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Jack in the Box Inc., founded in 1951, is a restaurant company that operates and franchises Jack in the Box? restaurants.

Jack in the Box Inc. USA Corporate Office Headquarters<

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1-800-955-5225 Review and Hint Needed


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10/24/2015 Jack in the Box positive review 11.17.15
The girl that works at Jack in the box by the shire apartment name Darlisha was very sweet I went there one nite my food was so cold she replace my whole meal I went back to tell her manger how sweet she was they told me she don't work there no more they need to hire here back

Amy Jackson Read More
9/22/2015 Pleased with my food and service at Jack in the Box - But
I normally am pleased with my food and service, not so much this time. fries were ice cold, tea tasted like it came from a dirty urn. But this is not my grip, I was asked if I wanted condiments and said NO . when I get home I find 2 ranch dressings, 5 taco sauces, and 4 ketchup packs . I ordered the buttery burger with fries and a tea , why would I need taco sauce or ranch dressing ????? I'm happy Jack is doing so well that every time I go in I get more condiments than I would use in year . I hate to waste , which is why I ask for exactly what I will need when I need it, but it never fails I get that clawed handful , Please Jack train your crew to listen to the customer , or ask if they want condiments instead of just throwing in a handful of everything you have under the counter !!!!

jennifer Read More
5/23/2015 Jack in the Box - They can't put the cream and sugar in my coffee
They can't put the cream and sugar in my coffee ... Like McDonalds.. I'm in the drive thru .. Hello I'm driving

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12/19/2014 Jack in the Box - My name is rick I live in victoria tx. Let me tell
My name is rick I live in victoria tx. Let me tell man, I'm not the type of person to cry about my food when it fast food, but when that place steadily messes up your order and there not busy and you're just watching from the outside and there just goofing off, it pisses you off so bad you just fill like telling them off. Thank god I've taken Anger management . Never will I go to the one off of rio grande st.

Ricardo castellanos Read More
12/9/2014 Jack in the Box - 10418 perrin beitel Today morring I went to jack
10418 perrin beitel Today morring I went to jack store to get just a biscut on drive thr boyyyy did it take 10min. I asked the young guy he was 5/5 slim white male why did you take long and he replied well that I myself wasn't the only one and he made a sugges for me was better if I go to Mc D>S I told him wheres your manger he said he was lol. I told no your not cus im a reg customer bad service poor food and .....ect. @

12-8-2014 @ 11;05am

ceilia m.maron Read More
12/3/2014 Jack in the Box - Hello name is Maria emery daughter of Jennifer
Hello name is Maria emery daughter of Jennifer Emery she works at the Jack in the box on seguin avenue. My mother is a very good cook she is very polite.I love that store??????????????

maria Read More
9/12/2014 Jack in the box on westinghouse Bivd., Charlotte North Carolina
I went to jack in the box on westinghouse Bivd., Charlotte North Carolina with a coupon states"medium drink with purchased is breakfast the cashier name (Shon) on the badge she refused to give me coffee I ask where is the customer satisfaction? still she refused to give me coffee, meanwhile a gentleman customer pay for the coffee, she did not give me the coffee making me waiting, after she attended to the three customer then she wants me to stand there for her to brew the giant coffee pot I think that is rude, in the first place you can't/ you would give me coffee wants me to take drink from the fountain then someone pay for it you wants to waste my time to wait for the giant pot to brew,however, the lady at the drive thur came an fill by cup for me no apology rude looking and bad body language with attitude.

