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9/13/2012 Izuzu - 13/09/2012 This is my third Isuzu double cab.The
13/09/2012 This is my third Isuzu double cab.The reason why I bought my Isuzu double cab because of the versality of the vehicle and the excellent service fro Key Delta Dealership inPinetown Soutrh Africa. The reason for my mail is to lodge a complaint with regards to the shoddy response from GMSA regarding my complaint.I had a gear selection problem from the time I bought the vehicle but I was informed that the gear selection.I raised this matter again when I took my vehicle for its 45000km service.I took my vehicle back on the the 20June 2012 regarding my problem.The vehicle has done 56777 km.The service manager sent the Gear Box to an independant party to assess the problem and it was foun d that the Pressure Plate Pivot ring was loose.The report and the gear box was sent to GENERAL MOTORS SOUTH AFRICA in Port Elizabeth and I was informed that GMSA will not pay for the repairs and that I will have to pay for the repairs which will cost R7200.My vehicle is at Key Delta in Pinetown.Contact Person Mr.Lenny Sukraj Details of the Vehicle: Isuzu KB 250 LWB F1 CHASSIS NO.ADM2RD86B73511987

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