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6/8/2016 J Jill - June 8, 2016. I made my every 6 month visit to my
June 8, 2016. I made my every 6 month visit to my favorite J.Jill store(The Collection @ Forsyth) in Cumming, Georgia. Barbara, the ASM. gave excellent customer service as I shopped. She provided the just right amount of attention to me as I chose the garments. Since I chose to shop the day before a scheduled sale was to begin,she honored the discount and assisted me in clarifying some technical issues with my E-gift Card. Thank you J.Jill for your beautiful clothes and professional and welcoming staff as you have in Barbara.


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11/28/2015 J Jill - yesterday, I had a wonderful shopping experience @
yesterday, I had a wonderful shopping experience @ the Derby Shop in Hingham, Mass. I was visiting the
area for the holiday and decided to stop in the store and the clerk who waited on me was outstanding in
helping me select items, and one item was not available in my size in the store so she ordered it on the
computer and it will be shipped to my house. Your customer service is outstanding.

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