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JB Robinson is a mall jewelery store that is part of the Sterling Jewelers Inc. in Fairlawn, Ohio.

JB Robinson Corporate
375 Ghent Road
Akron, OH 44333-4601
Corporate Number: 1-234-466-5000
Fax Number: 1-330-668-5052

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1-800-527-8179 Review and Hint Needed


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KRISTY Read More
3/3/2015 JB Robinson - My Fiancé purchased my engagement ring December
My Fiancé purchased my engagement ring December 13, 2014 gave me my ring for Christmas. On February 3 2015 I lost the diamond out of the middle, no problem we purchased the insurance, still was not happy that not even 60 days and the diamond is lost. We take to them on February 6, 2015 told it will be a couple of weeks, again no problem I just want it fixed, On February 12,2015 he gets a call stating it had to go out to be fixed on February 13,2015 get a call stating it' ready for pick up, excited bride to be as I am getting my ring back, drive 60 miles one way to find out OPPS NO STONE IN RING, ONLY TO GET OH I'M SORRY I DIDN'T READ THE NOTE ATTACHED WE HAVE TO SEND IT OUT IT WILL BE BACK IN 2-3 WEEKS. We drove 120 miles round trip for and I'M SORRY UNACCEPTABLE Really, not happy at all so March 3, 2015 call store to find out status of repair, Oh IT WON'T BE READY TIL APRIL 10, 2015, are you kidding me, HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE. That will be 3 months they have had my ring to put a stone in the center. They will have had my ring longer than I have at this point. I will never ever purchase another piece of jeweler from this place. We still have wedding bands to by but guess what JB Robins you lost that sale with your poor customer service. - See more at: http://www.reachcorporate.com/jb-robinson-customer-service-number#sthash.20w06M1N.dpuf

Amanda Matlock Read More
2/12/2014 JB Robinson engagement ring experience - 2014
Buying an engagement ring is said to be one of the most exciting experiences in your lifetime – but for me it has been nothing short of terrible.
A longtime family friend recommended the J.B. Robinson in Springhill Mall to make one of the biggest purchases of my lifetime. My mom, brother in law and sister had all made purchases there in the past and I walked in the door trusting that I too would have a great experience. However, that blind trust was where I made my first mistake.
My girlfriend and her best friend went ring shopping a couple months prior to my visit to JB and had come up with a ring that she liked (it was a pieces from a few different rings – swirls on the side, princess cut, white gold etc). Her friend had sent the picture to me and I brought it with me to the store.
I showed the picture to the sales woman and she said that custom making a ring like that would be no issue. This was my second mistake. I should have looked around the store more, asked more questions, went to the competition and made sure I was being told the truth. Neil Lane, a designer through your company, makes a 1 1/16 carat ring that was exactly like the ring my girlfriend had liked – it was a bridal set and was at the store the day I came in. Instead of showing me the setting, I was told that I needed to design a ring. I was told that due to the size of the center stone I wanted, none of the settings in house could fit the diamond and “custom" was the only route I could take.
Seeing that I am new to engagement ring shopping, I believed the woman when she told me this information.
The band cost me $2892.12 for ??? carats (none of the paperwork we have breaks it down). The list price on the Neil Lane ring was $3100.00 and was 1/2 ct tw with 82 round stones and had a matching wedding band that was 1/5 ct tw with 35 round stones.
Not only was there was a long waiting period for this “custom" ring, but there were many trips made back and forth to Springhill mall to approve things etc. Looking back and knowing that the ring I would end up purchasing was basically the downgraded version of Neil Lane’s beautiful ring (with poorer quality) makes me sick to my stomach. When re-looking over our paperwork it even states “Neil Lane for display" – yet, there is no stamp on the inside of the ring, so it definitely isn’t his. It looks as though you used his design and did a bad job of trying to replicate it (its like I bought my wife to be a knock off).
Fast forward to a couple months ago. My fiancé and I are now ready to purchase a wedding band to match her engagement ring. We drove out to Springhill mall from Westmont, IL because at this time we still trusted that we were getting good service and that JB Robinson was a good company. Another reason we went back to the store the engagement ring was purchased from was because two stones from her band had already fallen out and she needed them replaced. Being newly engaged, people would ask to see her ring wherever we went and she was self-conscious about the missing stones and wanted them fixed right away. She never wore the ring in the shower, to the gym, washing dishes etc and STILL two diamonds were missing in a mere 3 months. I definitely questioned the quality of my $16,813 purchase…

