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Indigo Books & Music Inc. is the largest book retailer in Canada operating bookstores in all 10 provinces under the names, Indigo, Chapters, World's Biggest Bookstore, and Coles. Indigo also operates an online retailer of books, music, movies, and more. A Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario, Indigo provides consumers with inspiring retail and online environments for books and life enriching products & services.

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1-800-832-9124Hint Needed - Please Comment


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12/24/2010 Indigo Books & Music Inc. - please forward to:Heather thank you.Hello,my name
please forward to:Heather thank you.
my name is Deborah I am from a village in British Columbia called Kitamaat which means "People Of The Snow"..I tried to send you an email a few weeks ago,my computer is old and I do not have a word program,so I do not know if it went through.
This is a real emergency I have exhausted Social organizations for help,there does not seem to be anyone that can help me.I have been without heat and hot water for one
year..the home I live in had natural gas for heating,but the bills were getting too high for me to keep up,the pipes burst in my home 2 times last winter I am wanting to have these replaced also.
I am a widow I am looking for work..I am not sure what a person in an emergency situation is required to go through in asking you for help.If by some miracle you can help I do have a phone number I can give if you can help me with a donation to get the furnace updated I also need a hot water tank and a wood and electric furnace as when the power goes out in this village I am left in the dark with no heat sometimes it is out for days.
Please send me an email to
If you can help me with a donation so I will be out of the cold my banking info is:Bank Of Montreal Account number:
I am hoping someone out there has a heart and can help me with this emergency,I have never done anything like this to write to others for help,but I do not know what else to do.
I thank you for taking the time to read my email I would be happy to hear from you if you can help me..


deborahRead More
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