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The first Jared store opened its doors in 1993, revolutionizing the whole idea of how a jewelry store should operate. Jared is not located inside the mall. Our guests come just to see us. And we do everything we can to make their visit enjoyable as well as successful. We offer five times the selection of ordinary jewelry stores, price it well, and present it with the help of a team of experts, thereby creating the ultimate jewelry shopping experience.

Our mission has been to bring that experience online. Our store staff is empowered with the expertise to help each guest, while our website offers an Education Center where you can learn more about jewelry.

Jared the Galleria of Jewelry is a division of Sterling Jewelers Inc., headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Together with Signet Jewelers Limited, our parent company, we are the largest specialty retail jeweler in the world.

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12/17/2014 Jared The Galleria of Jewelry - Put in a order wit this PATHETIC COMPANY THE ORDER

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3/31/2014 Jared the Galleria of Jewelry - Boca Raton Fl &
Jared the Galleria of Jewelry - Boca Raton Fl & Boynton Beach Fl
Please reconsider before purchasing jewelry from this company. They price their rings as if they are a "fine jewelry" store but the quality is horrible. I purchased my ring Oct. 2013. I have had the mount replaced twice and taken it back to be "tightened" four times because my center stone comes loose. At one point, it actually fell out... Luckily we found it. My stone is loose AGAIN, except now I have moved and the closest Jared is over an hour away as opposed to the 20 minutes it took me the past 7 or times. I have had two other rings, one much larger than the one I have and I have never had my stone come loose, let alone fall out.

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2/10/2014 Jared The Galleria of Jewelry - Very disappointed in the Keystone Crossing Jared
Very disappointed in the Keystone Crossing Indianapolis Indiana store. We purchased our wedding band at their sister store in Terre Haute. It was sent to the keystone store to be made. We were just told that we were not allowed to come in the store and waste their time if we weren't going to buy. Really???? My engagement ring came from Jareds and it wasn't cheap. The sales staff was mad because we didn't buy from their store! I can tell you nothing will ever come from the keystone store.

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12/18/2012 Jared The Galleria of Jewelry - Jared's The Galleria of Jewelry, Arlington, TX.
Jared's The Galleria of Jewelry, Arlington, TX.
Very disappointed with the overall Jared's experience.

The employee turnover is extremely high and the sales personnel are poorly trained.
They appear to have difficulty at the register, often banging on the keyboard and calling additional employees for assistance with refunds or exchanges.

They cannot perform simple tasks like changing a watch band. I had one expensive Omega watch case scratched while the sales clerk was fumbling with it, trying to change a watch band that was obviously the wrong Omega band for that model Omega watch.

Product knowledge is very poor as well.
After purchasing (3) expensive Omega's watches, I ordered (2) additional Omega watch bands from Jared's.
The sales clerk ordered the incorrect bands ($800) and would not exchange them for me as this was a "special order". I was then told I might try posting the Omega bands on Ebay and re-ordering!

If you want to view an item that is not in stock, Jared's requires that you place the charge for that item on your credit card before they will have another store transfer it over. At that point there is a "hold" on your Jared's card for the full amount making it difficult to make any further purchases.

Finally, I sent a "store concern" complaint to Jared's on their company website which they emailed me a confirmation of, but failed to send a response....really just unbelievably poor service at the local and corporate level.

I have always preferred to deal with Haltom's Jeweler's, as their employees seem to be very well trained (certified) and are also much more knowledegeable about all facets of the jewelry business.
The only reason I purchased my Omega watches from Jared's was because Haltom's does not carry Omega in their Arlington store.

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7/19/2012 Jared The Galleria of Jewelry - I have had the worst experience with Jared's my
I have had the worst experience with Jared's my diamonds fall out of my rings all the time!They are brand new!!! I am on my second engagement ring because the first one thE prongs and big diamond fell out thank God we found it. We bought a brand new engagment ring and two diamonds fell out of that one as well. I work in a cubicle and don't do much physical work that would make them fall out. We have paid so much money to this store yet the product is ver crappy and I will never buy another peice of jewelry from that store. I let everyone know not to use Jareds.