We started looking at the different band options in the cases and this was the moment where we saw the Neil Lane 1 1/16 carat ring, an exact replica. My fiancé looked shocked to see that her “custom made for her" ring was sitting in the case. We saw that there was a matching wedding band and had them pull it for us – well, it didn’t fit with our ring – it was slightly off. The women pulled many different bands and none of them would match. The manager came out and told us that a custom band would need to be made and that we would have to pay an additional $600 molding fee (AGAIN). We decided that we would have them make an anniversary band at the same time so that we wouldn’t have to keep paying “custom" fees over and over. They quoted us another $2800.00 and my fiancé looked sick to her stomach so we decided to hold off and think about the purchase. We did, however give them her ring to be fixed – it was sent out and my fiancé was without her ring for two weeks…
We left the store and both had a bad feeling about the entire purchase. My fiancé was concerned that our design was stolen or that they made me buy a custom band so they could make more money off of us (molding fees – custom wedding band etc). I knew I had been ripped off and now everything that surrounded the ring that was supposed to symbolize my love for my fiancé was negative.
I picked up the ring after it had been fixed and didn’t noticed yet another issue… when I purchased the ring I had “I Love You" inscribed in the inside… well, the inscription was basically rubbed/shaved off and the inside of the ring was scratched to hell. This is something my fiancé noticed right away – I am even more livid – now I have a damaged ring with no inscription. That was my message to her so that she would always remember how much I love her … now, that has been taken as well.
Last weekend we decided to take another crack at wedding ring shopping as the wedding date is rapidly approaching and my fiancé needs a ring… we went to Jared in Lombard, IL. The sales women we worked with there was great. She took my ring and immediately pulled the Neil Lane replica thinking that it was the same ring. When the wedding band didn’t line up she looked confused. She asked where we purchased the ring from (we told her JB Robinson) and she pulled up our sales order. She could not believe that they “custom" made the ring when the Neil Lane ring was so similar. She brought both rings to the back and asked the tech if he could make the Neil Lane wedding band fit my ring… he said he would have to add a few diamonds and rework the bend but it could be done (the charge – an additional $150 in addition the band cost). Now the only problem was that the Neil Lane ring was visibly more brilliant than my fiance’s ring. The sales woman admitted that she wished she could remove the center stone from our ring and put it on the Neil Lane setting to make everything fit perfectly and look amazing. She said that because too much time had passed since the purchase of the engagement ring she could only do a trade in (which meant spending double, $5600 and then subtracting the $2800 trade in value of the band we purchased just 6-1/2 months ago). We looked at wedding rings for myself – liking a 1/6 ct tw round cut 14k white gold band with a list price of $999 and she said she would get back to us on the price of the Neil Lane wedding band as a standalone (we have looked it up online and saw that Kay has it for a list price of $800 – 1/5 ct tw with 35 round stones) as we would want an anniversary band as well. We haven’t heard back yet, but plan to soon. Although this seems to be a good option for us, we are hesitant to trust anyone – especially since Jared is under the Sterling and Signet umbrella along with JB Robinson. Regardless, we need the situation rectified and quickly (our wedding is June 3).
The moral of this story is this– we feel completely taken advantage of by JB Robinson because we were forced into a custom band (and an additional $600 fee) that is of subpar quality in comparison to the Neil Lane ring, our purchasing experience has been nothing short of terrible and stressful, we are disgusted by the quality of the ring (missing diamonds in 3 month, inscription gone, scratched inside) and we still have no resolution. To have so much negativity surround a ring that is supposed to symbolize my love for my fiancé is beyond words.

