English language. The only thing I can read is the numbers, what is going on?
Please advise.

Sara Read More
1/26/2016 Humana - What is wrong with these people, I have been
What is wrong with these people, I have been transferred to 5 different reps who "claim" they cannot locate my account, they talk very rude and unprofessional, they repeat the information back to me wrong and even though I am practically yelling, they act like they cannot hear me. When one rep finally found my account. He told me to hold while he pull up my information, his name was Andre, then he transferred me. The other culprits who gave me the run around were Tiffany, Michelle, Tomoye and James. Finally, Tanesha got on the phone and did not have the slightest idea of what she or I was talking about.

Reggie Read More
1/22/2016 Humana - Called customer service & as soon as the option
Called customer service & as soon as the option "claims" was chosen my call was disconnected

Joseph Read More
1/5/2016 When you can actually reach a Humana representative
When you can actually reach a representative to talk, which takes FOREVER, then they have no idea what they are talking about and give you the wrong information over and over again. Can I please talk to someone that knows what they are talking about? I have tried to get my new insurance information for weeks now and no one has sent my new cards, and they cannot even tell me my new ID number!!!! I am sick and tired of overpaying for nothing.

April Read More
10/27/2015 Humana - I have been trying to reach "Vicki Baker" my personal "at home" assistant
I have been trying to reach "Vicki Baker" my personal "at home" assistant. It cannot be done by phone, and I can't find her # number here, (said her ext. is 142304) though the computer goes on with ads, or other crap, and never gives you the chance to dial her ext. anyway. You guys need work in the CS area, I used to work as a consultant in that area they hiring freelancers?
I was trying to request an anti-smoking kit Ms. Baker and I had discussed, it has never arrived (I'm not sure it was ordered) and I wanted to ask about any vision or dental providers in the 27203 zip in NC. Any help would be appreciated.

robert Read More
10/23/2015 Horrible!!!!Humana has no idea what customer
Humana has no idea what customer service is. I work at a dental office and I just wanted an updated copy of my fee schedule so I do not over charge my patients. I have been waiting for it to be sent for about a month now. and it is strange why they cant just pull it up in their computer system and fax it to like other insurance companies. I just don't understand it. Their staff is not trained at all, no one know what they are doing. I could go on and.

Office Manager Read More
10/20/2015 Humana is the worst service that I have ever dealt with
Humana is the worst service that I have ever dealt with!!!

Diana westhoff Read More
9/5/2015 Humana - WRONG!! 1-877-259-0283 does not have a live
WRONG!! 1-877-259-0283 does not have a live person!! But it has a message of a message you can leave for another computer!! Whoo hoo!! All of the numbers listed wind up in the same place. Nowhere! If you MUST have your prescription filled and it is a three-day weekend, plan on being sick through the week-end if you have Humana.

Lace Read More
8/27/2015 Humana - Filing an Appeal for denial of admission into a Nursing Home
I am in the process of filing an Appeal for recent Denial of a Family Member's admission into the Nursing Home. I just want to say there are a few good Humana Reps. that will assist you as much as they possibly can, such as the lady I spoke with yesterday, I felt interest, compassion and the desire to help me with my issues, however overall I am very disappointed thus far with the results of my questions and concerns, but I am determined if this appeal goes nowhere I will continue to appeal, "Until the Cows come Home" grin, my Mother and Father both worked very hard, and my Mother has conditions that warrant skilled nursing, and I don't intend to drop the issue so we will see before I make a final decision regarding my feelings with Humana Services.

Bert Read More
8/24/2015 I filed a Grievance/Appeal with Humana Inc
I filed a Grievance/Appeal with Humana Inc. on 2/16/15 on behalf of my mother. The reference number is 662814dd8150715. However, Humana also indicated in their letter of 3/31/15 that the reference number is 561295255082014. They indicate it would take maximum 90 days to resolve. It has been far more than 90 days. I consider this highly unprofessional. My service claim number is 14555328544406, date of service 3/6/14, provider name. The amount of the claim is $412.

Yolanda Read More
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