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InSinkErator garbage disposals and hot water dispensers are the brand of choice. Whose choice? The professional's choice. In fact, InSinkErator is the choice of 9 out of 10 plumbing professionals.

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1-800-558-5700Review and Hint Needed


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9/24/2013 Insinkerator - I stumbled on this site while searching for the
I stumbled on this site while searching for the customer service phone number and decided to leave a comment. I purchased the insinkerator garbage disposal from Lowes in 2009 and absolutely love the performance. A lot of my guests that have tried using it have often asked me if the unit was on; that is how silent it is. I love the product.

The reason I'm searching for the customer service number is that this month (Sept 2013) my unit stopped working. I called an electrician cause I thought it was an electrical problem but then the company that the electrician worked for had simultaneously assigned a plumber who determined that it was the unit. I called insinkerator and spoke to a curtious customer service representative who asked me for my reciept. I told her I didn't know where it was at (it's filed somewhere I forgot)at the moment then she told me not to worry about it. She then asked me for the model and serial number and told me that although I didn't have the reciept she would be able to track down when the unit was made. I gave her the information and she told me that the unit was built in 2008 and that even though I didn't have the reciept the company would still honor the warranty agreement (8 years)! She then also contacted local plumbers to get the unit installed (no charge to me)! I now have the unit at home (delivered no charge to me) but need a different plumber since the plumber and I could not agree on a schedule.

Anyway, I am so impressed with Insinkerator products and the way this company does business that if I ever need/decide to buy ANY product that is within their product line I would automatically default to their brand.

Sincerely impressed,

Alicia S

Alicia SRead More
11/25/2012 registration and direction manual for Insinkerator
new sink and in sink erator juat installed. plumber did such a good job of cleaning up after himself,I have no information

lillianRead More
11/9/2010 I purchased an InSinkerator less than 12 months
I purchased an InSinkerator less than 12 months ago. Recently the casing began leaking. When I called to gain assistance, I learned I was speaking with a call center in the Philippines. Not only did they have difficulty understanding what I was saying, they were not able to answer any of my basic questions about repair response. The individual on the phone could only tell me who to call locally for repair. They only had one option and they had no after hours access.

I called the local representative for repair and he never called back. I had to place another call to the repairman. He indicated it would be 3-4 days to get the system in stock, then 1- 2 days before he would be able to schedule the repair. It was clearly a individually owned repair shop, versus anyone I had ever heard of. He threatened to refuse to do the repair as I was not satisfied with his scheduling, which put me at almost a week out from the date of the call – with no ability to use my sink and/or dishwasher. Sadly, because he is the only authorized representative to fix the system. In addition, he is the only person who can determine if the system is faulty and if he determines in his opinion it is not, he has to be paid $85.00. There is no other avenue to have the system assessed for warranty.

To say this company has a significant lack of customer service is an understatement. I wouldn’t buy this product again, although I like the product. To have such difficulty gaining assistance with my warranty was a disappointment.

KimRead More
11/22/2009 Insinkerator - Case Number: 17597, november 6, 2009. I was
Case Number: 17597, november 6, 2009. I was expercing trouible with my dfisposal (mod pro essential #070116-04027) and a service man from "Just "Appliances" company, Salem, Va. came and woked on the unit. Everything appeared to be back in proper working order. Today, November 21st, the compactor seemed to be stopped up completely and my kitchen was flooded with water before I could cut off the valves. Since I am not ceretain that the disposal is the problem, I contacted a local plumber and have an appointmen
t with him on Monday, November 23rd. I wanr to make this a matter of record in case that it turns out to be a serious problem with the disposal which is under a six year warranty, (It was installed in early 2007.)

charles j brayRead More
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