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6/30/2016 Hyundai Motor Finance - On May 21, 2016 I purchased a Hyundai from
On May 21, 2016 I purchased a Hyundai from Kendall Hyundai in South Miami, FL, I went to that dealer because of discounts they advertise, low and behold I didn't qualify, I just found out they didn't given me the $500 discount Hyundai is giving to customers who purchase the 2017 Elantra. I was told those discount you had to apply online and it take about thirty days to received, which they lied. Hyundai this dealer is making you guys look bad. They also said they was giving me $400 dollars off since I didn't qualify for their discounts, they didn't. On JUNE 24, 2016 my daughter had to take the car to a dealer because the engine light came on in one month after we purchased the car, MPI default on a new car. My first and last Hyundai. Hyundai Company I expect my $500 dollars you are offering on the purchase of the 2017 Elantra which was not giving to me. Please speak with Kendall Hyundai in South Miami, Fl, no telling how many customers they not giving this offer to.

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5/17/2016 Hyundai Motor Finance - Do not, I repeat do not lease a vehicle from
Do not, I repeat do not lease a vehicle from Hyundai. I leased a 2013 Genesis coupe, loved it. I made every payment on time. The dealership asked me to come in and would make my last 2 payments and I bought a 2016 Tucson. Traded in a Chev tk, They said I was good to go. Nothing else to do. A month later, I get a letter from a collection agency saying I owe $422.59. I go to dealership, ask what this is for, a transition fee because I did not lease another vehicle. Why the dealership would not tell me this, said I was good to go, nothing owed. Now I either make the payment or my credit goes to s---!

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1/5/2016 Hyundai Motor Finance - Hyundai customer finance/credit department rude and most unhelpful
Although I have no complaints about the Hyundai car or the dealership from which I purchased it, I found the customer finance/credit department rude and most unhelpful. When I received a notice that my automatic payment would be taken out on a certain date, I called and requested that the payment is taken out a few days later.
The lady was uncooperative and I told her that I knew that my request could be honored, stating that I was not a deadbeat, I was only wanting to be sure that my automatic pay were deposited in time for the withdrawal. To accomplish this request, I had to call back, at least, three times. How about some positive customer service training Hyundai?

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3/28/2014 Hyundai Motor Finance - Hyundai finance customer service review 03.28.14
I made the last of 36 scheduled payments on my 2011 Sonata Limited on February 10, 2014. I also received a letter from Hyundia Finance stating the loan was paid off along with the tile to the 2011 Sonata vehicle. However, Hyundia Finance took out another payment for the same paid in full vehicle on March 10, 2014.

I have telephoned them on 2-3 occasions since then and been told it will take up to 15 business days for the over payment to be refunded. I contacted them again today, Thursday March 27 with it being 14 business days since taking the unauthorized $422 from my checking account. Today they told me I should check back on Monday, 16 business days to check the status of refunding the over charge.

What a bunch of crap! They took the unauthorized payment out in one (1) days time. Why do I need to wait at least 15 business days to get my money back.

Hyundia, count me as an unhappy customer!! Take money not owed and keep it for at least 15 business days. How much interest do you earn in a years time by taking unauthorized payments from customers and not getting it back to them for at least 15 business days???

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12/16/2013 Hyundai Motor Finance - To whom it may concern,As of this date,I have
To whom it may concern,
As of this date,I have found my first problem that Hyundai motor finance could not help
me with.After many phone calls to the Atlanta and Dallas office Startng on or about
Nov.30 I set up a payment plan to pay my lease which is in arrears due to unemployment
However on Dec 12 they made a double debit to my checking account.This debit was due to collection calls from two different agents making calls on the same account I explained to numerous agents and managers that this was a misunderstanding and that a double debit was out of the question and impossible at this time.
The bottom line is there was no way they wouldo help me.
Even if this was something I did not understand at the time they showed little care
about my problems

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