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12/5/2016 Jet Magazine - where can I obtain a copy of the 1998 July issue
where can I obtain a copy of the 1998 July issue of Jet Magazine?

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7/20/2016 Jet Magazine - Attn: All, I will not proof this piece /peace, I
Attn: All, I will not proof this piece /peace, I will not rescind my thoughts. I wrote from the heart of a truth that is going to always be ignored until lawlessness gets to the point of no return. If you take all the law enforcement, all government officials, all racist and put them on one side, let the truth be told, the rest of America far exceeds in number. The few would rather see the entire population extinct than give up equality, peace or the very life they live. Racism is alive and well, the innocent is back by public outcry, and the guilty backed by government. This advice is free and has always been seen by eyes wide shut, for the sake of having to release the truth about evil. Here is a preliminary cure for racism, that starts with policing the police and government officials.
Let me start out by putting problems into perspective:
1. police brutality coupled with racism is real.
2. All police officers are not bad, but the good bare the burdens of the demonic that hide under the blue blanket.
3. When an unarmed person of color gets killed and the community knows it is not justified, the victims life is viewed as troubled, problematic and a criminal record.
4. When an officer is murdered, all stops are pulled, the base of the problem is swept away with emotions as if the life of the murdered unarmed person of color becomes obsolete.
5. Demonic dirty law enforcement officials continue to do dastardly deeds, commit murder and maim and then run under the blue blanket, leaving innocent officers to be casualties of urban warfare.
6. Officers coming out or the academy soon learn the cowardly ways of officers that feel they are above the law, but have a commitment to the uniform not the justice. They learn from officers that have less than promising reputations.
7. When an unarmed person of color is murdered and then in retaliation an innocent officer is killed, what the public hears from top officials and other law enforcement officers is:
“ there is no excuse for killing an officers, we don’t care who started it. We are above the law and we are the predator and people of color, you will remain the prey".

Elementary solution:
1. Mixed race in coupling officers should be first choice, and sensitivity training should be an ongoing criteria. Any insensitivities should be noted as a criteria for promotion.
2. Officers that have reprimands, or legitimate citizens complaints in their personnel files, should effect promotions and transfers.
3. When an officers is involved in a killing or brutality situation, the sword should cut both ways, the officers personnel file should also be made public, including test scores and mental testing. The victim should not be made a prisoner of crime while the officer hides by being transferred to wreak havoc somewhere else, putting other people in danger including innocent law abiding police officers, that become collateral damage.
4. There needs to be a complete overhaul in police hiring criteria, promotions and transfers.
Dismantle the cloak, and cut out the cancer of hate that consumes every everyone. ( the good, the bad, and the wicked)
5. Before becoming officers if the discipline of higher education is not been experienced, working in corrections facility as a corridor for training. Working as a corrections officer especially, with inmates doing life has a certain mutual respect factor.

6. One can not cure or understand racism or blue cloaked demons unless the body that it incarnates is properly eradicated
7. Kill the secret society of the good ole boys network, if my relative violates the code of ethics that takes a life or effects a limb, they should not be transferred to a plush position, they should be properly dealt with and reprogrammed through the same channels they took becoming police offices.

If someone does not look like me don’t make decisions on my life like a slave master with plenty of overseers. Trust is earned not forced. Martin Luther Kings speech in 1963 from the Birmingham jail is still true today.
“We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive. We bring it out in the open, where it can be seen and dealt with. Like a boil that can never be cured so long as it is covered up but must be opened with all it ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light injustice must be exposed with all the tension its exposure creates, to the light of human conscience and the air of national opinion, before it can be cured."

Public, asked yourself a question, why has America lost it’s value, could it be greed by the 1%, could it be self hatred for oneself, or could it be those that America has privileged and given handicaps, in better education, better jobs, better neighborhoods, and better illegal connections in government and law enforcement. Just think about it. And think on the future of these so called privileged children, The forefathers past seeds of deeds is taking root and their legacy will be exposed, not by others but by their children. The world is watching and listening, they know you have lost social order.