Frustrated Man Read More
12/9/2013 Upset at JB Robinson Customer Service
I am reaching out to you as a last ditch effort to get any kind of positive derivatives from my past experience with the Orland Park Mall J.B. Robinson store. My fiance and I decided to get a custom ring made for our wedding, and we were coached by a knowledgeable store associate on how to design a ring. This was the only part of the process that was acceptable. After that the store manager (Trina) lead me on in every way possible. Our ring was delayed two weeks for the molding, two more weeks for the casting, and another two weeks because errors caused by the staff at the Orland store. One issue includes having the ring sent off to be resized as it was incorrectly sized to begin with, and upon arrival, the ring was never resized. Again, the ring was sent out with a two week arrival expected to which I had to call to get it back within a week.

During this entire process I had to call each time to get an update on the status of the ring. I never once received an email regarding the status even after I checked to see that my email was correct in their system. I also received one phone call during the three months it took to get the ring. I had to call to find out about the delays in the process, and I find this to be unacceptable.

Also, the store manager (Trina) was by far the most disappointing part of getting this ring. On the day we finally picked up the ring, she was in the store and neglected to even come over and speak with us. She stayed at the main computer with her head down as to make no eye contact. She was also not working with another customer at that time either, so it was obvious she was avoiding us. After leaving the store without interacting with Trina, I came back out of frustration. I explained to her that I was extremely disappointed that she did not speak with us, and she simply smiles and explains that she would have had she not been working with another customer. As to which I just stared in disbelief as she just smiled as though she got away with her incompetence.

As you can tell, I am extremely upset with what has happened during our time working with J.B. Robinson in Orland Park and specifically with Trina at that store. When we decided to get a custom ring made, we wanted to make it a positive experience leading to our upcoming wedding. It was never positive and actually has a negative connotation to it which will never really go away. I believe we have made a $2100 mistake, and I wish there were something I could do about it.

If this email needs to be forwarded to someone else please do so. I would truly like to speak with someone regarding this, so they know what is going on at the J.B. Robinson store in Orland Park. My phone number is.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and understand this situation.

An upset consumer.

TB Read More
9/11/2013 JB Robinson - I am so disappointed in how my situation was
I am so disappointed in how my situation was handled. I lost a stone out of my wedding ring that I have had for 19 years. I took it into the JB Robinson store at Polaris Mall in Columbus, Ohio. They took my ring and "fixed" it. When I got it back, I wore it less than 24 hours and the stone fell out again. They want me to pay for it again because they said I snagged it on something. Really, 19 years no problems and now an issue with it twice. I was going to have a lot of my jewlery from my mom remounted, yeah not from JB Robinson or any of the affiliates associated with Sterling. Bad customer servicea all around. Please do not get taken in by them, go somewhere else to have you jewlery fixed.

