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IBM stands for International Business Machines. IBM has been at the forefront of computing for business for 100 years.

IBM Corporate Office Headquarters HQ<

Phone Number

1-800-426-4968Direct to human.


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11/27/2012 IBM Jobs in India but why not the USA: 11.27.12
With the great need for jobs in the USA, why did I have to speak with someone from India?

EvieRead More
2/6/2012 IBM - I own 86 shares of INFORMIX. I learnt only
I own 86 shares of INFORMIX. I learnt only recently that
related to the acquisition several years ago, you
agreed to pay appr.18 dollars for each share.
I am holding these shares and need your confirmation re
the foregoing. In the affirmative, please tell me
how to proceed.
I am also an IBM shareholder.
Thank you.

Andrew Romay

Andrew RomayRead More
12/13/2010 This was the only web site (including ibm) that
This was the only web site (including ibm) that gave me a phone # to a live person to talk to about service support !!!

gluemanRead More
10/27/2010 My company has been a user of IBM Lotus Domino
My company has been a user of IBM Lotus Domino services for many years. Today I had to call IBM customer service about 8 license that I had purchased a little over a year ago. I have never experienced such terrible customer service in my life. This says a lot since customer service has become worse and worse with most large companies. I was not even asked any information about my account to look up my information before quickly being told to call back, call another number, or that they could not help me. One gentleman ("Ron") told me that he could not look up my account by any other information than my customer number and when I tried to explain to him that I had my site ID number and all other information, he just repeated "Get your customer number and call back" over and over again so that I could not even respond. I spoke to 6 people all together. Only one of these people had manners but I still did not get any help with my issue. Now here I sit, defeated for the day, with close to $900.00 missing that was paid to IBM.

Seriously IBM? I wish that I could actually get in touch with someone that actually gives a damn about your company so that you could go back into my call log from today and see how your customers are being treated.

AmandaRead More
3/30/2009 I say IBM is top of the line. It is the only
I say IBM is top of the line. It is the only machine that I personally use. Have tried others but I stay loyal to the quality of IBM

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