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1/21/2016 Japan Airlines - I am frustrated about information on connecting
I am frustrated about information on connecting airports Haneda and Narita in Tokyo. What do we do at these two airports? What about our baggage: check out then in? How long? No missing the next flight? and so on. I am unsatisfied because a serviceperson is not devoted, especially the agents of OneTravel. Moreover, they speak too fast that I think it is not good to practice in business when exchanging information on phone. Generally, no good service. My constructive comments. Thank.

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11/16/2012 Left Ipod on plane - Japan Airlines
Flight JL717 today. November 16, I left my IPod on seat 45K. You had no agents at Bangkok airport, hence this email.

Is it possible for me to collect at Bangkok airport, or on 21st November when I return to Narita .

Contact phone +


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9/27/2012 Damn.......Japan Airlines customers service here
Damn.......Japan Airlines customers service here in Delhi sucks. I've called them regarding a web check in service on their website where in I am stuck at the seat assignment page. The executive on the line before helping me out with ma issue told me, "I have another call to attend to, call me back if you have any problem" and he disconnect the line. What type of customer service is this???? Is he that dumb to think that I have called him up without any reason......

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1/30/2012 Japan Airlines - I am Nikhat Hassan i have flight on February 8
I am Nikhat Hassan i have flight on February 8 2012 .i would like to change my meal and also want to confirm my seat please reply on my phone number or on my email address.

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9/19/2011 Japan Airlines - I booked two tickets for my parents with American
I booked two tickets for my parents with American Airlines from HAN to LOS; which includes the flight JAL 5844 on 19 Sept 2011, 11:30 PM.

When checking at NoiBai, the check-in operator didn't let my parents to be checked in because the tickets did not include the middle names. I had explained to her that I did input the middle name when booking the tickets, which is optional on the online reservation website, and maybe because of that it wasn’t shown on the ticket system. However, she didn’t agree.

I had to call AA International Reservation customer representative and told him the story. He said it should be enough information to issue tickets for my parents and was surprised about the request from the check-in operator. I then had to ask him to somewhat put my parents' middle names to the JAL ticket system. Only after that, that operator let my parents to be checked in.

Also, that operator created this same trouble to other customers of that flight. I did see that some of the customers had to give her $100 in order to be checked in without the middle names. It's lucky that I could have the middle names updated for my parents' tickets, otherwise we must also give her some money as the other customers.

From what I saw, I believe that that check-in operator in NoiBai has been done this to many customers in order to earn some "dirty" money.

I filed a complaint to JAL to request an official investigation.

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7/27/2011 Japan Airlines - Report of a corruption case in HanoiI bought 2
Report of a corruption case in Hanoi

I bought 2 business class tickets for Hanoi-New York for my parents. There is a difference in the name appeared in the ticket (without middle name) and the names on the US Visa (with middle name).

At 10:00 PM Hanoi time, when my parents checked in, Japan Airlines agents in Noibai Airport asked for bribery of $200 to allow my parents to check in. They said they had to take risk letting my parents in because of the middle name difference. When my parents asked for the receipt, they said they can only issue it next day (technically threatening my parents that they would miss their flight).

I called American Airlines and they said they added middle names to the system. However, JAL agents in Hanoi said they haven't seen the middle names added yet.

I called Japan Airlines and talked to a representative named Lary. He refused to update or reissue the ticket.

I asked American Airlines (where I booked the tickets), and they asked JAL to reissue the tickets with middle names. But it was too late, because the tickets only reissued 30' before the flight.

When I called JAL back and demanded an investigation of this corruption incident, the representative (Lary) refused to take my call, and asked me to write a letter to headquarter instead. When I asked his last name, he refused to answer.

As far as I know, many people have the same issue with JAL Hanoi before.

I filed a complaint with Japan Airlines to demand an official investigation to this incident, demand to know the names of the agents who process my parent's case, and a formal letter to answer my questions.

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9/29/2010 Japan Airlines - I've complaint more than 3 times about human
I've complaint more than 3 times about human service at Noi Bai Airport to Japan Airlines' Ha Noi Managers,
But all the feed backs was completely unsatisfied.

My request to Japan Airlines' person in charge of this problem in head quarter is to investigate all the e-mail's contents that I did send direct to Japan Airlines' Ha Noi managers.

I hope some of you will figure it out and answer me in appreciate way via my e-mail. Not similar like following these e-mail.

Dear Mr.Do Loc,

I am writing this letter to express my apology for your inconvenience at check-in counter.
We also regret that there were a lot of troubles even after you decided to purchase the ticket of your baby. I would like to explain that troubles caused by the Vietnam Airlines ticketing staff because we, JAL, have no right to issue tickets within this NoiBai Airport. We entrusted the ticketing service to Vietnam Airlines. We always complain about their low skills and we regret it happened again. I think it is good chance to remind Vietnam Airlines to improve their service. For this reason I intend to forward your letter of complaints to Vietnam Airlines Head Office.
On our part, we will try to improve our service as your company staff think we have the best hospitality mind in the Airlines.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Yours Sincerely,

Dear Mr Do Loc,

I am very regret that you could not understand our explanation and could not agree to our idea to improve our customer service in Noibai Airport.
We would like to visit your office in Hanoi on business hour in person, to talk more about this problem.
Please let us know when and where we can meet.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
We are looking forward to meeting with you.
Yours sincerely,

Tatsuya Tojo
Passenger Section Manager,

Looking forward,

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7/2/2010 Japan Airlines - This is not a comment. This is a request for a
This is not a comment. This is a request for a seat to go back to Vancouver from Taipei because of a very important medical examination by a specialist on August 3, 2010, missing this date I have to wait for at least 3 months for the next appoinment.
My name is Goh Chee Cheong and my reference code is Z82NVN. I am on waiting list on July 27 and July 29, 2010 on which the second sector, Tokyo to Vancouver, is not available now. I am now in Taipei. I have contacted your Taipei office many times for weeks and I travelled three hours on June 30 to go to your Taipei office to express the urgency of my flight home. I desperately need a seat on one of these two dates to go back to Vancouver. Please help me. Thank you

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