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7/10/2012 Jared The Galleria of Jewelry - I have a pandora charm braclet that my husband
I have a pandora charm braclet that my husband bought for me. I had it for a year and it broke, so I called the customer service to see if they would send me a new one. Well not only where they not helpful but they said there was nothing that they can do to help me I had to buy a new one !!!! I mean really??? I have over 700$ in it already and I always buy from them and they couldn't help me?? Well let's just say I will not be buying anything else from Jared's !! Y'all just lost another good paying person!! I will only be buying from zales!! They have a LIFE time warranty not a one year!! Thanks Jareds for not helping me !!

BeccaGunter Read More
5/25/2012 Jared The Galleria of Jewelry - Very unhappy. Bought a very expensive watch for
Very unhappy. Bought a very expensive watch for future husband for our wedding in Mexico in June. They messed up on engraving and now they won't have ready for wedding. I will not recommend them to others. I might notify local newspaper about their neclect to satisfy their customer

V. F. Read More
5/15/2012 Jared The Galleria of Jewelry - The WORST "customer service" on the planet.My wife
The WORST "customer service" on the planet.
My wife has been to Jared in White Marsh Maryland three times in the last week. And for some unknown reason, she can't seem to get waited on. She came home and wrote a letter to Jared and received a "cookie cutter" reply. What's up Jared? Maybe she's not carrying her Coach purse. Or maybe she isn't wearing enough Chanel perfume.
Jared White Marsh, MD customer service is a JOKE. Three strikes....you're out Jared. We'll take our money to Littmans, Kay, Reeds or Smythe. Besides, you're "mark up" is too high anyway. You're "jewelry" is third rate, and cheap.....but you're prices aren't
My advice......shop around people. Jared ain't the only game in town. Apparently you have to be dressed in a tuxedo to be even looked at.

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4/6/2012 Jared The Galleria of Jewelry - Dear sir We are manufacturer of gold & silver
Dear sir
We are manufacturer of gold & silver jewelry contact us on @gmail.com bangkok , thailand

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2/26/2012 Jared The Galleria of Jewelry - First I'm so happy about jared my husband purchase
First I'm so happy about jared my husband purchase a lot of jewelry from this store cuz my husband knows its my favorite jewelry store then I decide to buy something special for my husband its our coming up 10 years anniversary and he found out that I bought a custom made platinum w/ diamond band worth $4412 and he is happy and proud of me then his so excited he wants to see the ring so he went to the store and ask about the ring how much platinum,diamond nobody can help him about the ring not even the manager they told him they can not help him he need to go back or call the sales man or the designer my husband went to the store few times the designer is not there they said she's coming back this day so we call that day they she's not there they don't know when she's coming back just like they are hiding her or she is hiding from us and I don't know what to do I pay that ring cash and I don't have the ring yet not ready and my husband is getting ready to buy me my anniversary gift and he told me to find another jewelry store cuz he is not buying anymore jewelry from jared we both have account to jared you have our information and search how many item we bought and how much we spend in your store that we don't deserve a treatment like this they don't give a f!!!!!

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5/11/2011 Jared The Galleria of Jewelry - Dear sirWe are manufacturer of antique,gold &
Dear sir
We are manufacturer of antique,gold & silver jewellerys
contact us on [email protected]


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4/12/2011 Jared The Galleria of Jewelry - I have purchased many items from Jared's. Some of
I have purchased many items from Jared's. Some of them were shipped to my residence.
One time, I got a box with a box in it, with no jewelry item in it. Then I ordered
2 more items that came Ups to my residence. I received 2 boxes on the same day. The first
box contained the proper items in it. The second box was quite damaged,with a large hole
in the side, with no box or jewelry charm in it at all. I have been trying to get a refund on the Pandora Charm for a couple of weeks, to no avail. UPS never contacted me.
Jareds do not call me back and have not tried to rememdies this situation. I will no longer do business with them. They could have suggested to have my Jewelry pieces shipped
directly to the store in Albuquerque. I no longer want a Jared Credit Card account.


Krystal Troutman

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