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1/7/2016 Humana Dental - Tried to add myself to my husband's dental plan.
Tried to add myself to my husband's dental plan. He told me "please hold" and I got transferred to another lady in the wrong department who transferred me to the right department but the transfer hung up on me. Nice. I guess you don't want my business.

NonayaRead More
12/10/2015 Twenty Minute hold at Humana Dental then wrong department!
I called two days ago, was on hold TWENTY MINUTES before a human said I was in the wrong department. He was to transfer me to dental. I was on hold there for FIFTEEN MINUTES. Your evaluation survey did not ask if you were satisfied with the overall service. I was not. I was in pain.

When the lady answering the call for the dental department of Humana, I asked for the procedure I should follow in having my teeth cleaned. It took another five minutes--it's now FORTY MINUTES INTO MY ATTEMPTS TO COOPERATE!!!!!

That party said only specified dentist are eligible for payment. Did I ask which ones? She said to go to your website --which is worthless. It has no way a patron can find a dentist without a fifteen-hour course in how to operate your system. What I'm saying is it is not easy at all. Anticipating that finding, I asked your representative to email me the list. She said she would. She has not in the past two days.

What kind of service is that?

I still do not have a list. Can you provide one? I live in West Sacramento, CA 95605

PaulRead More
10/16/2015 Humana Dental - My dentist sent in a claim for my free xrays and
My dentist sent in a claim for my free xrays and floride and sent the claim to the wrong address. Please advise the address for the claims to be submitted.

PatsyRead More
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