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4/26/2016 Intex Corp - I have never seen such poor customer service in my
I have never seen such poor customer service in my life. Missing a whole pump. Repeated calls. Have receipt. Pool is up and can't really return. Yet can't even get a call back. Can't talk with a supervisor. Can't hardly understand the woman and she won't even repeat my information back to me that I gave her so the supervisior can return my call. This is my third time calling. Feeling frustrated and saddened at the fact that people can try to work hard and do right - and still get screwed over. I'm going to end up buying yet another pump when I should have already had one. One thing is for sure. I will be getting a different brand of pump. Don't care what kind of modifying must be done. ??
I hope everyone else has better luck than me. I had to spell Kansas. She thought it was another country. Sad. So sad.

AngelaRead More
1/9/2016 Intex Corp - Intex air mattresses r defective junk!!! Went
Intex air mattresses r defective junk!!! Went though two in less than a month and each one was only used a couple times! A huge bubble forms in the middle of the mattress!! Do not buy!! Terrible customer service!!!! They will only keep sending you the same defective mattress until their 90 day warranty runs out, and then your just out the money you spend for a defective product at should not be on the market in the first place!!!

KimberlyRead More
7/31/2014 Intex Corp - Have tried contacting this company twice by email
Have tried contacting this company twice by email and no reply, they say they will contact you in 2 days and it's been over a week. I have called to speak to a supervisor and was told "NO" i could not speak to one. I was even hung up on!!! I was sold a defective product and they do not stand behind there product, I was only able to use it for about 1/2 hour.

TinaRead More
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