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IDT is a phone company that started with a mission to make phone service more affordable. Today IDT is a fortune 1000 diversified company.

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1/14/2017 I have used IDT for long distance service for
I have used IDT for long distance service for several years, and have been extremely pleased with their service, the charges billed, and the reliability. When I travel, since I don't have a cell phone, I use IDT phone cards, but on my landline phone, calls are billed by IDT, rather than my phone service provider which is AT&T. Thank you for good service!


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9/8/2015 IDT are thieves there offer is fake
Idt are thieves there offer is fake. The card shows topped up and the will add extra. I bought 10 pounds credit which surpose to be 20 pounds. I just talk for 5 munites it finished.

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3/6/2015 IDT - aQuiero saber como puedo conectar el servicio de
aQuiero saber como puedo conectar el servicio de larga distancia con Cuba.Luisa

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11/19/2013 IDT - How can I contact ADT?
hello, my name is otis major,my idt acct.# is 1,my phone is not working so i'm not to contact you by phone.why is my phone out?

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7/16/2012 IDT - On May 16, '12 I called and cancelled my phone
On May 16, '12 I called and cancelled my phone service for May 24th as our service billing date starts on the 27th. I went through the verifiction process, thanked the fellow for his assistance, and on the 19th we moved out of state. After we arived and set up in our new home, I checked to make sure that our bill had been finalized. The web site stated that we owed IDT for 2 months of service. I called and spoke with a rep and was told that the service was still operational. I asked for a supervisor, and was able to speak with a nice woman named Helen. She corrected everything, and told me that the bill needed to be paid for the last month which was May. I told her that we never received the bill probably because of the move, so I paid it and was able to get the conformation number. A while later, I check to be sure that all was well, and found that IDT wanted another month's billing for their mistake of not shutting of the service on the 25th. I spoke with a rep July 9 and was told that it would be taken care of. I was told to check in a couple of days to be sure that our account had a $0 balance. I called back on the 11th and found that there was still a balance of $5.19. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold for 1 hour. Finally I spoke with someone and was told that the problem would be corrected. I asked for a manager and was on hlod for short of 1 hour before being disconnected. I called back and was finally told that a supervisor would call me back before the end of the day so I wouldn't be on hold. No one ever called. On Fri the 13th I called again 3 times and each time was put on hold for around 60 minutes before being disconnected. No one ever asked if I would like someone to call me back. They just put me on hold. Now, it's the 16th, and I have made 2 calls and the first time was put on hold for just over 30 minutes before being disconnected. I called back and asked to speak with Helen. The woman said she would have to put me on hold in order to check if Helen was available. I pleaded that she please get back to me quickly, and she did get back with in 5 minutes. She asked of Helen could call me back and took my new phone number. She assured me that Helen would call me back today. The bill is now over 30 days deliquent for this amount, and we had better not be reported to the credit bureaus for an error that is not our fault.

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6/25/2012 IDT - I have a rechargeable global card which I have
I have a rechargeable global card which I have been using for the past ten years, but recently I've noticed an automatic $1.96 charge to my credit which no one has explained and I would like a refund. Please help. Thanks,

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3/29/2011 IDT - All my regular monthly bills are paid
All my regular monthly bills are paid automatically by my bank's bill payer service.
On March 13, 2011, a full 2 weeks prior to my writing this complaint, and after already having electronically paid my monthly bill, I canceled my account with IDT telephone service.
About 2 or 3 days after closing my account with IDT, while checking my bank account on line, I noticed that the refund (credit)due me from IDT had not been posted. I telephoned them to ask when it would be forthcoming. I was told that I would get it after 35 to 40 days had passed. When I inquired why it would take so long, I was told I could speed up the process by sending them my personal bank statement showing proof of my last payment. When I countered that they already had the proof in their hands, along with the name and address of my bank, and the respective routing and checking account numbers, their representative just kept insisting that I send the statement along with a letter from my bank, which, for obvious reasons, I refused to do. In an attempt to understand their policy, I asked to speak with a supervisor; I had to repeat my request 5 times because their very rude representative kept talking over me. I was put on hold for in excess of 45 minutes, during which time, several other calls came in on my call waiting; I did not answer them. I finally hung up. After the week end had passed, I called them again and was told that since I made my payments electronically, I should see the refund within 3 to 5 days; it never happened. I called them again only to have to endure a repeat of my originall experience; only this time, I was disconnected.
Today, March 29, 2011, I called IDT's customer service again, spoke with a representative and then with a supervisor, both of whom kept repeating the same thing over and over again ad infinitum. I told the supervisor person that I would seek the advice of my bank'S customer care, which I immediately did. My bank agreed that I had done the correct thing in refusing to send them my bank statement.
In this age of electronics, the largest global crime is that of identity theft. In my opinion, sending anyone personal and sensitive documents is tentamount to leaning into a punch, with far reaching disastrous results.
I will be sending a copy of this statement to the offices of the Attorneys General in the states of New York and New Jersey, as well as the Bureaus for Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureaus respectively; also the FCC.

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