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2/28/2016 Hurry Cane - I cannot any one at the # you list on your
I cannot any one at the # you list on your website. What is going on?

PeggyRead More
11/30/2015 Hurry Cane - Didn't receive my order and I can't reach a live person
I have not received my cane order. I cant get anybody. to answer a phone or help me.

Lloyd PalmerRead More
11/18/2013 Where is my Hurry Cane Order?
my mother mary Colombo ordered the hurry cane for me. she is old and sick and can not get it to me. her billing address is street . it is to be shipped to my address at 31 . if not order will be cancelled and a dispute will be reported to her credit card.she ordered it today 11/17/13. if not shipped to the Dumont location you will lose the sale. contact me at by tomorrow the latest or you lose.

garyRead More
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