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9/30/2016 Hyundai Blue Link - BLUELINK is the worst service ever. Try and
BLUELINK is the worst service ever. Try and getting anything changed on it or anyone to answer the phone is ridiculous. Then when they do answer the phone your are lucky if they know anything..

CASEY Read More
9/20/2016 Hyundai Blue Link - It's been over five months trying to get my Blue
It's been over five months trying to get my Blue Link active. I have had the car serviced 5 times at the dealership for this and numerous calls to Blue Link just for activation. Nobody can get this active. I even had a new device installed. I would love to try it but they are so inept I cannot get it on to try. I hope I never have an actual emergency where I need somebody. My guess they would never come. So very disappointing... especially since I love the car.

Kevin T MeatloafRead More
8/29/2016 Hyundai Blue Link - navigational system not very good at all. I didn't
navigational system not very good at all. I didn't receive my monthly vehicle report for 6 months and they wouldn't reimburse me nor would they extend my service for what they owed me. I do not recommend this service at all

AlanRead More
5/19/2016 Hyundai Blue Link - The nav system leaves much to be desired. Please
The nav system leaves much to be desired. Please up grade your service. If you do not you will lose buyers, like me.

MikeRead More
3/16/2016 Hyundai Blue Link - MY phone was wiped clean need reinstate can not
MY phone was wiped clean need reinstate can not start my car

Harold Read More
2/20/2016 Hyundai Blue Link - I guess the dealers get a kick back for blue link system
I guess the dealers that sell you the care get a kick back for setting up the blue link system. I bought the car 3 months ago and was asked to give a debit card number and was assured the card would not be charged unless I opted to continue the service. That was a lie without any notification the card was charged 157.00 dollars. I bought the car from Benson Hyundai in Spartanburg SC, and like everything else they told this too was a lie. Please anyone looking in SC don't go to Benson's Hyundai.

MikeRead More
1/18/2016 Hyundai Blue Link - remote start on my wifes car it works a couple times then refuses to work
The dealership has redone my bluelink set up for remote start on my wife's car it works a couple times then refuses to work It keeps saying authentication failed even when the information is all correct and the help number is a joke it runs your all the questions then says it will start in 10 minutes 3 hrs later I'm still waiting let me think why should i pay for something that doesn't work 95% of the time It was so nice when you could call a help number and get a person to try to help you solve your problem

HarryRead More
11/16/2015 Hyundai Blue Link - Sales people are not knowledgeable about blue link services
Sales people are not knowledgeable about blue link services. They say anything to sell a car. Navigation system is pretty pathetic. You have to keep repeating and it often misguides. Billion Hyundai in Iowa City

GailRead More
7/21/2015 Hyundai Blue Link - I bought a Hyundai Tuscon last week
I bought a Hyundai Tuscon last week. I spoke to no less than a dozen agents.You should be able to find these calls as it said they were being recorded. I have to keep repeating myself over and over--sometimes it just turns off. I have tried about 10 addresses--only 2 downloaded and that took me to dead ends or to the wrong city--even though I spelled the name for the agent and the agent repeated it back to me.
Agents have told me several different things that I need to do to get the download directions. I have repeated the commands clearly and in every direction and tone of voice to no avail.

The only two times it downloaded it took a long time--Agent said you have to wait for the download-I waited 1/2 hour and asked someone on the street for directions. It took me to dead end streets-once the download was there the next morning!!
I put in my home address when I was 25 miles away--I got all the way home and it still said it was computing the route--once it said it could not locate my address
One agent told me I had to stop the car to receive the download--I was not in a safe place to pull over to stop the car so I had to drive to get to a safe place-agent said sending me the download but it never came.
I wanted address to a hospital so I could pick up my daughter from WORK-agent found the address and tried sending it to me twice-it never came-he told me to push SOS--I restated I did not want to do this as SOS should be for emergency--I just want to pick up my daughter from work-agent again told me to call SOS and they could give me directions!!! I called SOS-that agent said no-the agent before should not have told me that. He also told me that NO I should not have been told I had to turn off my car!! I thought I would try again this morning-I put in our home address--it could not find-I called agent and asked why am I having so many problems with this system-only had it less than a week!! She told me I had to turn the blue Tooth off for it to download as the blue tooth overrides the navigation system--I said are you saying I have to turn my phone OFF every time I want directions-she said yes. The tech at the dealership Billion-Iowa City, Iowa is the one who set it up! I said this is the worse system I have ever had and I have had two others. I told her I know it is not her fault but I am very frustrated with the quality of the system. I said OnStar is SO much better--she says well this isn't OnStar--I said yeah you got that right!! I tried sending this same email to the dealer but it does not go through!! What do I need to do --am I the only one who has these problems with this system-again I only had this for a week-and nothing but problems--I hate this system and will buy my own system. The salesman first sold us a car that did not have navigation-even though we said that was a must--I took that car back and they gave us a different car with the navigation Do I have a lemon or is this common for this system--the agents could use a little more training. Could someone please help me

Arlene RiessenRead More
7/14/2015 Hyundai Blue Link - I accidently cancelled my Bluetooth services last
I accidently cancelled my Bluetooth services last week. The reason was I had made additions/cancellations to my Blackberry after the Tysinger Dealership in Hampton, Virginia originally down loaded from it from my BlackBerry Cell. I thought I could delete and download the blackberry update. I've enjoyed Bluetooth very much and apologize for the inconvenience. My case number from "Hyundai Customer Connect Center [[email protected]] is 8075846. I need to be reinstated for Bluetooth services. Thank you for your time and cooperation. Henry.

HenryRead More
2/19/2015 Hyundai Blue Link - Last 3 mornings my remote start won't work -
Last 3 mornings my remote start won't work - temperature near 0. I get an e-mail saying it could not connect to my new 2015 Elantra. So I go out and start my car manually. In the afteroon when the car is warmer it works. Customer service line is always busy. Now is when I need what I'm paying for - remote start.

MaryRead More
1/22/2015 Hyundai Blue Link - Every morning at approx 7 AM EST blue link will
Every morning at approx 7 AM EST blue link will not connect to service. Very frustrating for sure. Will work by 8AM and after. I have not called for immediate attention as the message states but believe a company that overs this service to remote start must be reliable as it effects my opinion of quality of the whole Hyundai product line. If this continues I will surely be leaving Hyundai.

LarryRead More
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