Mary Read More
BEWARE!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! I have had a jb account for a number of years and have purchased several thousands of dollars worth of diamond rings for my wife, my account had a balance of just over $2,600 remaining from my last purchase. I make monthly payments online (the website isn't exactly user friendly I can't even get an account history statement to download or open) the last monthly payment that was made I obviously made a mistake somewhere even though I typed in a payment amount of $205. the next week I received a notice from my bank that a $2,621 payment had been rejected from being drafted from my primary checking, my wife went to the local bank branch and found out it was a jb robinson transaction. I called jb and spoke with a customer service rep about what happened, she was very polite and told me I must have hit the "balance key" that caused an attempt to draft the entire jb balance from my checking account EVEN THOUGH I HAD TYPED IN A PAYMENT AMOUNT OF $205. she also told me not to worry about it just get on the jb website in a day or two and resubmit the regular monthly payment everything was ok they are aware of the mistake, no problem right? my wife and I went through an atm drive through this morning to find our checking account at a -$244 balance, we went online to our bank account to find that jb had resubmitted the draft for the full $2,621 and wiped out the account AFTER I HAD SPOKEN TO THE JB CUSTOMER SERVICE REP AND TOLD HER I DID NOT INTEND TO PAY THE FULL BALANCE JUST THE MONTHLY PAYMENT!!!!!!! I called jb customer service AGAIN and was informed there in fact was a notation that I had called and explained the mix up but nothing had been done to stop the money from being drafted again. she apologized but told me if I would get a print out from the bank and fax it to her showing the draft of $2,621 had went through they would cut me a check "minus" the monthly payment and send it to me but I wouldn't get it for about 10 days. so this is the service I got: I called jb customer service and find out I mistakenly hit the wrong payment key, they say "no problem" just get back online in a day or two and make the regular payment BUT then they resubmit the draft anyway and wipe out my checking account. today I had to borrow enough money to make the car payment that comes out of this account automatically in a few days. what good is a customer service dept that tells a customer the mistake is understood and not to worry about it everything's ok, but then nothing is done. I know it was my mistake initially but I called the service dept and it was supposed to be straightened out. the payment is taken from my checking account electronically but cannot be put back electronically but they'll mail me a check after I prove the money came out?? like they don't know they got it??? really???? total crap, thanks a lot. I will be closing my jb account Monday morning. I have always been happy with jb but this is inexcusable.

william Read More
1/29/2013 I stopped by JB Robinson today to get my ring
I stopped by JB Robinson today to get my ring inspected at Springhill Mall (Store 1750). I walked in and there were NO customers in the store except myself. There were two salespeople standing together at the counter where I approached. The saleswoman (Suzy) did not look up or acknowledge me and the salesman (#441628) asked if I was there for an inspection. He took the ring and walked away and the saleswoman still stood there not saying a word to me. A couple minutes later another customer walked up to the counter right next to me and the saleswoman greeted her. A few minutes later the salesman returned with my ring, filled out the inspection form and handed me the ring back. He did not say thank nor did he ask if he might be able to help me with something else.

I have been a customer since 1985 and getting my ring inspected regularly. It is very frustrating to walk into one of your locations and be treated so rudely. It's not all about making the sale but also being friendly and helpful to return customers so that they will come back.....there are a lot of other jewelry stores to choose from. Also this is not the first time I have been treated like this at this store.

Lynn Read More
11/7/2011 JB Robinson - I went to this store at the Westmoreland Mall in
I went to this store at the Westmoreland Mall in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. I had put on layaway a Emerald diamond ring. We'll what happened is that I decided to not purchase the ring on layaway because it would be cheaper just to pay for it in full. SO I took it off lawaway and they returned it to the market. We'll I decided I would come back the following week to pay for the ring only to find that they sent the ring back to the headquarters because they claimed they couldn't see the ring. I was upset so I went to nearby Kays and bought a ring. Never will do business again at JB. They are so snotty there.

Sarah Read More
4/24/2011 JB Robinson - 02/27/00 Purchased ring and insurance for
02/27/00 Purchased ring and insurance for approximately $240. Ring had to be inspected every six months to keep warranty coverage. Total cost $3112.00.

03/28/09 Ring needed prong repaired; I missed the last 6 month check up, so I lost insurance coverage. Prong cost $88.00 to repair.

04/05/09 Re-purchased warranty for $159.00 after last repair.

12/24/10 Ring needed repair… fix prong and tighten center stone. Salesperson was able to rotate the diamond in the setting.

01/07/11 Approximate date of pick up. Did not notice color difference immediately because I did not put ring on right away. I was tanning and often do not wear my ring(s)/jewelry.

01/17/11 This is an approximate date. I did not get the yellow slip back when I returned the ring this time. I returned to JB Robinson with the ring because of a copper color across the top of the ring and around the diamonds. The ring was sent back to the repair shop once again and I waited…….

02/15/11 My husband stopped to pick the ring up. It was still copper color and he refused to take it as it was. The yellow slip stated “Pls make gold: gold color in cracks and everywhere". The band around my finger was not discolored nor was the inside of the ring that touches my skin. The gold was across the top and around the diamonds. JB Robinson put on slip: RUSH NEEDS IMMEDIATELY.