Moji Read More
8/2/2014 Jack in the Box - I'm not sure who's running the company, but they
I'm not sure who's running the company, but they have finally lost me as a customer. I am disabled and home sick quite a bit. I occasionally like a milkshake to help me feel a bit better. There are 2 Jack in the Boxes within minutes of me. I go to the first one on 82nd and King Rd, it's not even quite midnight, and I'm told they don't have any shakes because their cleaning their machines. I go to the second one, and I'm told the same thing. It's not even that late yet for a 24 hour restaurant. Also, I can't imagine it taking hours to clean a simple shake machine. But it's not just that, it's as if they are just saying that so they don't have to accommodate the customer. If Jack in the Box was trying to provide any type of customer service they would do that type of cleaning in the down hours. This has happened many times over now. So I just tried to reach at manager at the store I went to, because I was going to do the survey, but the receipt is unreadable. I was told the store had no manager, then I was told the manager was on vacation for 2 weeks, but would still not give me a time I could call back. I then asked for a way to contact corporate, I was told they didn't have that information. When I asked for her name- she hung up on me. She kept asking through extremely broken English (I could barely understand her) And.... this is the better of the two. The one on King Road will just tell you everything's down and they'll be a 15 minute wait. I said ok once, and waited only to be told that they don't have milkshakes either. So Jack in the Box is a never go back for me now. And I'll still be contacting the corporate office. If your a 24 hour restaurant, than be a 24 hour restaurant. Have proper enough management to run your store like a business, and please train these folks in some customer service skills.

Katie Read More
7/24/2014 Jack in the Box - I went to Jack n the box on July 21,2014. The
I went to Jack n the box on July 21,2014. The cashier at the window took my order and I gave her my debit card she said that it did not work. But I know my card had money on it why would I make a order not have money on my card. So I gave her another card that was good. I went back again the next day. I order my food and the same cashier was at the window again. I gave her my debt card that she said was not no good again. She said in a very rude way to me did I tell you the other night that this card does not work. I told her I know that this card works. So like I did the first night I went there I gave her another credit card. The point I am making is that there system is not working properly because I went back to talk to the manager so he used my debit card at the window cash register again by sliding it through the machine it did not work that way but it worked when he put the card number in the system. the cashier should put the number in the system. She was just lazy to put it in. Someone one from corporate got in contact with me she said that they do not suppose to put a person card number in the system. I really think that is stupid because they are loosing customers. I told her what if you get 7 customers who card does not work but they know for a fact it works. They are loosing business. The manager at this location told me she should have put the card number in the system. The location in San Antonio,TX store#933. The people at corporate are done and stupid. Do not go to this location because your card my not work due to untrained workers and lazy employees on the night. Store is off of Rittman Road.

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6/9/2014 Jack in the Box - Jack in camarillo ca, spent 40 dollars thru drive
Jack in camarillo ca, spent 40 dollars thru drive through order completely wrong get home call ask for a manager supposably nonot one available says he can give us a milk shake for our issue. Really i want my money back all my food cioold and disgusting. Customer service sucks.

Rebecca gutierrez Read More
5/22/2014 Jack in the Box - Complaint they snorted in my tacos 2 for 99. Mr
Complaint they snorted in my tacos 2 for 99. Mr Jack in the Box
At Richmond and San Jancinto Houston Tx. The cash registrars
Are covered with slug and runny stuff. The loco toon stinks all the time.

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5/5/2014 Jack in the Box 4680 S Decatur Las Vegas, Nevada, 89103
Hello, I went to jack in the box (4680 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89103) with high hopes but it was a terrible experience. We printed out the 2 for 1 bacon insider burger to use but they did not carry the burger. Ok, i thought, we'll live. We ordered 2 jumbo jacks, 6 tacos, mozzarella sticks, large curly fries, and a value drink. We were informed they did not have marinara sauce. When we received our food, it was ALL cold and seemed to be sitting out for several hours. We were the only customers there. The tacos were old and drenched in grease, I decided to grab some sauce so i can mask the texture. They were also out of BBQ sauce so i went with the buttermilk ranch. I love ranch (and buttermilk ranch) and I could not stomach more than dip (with my taco) I thought If I ate the ranch, I would become physically ill. The Dr. Pepper was flat.

I work in the food industry myself, and this is absolutely unacceptable. Not only were we treated more as an annoyance than a customer, but the kitchen was unsanitary and our food was in the bacterial growth "danger zone". This specific chain does not meet jack in the box's usually high standards and needs to be reformed. If they received a surprise inspection from the health department, they would receive a B or a C

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