“Cut out the cancer and you will heal, it elementary"

A song of peace:

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1/27/2015 Jet Magazine - I want to cancel my subscription to ebony
I want to cancel my subscription to ebony

Jesse Read More
8/7/2014 Jet Magazine - My comment is about me not receiving my Magzines
My comment is about me not receiving my Magzines after I E-Mail and called without results.This is not very professional I would like to know what is the problem that no one from your Company seem to busy to let me know anything about why I haven't been recieving my Jet. You can call me at this number or E-mail me I would very much appreciate it.

Parethea Banks Read More
7/31/2014 Jet Magazine - Please cancel my subscription. I never subscribed.
Please cancel my subscription. I never subscribed.

Dennis Read More
8/20/2013 How much is the February 6th 1964 Jet Magazine Issue worth?
Can u tell me how much feb 6 1964 jet magazne worth now

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5/26/2013 Jet Magazine - I am trying to find out if there is a adress to
I am trying to find out if there is a adress to write the chief editor of jet magazine Mitzi Miller on a very important matter thank you.

Lanair Read More
1/18/2013 Jet Magazine - hi, i sent a letter requesting to stop magazines
hi, i sent a letter requesting to stop magazines and today i get a letter in the mail saying WELCOME BACK. whats really going on here then iu guess you want me to pay for something i shouldn't. (NOT!!!)

Regina Colbert Read More
8/26/2012 Jet Magazine - Rap Group "Rebelious" lead by Shawn M. Stevens had
Rap Group "Rebelious" lead by Shawn M. Stevens had over 7 milion dollars in record sales, and did not pay one penny to the writer / producer Steven Henry whom is now homeless and living on the street and in shalters in Portland OR.

steven henry Read More
8/14/2012 Jet Magazine - Subject: Re: CPS IS TAKING MY GRANDKIDS AND


I went to court yesterday for my grandchildren in foster care and they are trying to take my other grand kids and place them up for adoption in spite of all my efforts of traveling to Phoenix weekly for the last ten months to see them . I have done everything they have told me to do and yet they are punishing and traumatizing these children over and over again. I have almost exhausted my finances just to let my grand kids know they are wanted and loved. My lawyer threw me under the bus and did not present all of the efforts I made to get my babies back to California. I can take care of my grandchildren. They should be home with me. I ask Rev Tilman for help again and he want me to send a letter to him. I sent a certified letter to the director of CPS also.
First Jhessye and now all my grandchildren are being taken from us. What more can they do to us. Are there any organizations here that you can refer me to.
There is this huge misconception that I raised Jhessye and I was the one that gave Jhessye back to my daughter. Jhessye was raised by the cousin of Jerice on her father's side. I did not have coustody of Jhessye. I had the other siblings the three older children that are now in foster care. Glendale police took Jessye from the cousin and gave Jhessye back to Jerice. Six to eight months later is when Jhessye came up missing.
I am loosing it I am lost . I can not fight these people Arizona CPS alone. I need help
Please if you know of any anyone that can help me in Arizona PLEASE HELP PLEASE my number is 707-641-5500
I have reached out to Naacp of Arizona and is awaiting response. Two of my children have been injured in foster care seriouly. Yet never in my care was they injured,
Below is a sample letter to the Director of CPS

Subject: Immediate CPS Investigation

Mr Clarence Carter
Director of Arizona CPS
1717 West Jefferson
Phoenix Arizona 85007

Dear Mr. Carter,
My grandchildren have been in the Arizona CPS system since 10/12/2011. Their sister has been taken from us and missing since 10/11/11, now her three sibling has been sequential from their family as well. There is no reason for these three children not to be home with me. I am their grandmother. I am a professional, homeowner and a law abiding member of society.
I can no longer stand by one more day and watch my children been abused and mistreated.
When mygrandchildren were in my care, not one time have they been in the emergency room or have needed to be admitted to a mental health facility.
What is happening to my grandchildren is criminal.
They have not only lost their baby sister but are been denied basis human loving and nuturing contact with their family.
I have been traveling to Arizona every week to maintain contact with my children and only allow 2 hours visits. I still come in spite of just two hour visits. I must let them know that they are not alone.
My letters and gift are not been given to the children on time. The children were without Chirstmas gifts. I was not allowed to spend the holidays with them. Cards and letter are not being given to the children when they arrive in the Case Workers care.
Cps is suppose to protect the children but there has been more harm done to my children since they have been in CPS care in the last eight months than in their entire life. Where is the experts that say this is ok. My children are being damage physically and mentally on a daily basis.
The 14 year old needs to be advocated for ASAP if she is going to make it through this alive. I know this situaation can drive child to a place of no return. The two smaller children are not doing well at all. Help me to help them. I don't want to loose my baby! Her life is in your hands too.

