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Jado offers full line of exclusive faucets and coordination accessories that add a refined sense of luxury and uniqueness to the most sophisticated baths and kitchens.

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11/30/2010 Jado - Their US customer service is horrible... it's
Their US customer service is horrible... it's great to have spent a lot on a faucet with a lifetime warranty(Vitorian 850, pull down spray handle, have three in separate sinks) but NOT if you have to spend an entire day five years later trying to resolve a leaking faucet THAT ONLY NEEDS A NEW RUBBER WASHER! The first time I called Jado US customer service (this morning), the agent knew nothing about replacement parts, suggested I contact the store from which I bought the fixture, then gave me the name of a local plumbing supply company that did not have the part. Part also unavailable from 3 other local hardware stores. Website totally unhelpful so was forced to call "customer service" again. The person who answered the phone gave me an INCREDIBLY hard time when I said I needed to locate the paperwork to find the store from which the faucet was purchased. I knew, of course, (because I can READ!!) that I would need proof of purchase for warranty work -- I hadn't said I didn't have it, just that I hadn't looked for it yet because all I needed was the washer. After some trying and angry moments, they FINALLY agreed to send me the replacement hose (washer not sold separaately). If I had run into just one uninformed or rude customer service person, I wouldn't have bothered with this comment. Jado makes a wonderful product, but that European quality did not, apparently, export well to Arizona.

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