March ’11 We were promised by store manager that the ring would be fixed to satisfaction. When I picked it up next, it looked perfectly fine. I wore it about 2-3 weeks and noticed the copper coloring resurfacing all around the diamonds again. At this point, I started to do some research of my own and found out that when gold is heated at too high of a temperature, the gold takes on a copper color. This occurs because high temperature causes the copper alloy to rise to the top. The way to fix this is to polish it to remove the copper tone or plate the gold, which is what I believe the repair person tried to do, but the color surfaced again. I forgot to mention that while looking at the ring under my classroom microscope, one of the prongs had a hole in it. This was verified by Tonia and one other store personnel.

I called the store; they contacted the repair shop. The shop said that they would need to “test the ring for chemicals" and that they had never heard of a ring turning copper color. Ironically, this is how jewelers make Tri-Gold items by heating gold to different temperatures. At this point, I was a bit skeptical about the knowledge of the repair shop. I shared with her my findings in my research. I was then given the Customer Care number 1-800-732-8131 and connected with Elizabeth at ext. 6176. I went through the WHOLE ordeal with her one more time. She told me that I was to return the ring to the store and they were to send it out to another repair shop and not the original one because it would keep coming back in the same condition. I had told Elizabeth that I was taking the ring to another jeweler to verify or disqualify my findings about the ring being exposed to high temperatures before I left it at JB Robinson. Elizabeth assured me that they would not try to pull something over on me.

04/19-11 I got a call from Nicole as advised by the manager, Tonia Jackson, because she wanted to get the message out to me since she would be off until Thursday. Nicole told me that the repair shop determined that a chemical changed the color and perhaps I was taking a new medication or using something that caused the color to change. This is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, any medications that I use is what I have been taking for years. I am not using new cleaner nor have I come in contact with chemicals. I asked Nicole, “If it was indeed a chemical causing the color change, why isn’t the color changed on the underside of the ring…that part that comes in contact with my skin?" The copper color is only around the diamonds, which is exactly where the prong was fixed. I was put on hold about four times over the next 20 minutes so that she could try a find a contact number for me. Nicole then turned the phone over to Stacie. Things went from bad to worst. Long story even shorter, Stacie told me that they contacted customer service and that they stand behind what the jewelry repair store stated…the gold was breaking down because of a chemical and there is nothing they can do about it. I was to do whatever I needed (hire a lawyer, etc.) to recoup the damage done to the ring.

04/20/11 I have contacted Elizabeth twice…once last night after the call from JB Robinson and once at 10 am.

04/21/11 At this point, I have now left four messages for Elizabeth at Customer Care and no return call.

04/22/11 Ring was picked up from store. Repair stated that “tarnishing not caused by shop. poss. chem. contact or body chem.. mixing w/lotions, perfume, etc. on guest." Ring was polished once again. The underside of the diamond again shows a reflection of copper coloring.

04/23/11 Taking ring to Massoud Jewelers in Troy for evaluation. As they suspected, the other repair shop used a “low karat solder" and the prongs were pitted with tiny holes in the metal. There was no indication of “chemical" contact or body chemical. They stated that it was clearly repair related. With absolutely no help from JB Robinson Jewelers and the fact that I spent $400.00 for warranty/repairs, I had to purchase a new band to set my solitaire diamond and the six enhancers into. The cost was $1800. Finally, I heard back from Elizabeth. She called the home phone, which I never gave her, instead of contacting me by my cell phone. She claims that she was out of the office, even though her answering message stated that she was busy with other customers and would get back with me as soon as possible. She, too, said that they stand behind JB Robinson repair shop. No surprise there.

04/23/11 Now is my turn to let other suspecting customers really know how JB Robinson treats their customers and their customer care service. I will be contacting Angie’s List, Consumer Reporting, Better Business Bureau, Channel 4’s Ruth to the Rescue, and possibly a lawyer.

Denise Wood Read More
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