Mr. Carter please investigate.

Thanks your for you immediate attention sir in advance.

Shirley Johnson, loving Grandma

cc: NAACP Legal Department
Mr Tillman

Re: Requesting Immediate Investigation Into Grandchildren Tammy Jerneen Hunter, Jheveanane Hunter, and Jataya Hunter

1. Tammy Jerneen Hunter 14
Admission to mental health facility about or on May 6th.
Denied contact with parent for 4 weeks in spite of multiple request to see her.
There was prior admissions and treatment that I the was not made aware of.
She is on medications that are very strong and not the usually given in such great doses.
One medication is still in controversy
The foster care placement is suspect. Why did they return her to that same environment where she had the suicidal event at. She needs to be placed in another foster care.

2. Jataya Hunter 7
Broken Lt Arm while in foster care. Feburary 23rd
Request for communication with Jataya was denied
Case remove 6 weeks later: noted malaligement and deformity at wrist and just above
Request follow up and physical therapy was denied

3. Jheveanane Hunter 10 May 3rd
Infected great Rt toe

4. Communications denied other than two hour visits per week.
Denied telephone contact with the children.
Denied scype contact.

5. Clothing bought for the children:
I bring new clothing for the children weekly.
The clothing bought are not being worned.
Miss fitted shoes.
While fitting and looking for my Missing Grandbaby the other children have been placed in darkness and no one is thinking about them. I am the grandmother for them all. I need help for the children.

HEY MUH Read More
4/16/2012 Jet Magazine - A new black British sitcom on YouTube.
A new black British sitcom on YouTube.

