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Hunter Douglas is the leading manufacturer of custom-made window fashions in North America.

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8/28/2015 Problems with Home Depot & Hunter Douglas Blinds
I have also had problems with Home Depot. I purchased Hunter Douglas wood faux blinds on 11/1/2013 and have had problems since day one of the installation. The total cost of the blinds was $3618.15. I have been trying for over two months to get my blind problem that I have now resolved. I keep getting the runaround. If this is the way Home Depot wants to conduct business, I have made my last purchase from them

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5/8/2013 I have been selling Hunter Douglas blinds for 29
I have been selling Hunter Douglas blinds for 29 years and by far they have the best customer service. The products that are sold through Home Depot do not come with the lifetime warranty that you receive when you buy them through a independent retailer. If your blinds have to be repaired you bring it into us at Alpins Interiors and we will package it and ship it out for you. We generally have them back within a week.
So for future reference buy your Hunter Douglas blinds from a independent retailer like ourselves and we will look after everything.

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7/6/2012 I purchased Hunter Douglas blinds through home
I purchased Hunter Douglas blinds through home depot 5 years ago spending $8,00.00 for wood blinds and California shutters. I recently noticed 2 slates were distressed and the paint was peeling.. I contacted Custom Brands Group at 800-466-3337. Mgr/supervisor would not speak with me. Jamie relayed message that this was not warranty and it was due to old blind(5yrs).This was determined over the telephone without even sending someone to assess the problem. Excuse after excuse was given.. Wouldnt be able to match color of slates, would have to re=string, excuse after excuse. What about your Lifetime Warranty??????????? I was so insulted by their attitude and lack of customer service I decided to contact the installer. Amazing how he had slates ordered. and set up an appointment to come repair the blinds within 15 minutes.. Home Depot sent me a $50.00 gift card and their apology. Hunter Douglas NOTHING. NO PROBLEM. Lost a great customer over something they could have fixed but chose not to. Just like I will share this with every person I know and will spend my money elsewhere next, my children will spend elsewhere, friends, relatives any one I come in contact with. HUNTER DOUGLAS DOESNT KNOW CUSTMER SERVICE.

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6/10/2011 Hunter Douglas - I love my blinds that I purchased from Hunter
I love my blinds that I purchased from Hunter Douglas, BUT if you purchase them you better make sure to never throw away the boxes. Everyone like to keep extra garbage around right? I have cordless blinds, but the cord within the blinds let loose, so I called Hunter Douglas, the gal was very nice to help me and told me to send them back, and they would fix them (they were covered by warranty). I asked, how should I send them back, I don't have a box, and I don't want them damaged in the process and she had no idea and couldn't help me. Ugh!

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