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Isuzu is the Japanese maker of commercial trucks and diesel engines. The also make light trucks throughout the world.

Isuzu Motors America USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ<

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1-800-255-6727Review and Hint Needed


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3/31/2014 ISUZU USA - My 97 Isuzu Rodeo has serious rust problems in the
My 97 Isuzu Rodeo has serious rust problems in the frame. It runs and looks good, yet I'm afraid the frame will break ay any time. Shame to have a car that has to sit because of a MAJOR structural defect. Both front right and rear left have 3 inch holes on two side or the frame. Less than half the metal is supporting either corner. No other car I have EVER owned has had to be put to rest because of such a defect.

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7/6/2013 ISUZU USA - I have an isuzu rodeo 1992. I need a speedometer
I have an isuzu rodeo 1992. I need a speedometer cable for it and have no clue witch one to get. I herd there are 36 different cables for it. I need my car to be fixed so Ican get to work and back . Can anyone help me

ZacharyRead More
5/29/2013 ISUZU USA - I bought my Isuzu Rodeo in 2002. Since then, I've
I bought my Isuzu Rodeo in 2002. Since then, I've had manifold problems, overheating problems, noises coming from under my car, losing water in my radiator at an alarming rate (have to check water everyday and need to add anti-freeze fluid everyday), paint is fading, engine light has been on for two years but, no mechanic can find out why. My fuel gauge is not registering correct amount of fuel and fuel light constantly comes on and stays on a day after I fill up my tank until I fill up again. I am 63 year old female and stress out every time I drive my car. I have taken car to dealership with numerous overheating problems. They said it was the thermostat, changed it but, problem still existed until it overheated so bad and had to pay $3,500.00 to fix engine. Car started to overheat again, two years later. Mechanic at Fast Lube Aiea, Hawaii found the problem. It was a missing clamp, that's all. The dealership didn't even find that problem, which would have saved me from years of stress. Dealership who sold me my car was Cutter Ford Aiea, Hawaii. Also had numerous problems with the manifold and had to take the car in three (3) different times, to Cutter Ford Aiea, Hawaii but, problem was never correctly fixed. My car has not overheated since Fast Lube mechanic found the problem. I also have a loud noise when I first start my car but it goes away after driving for about five (5) minutes. That can't be good. Mechanic at Fast Lube says it's the muffler. This noise has been going on for three (3) years. Only Fast Lube found the problem but, said as long as I can stand the noise, to fix it when I can manage to leave car with garage for two or more days. I still work full time and cannot afford to leave my car at any garage for more than two days. Insurance only covers rental cars if car was in an accident. I have less than 80,000 miles on my car, which fascinates everyone but, I try not to go anywhere, except work, because of the problems I have with my car. I'm a senior citizen and cannot afford much, even if I still work. Please help me fix my car or give me a better, more trustworthy car. I was thinking about getting in touch with the Better Business Bureau and an attorney. I did write to Japan Headquarters and told them I didn't want to deal with Cutter Ford any longer because they don't know how to fix my car and never did fix it. Also, Japan Headquarters sent my letter to California USA Headquarters, who wrote to me telling me to take car to dealership who sold me the car. That's what I didn't want to do. Your company is not taking care of the cars you sell. It seems to me that all you care about is the sale. Once the automobile is sold then, you don't give a damn about who's in your car and the safety of the buyer. Even your commercial vehicles are cheaply made. Money only, seems to drive your company and that's a shame because I know a lot of people who are from Japan and they are very honorable people but, you are not! Sorry about that but that's exactly how I feel and I can see that lots of other people feel the same. It's costing the general public more money to fix these cars than it's worth. I cannot believe that we, the consumers, are treated this way. I will never go to Cutter Ford Aiea, Hawaii, ever again, to buy or fix my car. I know that Isuzu doesn't make personal vehicles anymore and I feel that you had too much complaints so rather than help the consumer, you just stopped making cars.

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4/2/2013 ISUZU USA - 1998 Isuzu Rodeo Battery Drain - Need Help
My Husband an I live on Maui and have a 1998 very basic Isuzu Rodeo with no electronics like door locks etc. Three weeks ago the car developed a battery drain that our local dealership has been unable to identify. (They have had the car for the last three weeks).

They claim to have tried all the basic fixes like checking the fuses and relays etc. and also claim to have consulted with other Isuzu mechanics with no results.

It is difficult for me to imagine why it is taking so much time to correct the problem. Either it is very unusual or more likely, I'm afraid that I am getting the run around and that they are just basically incompetent.

When I call they tell me that in order not to run up the bill they are not working on it full time. I feel that if they knew what they were doing it shouldn't have taken this much time anyway. I'm almost ready to just take the car back unfixed. In that case I don't feel that they can expect me to pay the bill for a job not done.

I'm not sure that you are the right people to contact but I am reaching the end of my patience and if you can offer any advice I will be very grateful.

Thank you,
Karen Chare

KarenRead More
12/16/2012 ISUZU USA - Isuzu commercial trucks customer review 12/17/12
I have 3 Isusu or gm trucks. 2 2005 and 1 4 door 2007 all with dumps for my landscape business.Why do you sell these trucks for commercial businesses? The mileage is between 60-80,000 miles not at all excessive. The fuel gauge does not work in any of the trucks,the 2dr 2005 had its gas tank replaced with a new fuel gauge a year ago and stopped working after 6 months. The trucks look terrible the plastic below the windshield has peeled of after 3 years and there is no way to repair this issue.The side mirrors on all trucks has issues with the glass vibrating and falling out.The cloth seats are all torn up from wear just from getting in and out of the trucks.If you want ac in the summer forget it the noise from the belts or compressor if deafening.The quality of the paint is terrible. I completely covered one of the bodies with advertising wrap because no matter what we did to clean or wax the truck it looked terrible.If i had one wish this holiday season for these work trucks it would be working fuel gauges. I can't tell you the inconvenience this causes on a regular basis if someone forgets to reset the odometer.We properly maintan these trucks they are not made well and for long term. Joseph Fried / Signature Bros Inc /

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4/25/2012 ISUZU USA - i have a 2001 isuzu rodeo i have had the worst
i have a 2001 isuzu rodeo i have had the worst experience 3 transmission after 3 years the air condition broke. i have had to take it to the dealer for transmission problems and also rent cars all 3 times for them to fix it. last leave they fixed the valve cover caskets because it was leaking oil. 2 days ago the car stoped and the alternator broke because of an oil leak that apparently the dealer didn't fix a year ago. i'm very dissapointment with this car. never again i would buy any isuzu car of no kind. this car has been a total disaster and no one cares about it. not even the isuzu company cared i think this car has been a lemon but no one cares about it. if you have any questions concerning this problem you can contact me by email only.

thanks, raul sanchez

raul sanchezRead More
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