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JCPenney, one of America's leading retailers, operates over 1,100 department stores throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

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10/13/2015 JCPenney - Dear Sir or Madam,I am so very upset how we have
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am so very upset how we have been treated by your customer service.
We ordered a sectional sofa from the Pasadena Maryland JCPenny's at Marley station Mall on 8/17/15. Order number 1462655. with sale assoc 627.
The salesperson, my husband and myself set on the sectional we wanted. Same style (Track Arm) same color (khaki). She filled the order, we got a Penny's card. Just had to wait for a delivery date 4 to 6 week.
Shopping for the right sofa was very difficult, because my husband had a stroke and is paralyzed on his left side. When he found this one at JCPenny he was elate. It had the strong square arms he needed, it was the right height and depth, and the firmness was perfect.
Our sectional sofa arrived today and was the wrong color.
I told the driver that the color was wrong. he made a phone call and I spoke to a man that called himself "Mike G". I was told I would keep this sofa till the right one was delivered.
We went to JCPPenny's at Marley station Mall to found out what happened.
The salesperson knew who we were and agreed that the display sofa was the one we wanted. But, she called the color bone and not the color that it was khaki. this is where the mistake was made. Your salesperson did not know the names of the colors available. When she filled out the order she write in the wrong color bone.
My problem is. If I want to get my original order I will have to pay another 4102.76. If I wanted to a sofa to set on till the correct one was delivered.
Or I could wait 7 to 14 days for them to pick what I did not want. Wait 7 to 14 days to get my refund and then wait again another 4 to 6 weeks for my original order to be delivered. That would be 5 to 8 weeks without a sofa for my paralyzed husband to relax on.
You may not know this. But, a wheelchair is a very uncomfortable thing to sit on.
I told them to come get the sofa.
See my dilemma well no sofa for 5 to 8 weeks or pay $8205.52 for one sofa and again wait to get a refund while you get the extra interest because we financed through your card.
How can you help me with this? I have never heard of business done this way.
Tracey Winter-Simms

TraceyRead More
3/20/2014 JCPenney keeps leaving the theft detector on my purchases
For the second time in less than six months, I went to your store to purchase sneakers. I did so and for the second time the plastic detector was left on the sneakers. I don't know if you don't teach your associates to take them off but this is so annoying and because of such I will NOT be buying my sneakers from your establishment anymore.

DianeRead More
11/18/2013 JCPenney - Bring back JC Penney bi stretch womans pants
I have been waiting for the JC Penney bi stretch womans pants to come back to the stores. My 6 pair are getting pretty shabby as I have worn them over many times. I don't want another brand or even the twill pants they brought back out. I want the bi stretch pants in the same colors or even more!! Come on JC Penney get with it and listen to your customers!

marilynRead More
10/16/2013 JCPenney - Why do you not carry Mens St john's bay crewneck
Why do you not carry Mens St john's bay crewneck sweatshirts any longer?? I need xl tall. Can not find them anywhere. Always got them from JCPenney. Don't understand why all the changes?? Not any better. You are catering to the younger crowd, why, whom do you think buys there items??

GaleRead More
5/22/2013 JCPenney - With gift card in tow I went to J.C. Penny's to
With gift card in tow I went to J.C. Penny's to purchase more St.John's Bay mens shirts that I bought before and liked.The store has morphed into some sort of strange youth oriented theme with faceless mannequins sporting some sort of mismatched colors unisex ensembles.I want to go back and take a pic of the mid calved khaki knicker type pant/short with a snap to roll up the material and hold it.Maybe it is futuristic.There was a very large(several feet) photo/print adorning the wall with a profile of some red headed young buck with the hair on top of his head that looked it got tangled up with a weed eater and the side clipped with hedge shears.Anyway I wish they would at least bring the shirts back.

texbubbadogRead More
5/2/2013 JCPenney - PLEASE bring back St. John's Bay Bi-Stretch Pants
PLEASE bring back St. John's Bay Bi-Stretch Pants in tall!!!!! Please!

JoyRead More
3/8/2013 JCPenney - Visited your store 3/8/3013. NO HELP,NO CLEAN

RobertRead More
2/19/2013 JCPenney - I will not shop for clothing in JC Penney any
I will not shop for clothing in JC Penney any longer. I used to buy St. John's Bay for every season. Now that they no longer have that line, I'm done with the store. They cater to tweens. I also think that they are going to have a lot of stock left at the end of each season as their women's clothing are not classic any longer. They'd better get with the old program or they will be closing their doors soon.

AAARead More
1/31/2013 JCPenney - JCP is NOT J.C. Penney's - the new CEO has changed
JCP is NOT J.C. Penney's - the new CEO has changed everything and dropped all the lines that were popular in the store.

It now caters directly to teenagers, and no longer for people 40 up.

It is sad - I miss the old store, and the use of coupons.

I use to buy so much clothing there - but 4 times that I went into the store last year, could not even find one item I would consider buying.

The store was so EMPTY - even at Christmas time! Other stores were packed right before Christmas, and JCP looked like a ghost store.

I can't imagine how they will survive.

I am amazed that the new CEO has not been fired.

If they were struggling before, they realy must be struggling now.

SueRead More
1/30/2013 Shame on you JCPenneys!!!!!!!!!!!!I used to love
Shame on you JCPenneys!!!!!!!!!!!!I used to love shopping at this store .....but that isnt the case any longer....the store disconntinued St.Johns Bay which made the best corduroy pants ...and even better they had the best Bi-Stretch pants ever.....Please if you bring anything back to JCP just bring back the St.Johns Bay merchandise ...This store used to be my store to go to for anything with great prices, so sad that the CEOs where more concerned with making money, than trying to talk to the consumers who loved shopping at JCP for great quality merchandise!!!!!

MaryannRead More
12/16/2012 JCPenney Gloria vanderbilt jeans, avia shoes, st john bay all gone
gloria vanderbilt jeans, avia shoes, st john bay gone. Me, gone from your store after 40+ years as a cardholder. Why ask for our email? You never answer.

LindaRead More
12/15/2012 JCPenney - Your adds suck! Get with the program gimme
Your adds suck! Get with the program gimme something like "big 5's adds. I don't even open your adds, they're repulsive.

larryRead More
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