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Jackson Hewitt provides full-service income tax return preparation. Jackson and Hewitt boast 6,600 franchised and company-owned offices throughout the USA. Jackson Hewitt USA Corporate Offices<

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1-800-234-1040HInt Needed - Please Comment


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5/9/2017 I went to a Jackson Hewitt office for my taxes in
I went to a Jackson Hewitt office for my taxes in 2015, husband had died, sold a house, relocated to AZ. and purchased another home. Wanted a professional to do my tax returns. In April, 2017 received a tax notice from the IRS underreporting of funds. Went to the original office and told had to go to their main office in Tucson, AZ. She called and made an appointment for the next day on my arrival was advised they had no record of appointment and that sometimes happens with their computer system!!?? Spoke with supervisor who needed to research my tax issue , made another appointment two days later. On my next arrival still hadn't completed corrected returns and left for a few hours. Next issue was system couldn't print out corrected forms asked her to e-mail. No problem would do so later that day this was on April 20, 2017. Nothing has been received, no calls or e-mails to me explaining the holdup. Can't reach them by phone, no response to my letters.
This is a national company and I am outrage by there lack of service and unprofessional manner of operation.

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1/5/2017 Jackson Hewitt - We had a appointment and stood there another hr
We had a appointment and stood there another hr and a half.

ChrissyRead More
2/4/2016 love Jackson hewitt
love Jackson hewitt

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10/5/2015 Jackson Hewitt - Filed my taxes with them last Feb
Filed my taxes with them last Feb. Received something in te mail about 5 months ago saying my return was amended and I was due more money, when I check the IRS website, there is no record of it, and apparently the only time you can speak to a person at Jackson Hewitt is during tax season. Terrible customer support. Never again.

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9/4/2015 I originally filed my return on March 8, 2015 with Jackson Hewitt
I originally filed my return on March 8, 2015 and was going to be happy if I just didn't have to pay. I went to a local office and they told me that the Regional representative would be there the next day and she is the BEST! I took my takes back and "the BEST" did my return and told me and my wife that because of a casualty loss, she was amending my return and while!, we were going to get back $3314 for 2014 and another $1,050 for the amended loss. WOW, a total of $4300 plus dollars. Two months later I get a letter from the IRS telling me that my taxes were calculated incorrectly. I contacted "the BEST" and she told me that the IRS was wrong and she would correct it. Another two months went by and I finally got to tax forms from her in the mail with a note on them telling me to "sign here" and send in to IRS (gave me the addressed envelopes). My tax return was now changed to approximately $1100. Ok, that was better than nothing. I was a little less happy about the $264 fee but I was ok with it. Now, just yesterday, seven months from when the "fiasco" all began, I get another letter from the IRS stating that my taxes and casualty loss were incorrectly calculated and that I would have to file some forms. I tried contacting "the BEST" today and the phone number is not in service. All of this assuming she was "the BEST" and knew what she was doing and anticipation, waiting and waiting for a tax return and NOTHING! Now I can't even contact the individual who did my return. That's the last time Jackson Hewett will see me.

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5/13/2015 Jackson Hewitt - I filed with your offfice on Jan. 28,2015. It is
I filed with your offfice on Jan. 28,2015. It is now may 12,2015 and I have never goktten my tax return. YOur office never checked into the problem. I had to go down to the local office of the irs and found out that there was ne justification of the $1002.24 return sent in for me. I spoke to one of your people and they are still going to charge me for no service at all. The taxes were filed wrong and you still get my money. I hope you ennjoy my money?

garronRead More
4/16/2015 Jackson Hewitt - No customer service
No customer service

Dear sir ,
One of your general manager in Livonia Michigan his name is Ernie his phone # and refuse to provide his last name very rude , lier, make up stories ,I asked him we did not get refund and he speculated it will take eight to ten weeks they are behind I asked him I provide you social security # can check before you make final decion he said I am the boss and I worked for IRS and go ahead make a complaint about me I do not give a dam !!!!!!!!!!
Wow what a nice general manager you have in Michigan Now Debra from dear born Mi called and said we forgot to file for you I am asking you to remove this Ernie from reputable company because of him you guys getting a bad name and losing a business I have huge community we all request to remove this incompetent person I thank you for your consideration Shaheen

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ShaheenRead More
2/27/2015 Jackson Hewitt - These people are pathetic when it comes to doing
These people are pathetic when it comes to doing taxes. I filled with them over a month ago and still haven't got my return. I have been calling them to see what was going on because they said 10-17 business days. It's been over a month. This is ridiculous.

TamaraRead More
2/23/2015 Jackson Hewitt - Terrible. Will never go there ever again. Waited
Terrible. Will never go there ever again. Waited and hour and a half only to be told it will be another half hour. What a waste of my time! Terrible terrible place. Horrible customer service, you need new employees

KaseyRead More
2/5/2015 jackson hewitt stinks
jackson hewitt stinks

TajRead More
8/8/2014 Jackson Hewitt - I just found out that after getting my taxes
I just found out that after getting my taxes prepared at Jackson hewitt in 2010... 1. 5000.00 was placed into a direct deposit that I never gave them. 2. I now have to contact the irs... 3. I picked up a check in my name at the time.... so don't file with this company

pissedRead More
4/6/2014 Jackson Hewitt - Never go to them again caused me so much stress
Never go to them again caused me so much stress could have done them my self faster thought I would save myself some stress this year give my self the day of took longer with them and cost more then when I had them done by certified accountant .

Johnny lapeer miRead More
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