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5/15/2016 Jabsco - I am looking at your Y diverter valve 45490-1000.
I am looking at your Y diverter valve 45490-1000. In your site for question and answers there was a question on, can it be used with drinking water? I was shocked at the answers. All 3 answers said basically what in the world would you use such a large valve for, no water system, boat, rv, or home needs that big a valve. All of your literature also single mindedly talk of only wast disposal. I was thinking of using it for my multiple drinking water tank fill lines that are 11/2" on most boats I have seen and like I had on my prevues boat also. Since you could not give a simple YES, I now am in dought if it can be used for drinking water. If it can be used for drinking water I'm at loss why it is mentioned in your literature. I can't believe now one has thought of this use. Can you assure me it is safe with drinking water.

JamesRead More
5/4/2016 I purchased JABSCO model # 60080 remote control
I purchased JABSCO model # 60080 remote control searchlight which is exactly the same model that I have on my boat now my question is I would like to take the original wiring from the old searchlight and attach it to the terminals
on the new searchlight can remove the upper housing to make these connections ?
Thank you Dennis

DennisRead More
8/24/2015 Unable to find e-mail contact information for Jabsco
Unable to find e-mail contact information with tech services. I am designing a macerator toilet for jails. I have been unable to find the product required for the application. I have an old macerator toilet that I have been using in my RV. This unit is extremely reliable, has never failed me. It is a Jabsco product. It has a bronze grinder and I need to know if this or something this good is currently available. I may need to purchase these in quantity, would like to find out if direct purchase is possible.

BillRead More
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