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Intuit gained fame in the early days of the PC and Mac revolution with Quicken. Quicken was an easy to use personal finance and accounting software package. Intuit still makes an advanced version of Quicken and they offer the dominating Quickbooks software for business owners.

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4/16/2016 Intuit - Cannot receive password reset code via email for
Cannot receive password reset code via email for turbotax. I have had issues with Quicken and have been unable to get any assistance. I have called customer support and spent 40 minutes on hold brfore speaking with a person who was no help. I responded to a survey request and listed my concerns and problems with Quicken and again no help. If I can get thru this tax year I intend to change to another software provider.

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1/29/2016 Intuit - Practical discussion , For what it's worth , you
Practical discussion , For what it's worth , you need a PHQ-9 A2663B , my wife found a sample form here

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1/27/2016 Intuit - you have a problem on 2015 ttax and i cannot send
you have a problem on 2015 ttax and i cannot send comment because i must first establish an account but your stupid system does not allow it. prepaid 2015 state estimated taxes from 2014 refund shows up on 2015 ttax as a prepaid tax on both federal as well as state. when will this be fixed so i can file my tax?

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10/27/2015 intuit sucks
intuit sucks

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6/19/2015 Intuit - I have been trying to correct a major overcharge
I have been trying to correct a major overcharge for my QuickBooks license renewal, and for the past two weeks the East Indian outsourced customer service at Intuit have been making a bad situation worse. Not to mention the endless hours I have spent on hold listening to the same eight bars of music over and over.

I don't believe it's worthwhile to pay Intuit for any kind of support because in the case of billing and license support you're getting East Indians reading from a script. The only useful technical support is pretty what other users post online, and you can access that free through the internet anyway.

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6/2/2015 Intuit - I waited 30 minutes to talk with customer service,
I waited 30 minutes to talk with customer service, could not be helped, so they transferred me to a different department where I was disconnected and had to call again and wait 30 more minutes! Needless to say, I could not wait and had to attend to work and kids! Terrible customer service. I have been charged for a service I never received for years!

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2/14/2015 Intuit - I had a system breakdown which Lenovo corrected. I
I had a system breakdown which Lenovo corrected. I have lost 8 years of Quicken data. I installed a brand new program and entered 3 items from Jan.2014. The program is frozen. I need help.

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12/10/2014 Intuit - Absolutely deplorable customer service. I spent no
Absolutely deplorable customer service. I spent no less than 20 total hours on the phone with these people over a sales transaction and after 90 days, they still have my money and refuse to release it to my bank. They promise to call back and never do. Even did a three-way call with them and my bank, and still the issue was not resolved.

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12/6/2014 Intuit - Can't activate bank accounts I have used various
Can't activate bank accounts
I have used various editions of Quicken for years, the latest was Quicken Home and Business 2013 now I have updated to Quicken 2015 Home & Business. The problem started about two weeks ago with 2013 and continues with 2015. Quicken stopped accessing my bank information. I followed previous advice and deactivated the accounts and tried to reactivate them. During the procedure to activate the accounts, I receive the following Message' "Quicken can't add this account because the Patriot Federal Credit Union website is temporarily unavailable." This statement is not true. I contacted the bank and they assured me their website is up and running. It has been about 2 weeks. Fix this problem. Is this situation going to be resolved? Prior to this situation I had connectivity successfully for years. What changed? I want a solution. I discussed this situation with a person named "Jan" from Quicken and got no satisfaction she gave me the same excuse that the problem was with the banks website.

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4/3/2014 Intuit - Much like the previous comments, I purchased the
Much like the previous comments, I purchased the Delux i.taxprogram and from the beginning there was no instructions. I filled in the answers to questions and when it came to IRA 's required mim. distribution and theQCD WAS NOT ALLOWED AN ENTRY.
THE FORM WORKSHEET HAD A PLACE FOR THE ENTRY. Your error reporting on the Fed tax said that the entry on the form work sheet was in error even through the entry was required if I was to tasks a QCD. This indicated that your 'experts' had no knowledge…I had no problems in the 2011 HR Block tax program. Yet the famous Turbo is disappointing …then they print the OR state filing on the opposite side of the 1040 form and this continues in the final printing to be sent to IRS and the OR tax office. ALSO, there were no print out of form B for the 1040….I have called your telephone only to have a 'computer, a non human to not respond to the problem and keeps questioning what topic am I working on" … Hour cyborg or computerized dummy creates more stress … I will not give you a positive rating and it was 100% disappointing and beside the cost of the program, a ream of paper was used to get a still unacceptable INCOME TAX REPORT FOR BOTHE STATE AMD FEDERAL.

3/27/2014 Intuit - 2014 quicken starter edition review 03.27.14
I purchased the 2014 quicken starter edition and my quicken financial accounts did not import correctly. I was more than $3000.00 off from actual balance. When I finally reached someone I was told I had to have quicken deluxe for it to work. Stupid me paid for and downloaded quicken deluxe. Same problem.. Then I called for technical support who took control of my computer supposedly to correct the problem. By the time he finished adding test accounts and transactions to my register the system was completely screwed up. After about 2 more hours they blamed my bank. Naturally I called my bank and it wasn't them. I called support back because I paid 49.99 for that technical support to a company called "Internet merchant transaction". Once paid for I found out they are in India. I have been trying to get a refund ever since. Quicken works now because I had to completely format and reinstall windows. I have been requesting a refund for the 49.99 and they are telling me they can go in and fix the problem. I no longer have the same problem because the 49.99 person crashed my system. They also stated that if they refund the 49.99 for tech support they will have to block me from using quicken all together. I purchased quicken separate from the tech support so why would they disable it so I can't use it at all. I'm not giving up yet but I think it is impossible to get an American that I can understand on the phone. The phone numbers they give us on their site are worthless

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