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3/22/2017 Ingles Grocery Store - Your store in 30635 needs a Starbucks badly, it
Your store in 30635 needs a Starbucks badly, it would help your bottom line. Your organic fruits & vegetables are not exactly fresh, usually rot within a day or two after I buy them. You need to upgrade your organic frozen entree's & lower the costs, your entree's are $1.50 more per item than at target. That adds up to enough gas money to shop elsewhere. Don't rely on a trapped market of people with no transportation. That's just UNAMERICAN! Rely on quality! Please fix your store! A Veteran, US Army

Warrior womanRead More
10/21/2014 Ingles Grocery Store - Like many people, through choice or necessity,
Like many people, through choice or necessity, I've been on a basically Organic and raw FRESH foods lately. I went to a competitor first because I noticed more in their weekly circular, but the prices scared me away since I'm on a fixed income. Since I currently have to buy at a market about every week, I went back to Ingles to see what you carried that I could eat, and while I found MOST, I found that the selection was somewhat lacking, even to a newbie to Organic foods, and what I did find wasn't easy to locate in the store at all. Some simple changes in signage would help, or for instance in the fresh veggie and fruit dept., color code either the signs, lump them together in one area, or possibly throughout the store on ANY isle, replace sections of floor tiles(similar to the color codes on hospital floors, say green for Organic, and some other color for non GM foods) where Organic(and hopefully non GM) foods are located, along with overhead sign additions, again with a certain color to designate that Organic(or non GM) foods can be found on that isle, like for instance, the isle where you'd find cereals, etc. I eat oatmeal pretty regularly because of cholesterol issues, but prior to my diet change, had no idea that you not only carried Organic oatmeals, but also regular breakfast cereals that were made from Organic ingredients, and some that were non GM cereals. Without spending several minutes looking, I previously had no idea you even carried this. Some shoppers don't like a trip to the market to be like an all day "scavenger hunt" game, and it'd much more easier for the stores to make some very easy and inexpensive changes in the product layout and labeling, so it's easier, faster and more pleasant for the customer, which I'm one of and have been for years, mainly because you're based in N.C., my home state, and you didn't sell out to a foreign giant like the old FoodTown was, and is now called Food Lion and owned by a Belgian/U.S. conglomerate, and your selection is about as varied as another other store in my local area, although it's a "small town", people from Charlotte are moving here more and more, and are used to better selections and different chains than the three main ones we have here. Another change inline with this post is, to do the same with your weekly circular...both the print and online version. I know over time that I've seen a probable fictional person's name explaining certain foods, the benefits of them etc., and as mentioned, in the circulars, put your Organics together that are on sale on one page, and with them, occasionally have that fictional(?) person's explanation of the benefits of the food for newbies not only to the food itself if they've never had it, but for the regular shopper who might be inclined to try a familiar food that's Organic and not chock full of GMO's and all the BAD things that go along with them. I know you can't control what's in the products, and even though I'm pushing to get GM foods labeled in N.C.(and everywhere else for that matter), eliminating some for a better and healthier choice would be good for the customer in more ways than one, and would push your store standing in general up a couple notches to compete with the only market around here considered more "upscale" and who's name I won't mention. Your prices can still remain low, your selection still wide but leaning toward a more healthy type of food that's easily located throughout the store, and you'll most probably get more than just a curious few "loyal" customers from the slightly more "upscale" market to not just shop once or twice at Ingles, but become the PRIMARY place to shop for their grocery needs.

ChuckRead More
5/29/2014 Ingles Grocery Store - Just finished throwing away the better part of a
Just finished throwing away the better part of a pound of ground beef. My wife bought the Laura Lynn taco kit......turns out, buy mistake. The seasoning pack was way over the top SALTY.....couldn't handle the salty taste. We were just starting to shop Ingles more often! Jim, From Beech Mountain, NC

JimRead More
3/16/2014 My experience at Ingles Grocery Store 03.15.14
I know it won't do any good to complain but I hope it helps other elderly people. It's a law suit waiting to happen. I was backing out of my parking spot after buying groceries and one of their baggers or employee saw me backing up and took steps to get behind my car and got in what he thought was my blind spot for me to hit him so he could sue. I missed him and finished backing up and went to get another spot to park in because I am handicapped. I parked went in side and talked to tha store manager. The store manager told me I should have hit him, that's what he would have done. Well can you guess who the other stupid person is. I bit my tongue, I thought, you are stupid enough to hit him so you can be sued. Cameras on vehicles now a days will and can get you in trouble. I didnt bother to tell them that since they were stupid any way.

grannyRead More
2/24/2014 Ingles Grocery Store - Your customer service is the worst out of several
Your customer service is the worst out of several grocery chains I've shopped at. Lookout if oublix comes around. Bye bye ingles. I wouldn't go back

JoRead More
1/2/2014 Ingles Grocery Store - Ingles Laura Lynn Pie Crust - Crumbled and Broke
I bought for the Christmas holidays your Laura Lynn Pie Crust code #(8685403669).
I was making an apple bundle(you take one pie crust and put the filling in the center
and fold the pie crust up on to the top.)I am a long time cook almost 50 years so I'm
sure I read and followed the directions right for making the pie crust soft enough
to use.It crumbled and broke etc.So I took the second crust out and reread the direction same thing happened.I did not get an apple pie worth serving and I bought ypur product
thinking it would be ok.We were very unhappy with our desert for Christmas.

MarciaRead More
5/27/2013 Ingles Grocery Store - Your meat market have gone to hell in a hand
Your meat market have gone to hell in a hand bag.You are selling previously frozenn meats and the FDA say`s not to refreeze pork,beef or ckicken.If I buy this and take ithome I dont have but three days to cook it or it will spoil.You had fresh meat at one time.If I don`t start seeing more fresh meats in your markets,I will have to start buying my meats somewhere else.I only live about Thirty miles from Counts Meats so it will not be a problem. I quit shopping at BI-Lo because they went to frozen meats so I guess you are next.

ArthurRead More
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