Please help support Samuell Benta as he has won an award in LA

I Paul Read More
4/7/2012 Jet Magazine - My name is Nicholas Shane Martin and I am a
My name is Nicholas Shane Martin and I am a permanent resident of Martinsville, Virginia and I have resided there my entire life excluding the last two and a half years. I am currently serving in the United States Air Force at the 355th Security Forces Squadron (Military Policeman) out of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona and have been stationed here since August 9, 2010. I have always excelled at my job and went above and beyond the standard to do the right thing in support of the mission. Even doing a short tour of duty in Baghdad, Iraq from January-August 2011, in which I was awarded the most outstanding worker in the Vehicle Search Area by my instillation commander and among all the workers in that section I was the lowest ranking airman. I would also like to state that I have never got into any sort of trouble while serving in the military and that I have no criminal record or past drug experience or use prior to joining the military, which are documented on my Air Force enlistment papers. Which leads to my topic of discussion, I recently received Non-Judicial punishment from my commander and first sergeant, which was an Article 15 under the Uniform Code of Military Justice for violating a lawful general order, to wit: "General Order Prohibiting the Use of Bath Salts," Genral Gilmary M. Hostage, III, Commander, Air Combat Command, dated 14 November 2011, this ultimately resulted in my reduction of rank from Airman First Class (E-3) to now being the rank of Airman (E-2). Yet I have never used bath salt as a form of synthetic drugs, they were found in my possession (dormitory room) that had been left in my room before I deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in December 2010 by a friend who is now separated from the military. My deployment team was scheduled to depart for our tour of duty on January 5, 2011, but do to an unexpected changes we were made to depart a day earlier than expected (January 4, 2011) with only a few hours notice and because of that situation I was never was allowed to return any of the items that were left behind in my dorm room by friends which included the bath salt. Prior from returning from my deployment my friend had received an early separation from the military in July 2011, so that denied myself the opportunity to return the bath salts to him that he had left behind and I end up returning stateside in early August 2011. A few weeks down the road around late August just a couple of days before I was scheduled to start 30 days of leave in which I would be flying back home to Virginia I decided to clean my dorm room. While I was cleaning my room I came across the same bath salt that was previously left behind from my friend that I had threw in my drawer in December of the previous year, I continued to let the bath salt remain in my dorm room not really giving any thought because when my friend had left it behind and I asked him what they were his reply was simply" It’s just bath salt," and from that statement I truly assumed that it was bath salt that you use to soak your feet or bathe with even though it was in a smaller container than usual. So I continued to let the container (which was half way used) remain in my room in an open conspicuous space in my right desk drawer not giving too much thought about it. To tell the honest truth I was thinking I could potentially use it to soak my feet or to take a bath with whenever I was around a bath tub (my dorm room only has a shower). On February 5, 2012 I gave consent for my dorm room to be searched by an investigator from my unit’s investigation section along with my first sergeant present (they never stated why they wanted to search my room exactly and they didn’t have probable cause at anytime to search my room). During the search they found the bath salt in my right desk drawer in the same spot that it had been left in since late August 2011 and that is what ultimately led to my non-judicial punishment which is listed above. Prior to them searching my room there was a chain of events that happen which in my, the individuals who were with me, and many people who are within my unit eyes agree was based off of our race and no other reason. I have always maintained a good name in my unit and when my coworkers saw that I had been relieved of duty they were in utter shock, especially after hearing what was done to me and how my commander, senior master sergeant, and first sergeant carried out the situation. My superiors threw the books at me and gave me the maximum punishment they could give me without making their self’s look bad in the unit. I was told by a superior at work that supervises me that leadership was trying to make an “ example" out of me and my commander, senior master sergeant, and first sergeant said that I should consider myself a “lucky man", but it's hard to consider yourself a " lucky man " when your innocent man in a hopeless situation. It got even worse when they told me that they knew I wasn't abusing the substance, but I just got caught up in a bad situation, which is unacceptable in many point of views. As you by know I spent most of 2011 deployed, during my deployment and even when I returned I was never briefed nor notified about the abuse of bath salts. My commander told me when he handed out my punishment that he had sent out a mass email about the misuse of bath salts, I personally did not get the email because I was not registered on the mass email list (SFS all) that was sent out and when I told him I didn’t receive it he shrugged his shoulders and told me “Oh well you need to get that fixed," it sounds to me like he’s not only failing me but the unit as a whole. As you can see above the charge I was charged with wasn’t even a lawful general order until November 14, 2011 and the bath salt that was found in my possession had been in my room since December 2010, I know that doesn’t make it right but there should have been some sort of leneancy in my case. Sir my race is African-American and I could say that I felt that I was discriminated against, but if I said that it would be lying. Since I have been at this unit I have seen discrimination in its finest form against any race that isn’t Caucasian; I heard stories from the people who have actually been through bad situations before me and from my own personal situation and I honestly will not stand to see it happen to another person after me. During the time of my investigation which led to my punishment there was a Caucasian male in my unit who failed not one but two drug test and there were traces of cocaine found in his system, he even admitted that he had been using cocaine to our superiors and the commander gave him a plea bargain. I myself even tried to get a plea bargain so I could at least keep my original date of rank and the commander wouldn’t even take consideration for me. When the Caucasian male was under investigation and relieved of duty he was placed at the mobility section of my unit which is basically the section that sends people to deployed locations (it’s also in a nice building with air conditioning, heat, and cold water at your convenience) and I and three other African-American males were made to clean around the unit like modern day slaves doing the same task day in and day out; then once they got tired of us doing that and seeing our faces at our unit they made us fill 2,000 sandbags(we have 1300 so far) for our base air show in the boiling Arizona sun with only a lunch break for eight to nine hours a day, which eventually led to me breaking out in a heat rash on both of my arms, neck, and my forehead. As I recall Jim Crow Laws ended in 1965 and so did separate but equal and I would think that Americans would’ve moved past those times of ignorance but obviously not in this unit and they will not until something is said or done about it, yes we were separate at the jobs we were working but there was no equality in the workplace at all. The Caucasian male was also allowed to stay in the military and still serve his country, he did lose a significant amount of rank which is devastating blow, but the last time I recall there was a ZERO tolerance policy for drug use in the military under the Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 112a. Now is there any equality in that situation at all? I can pretty much guarantee that there hasn't been in this unit for years with my current commander and first sergeant or even with my previous commander or first sergeant who are also still in the military but at different units now. The Caucasian male’s story that I have stated is not gossip, nor opinion it is only fact stated from the person himself, he told me the story when our senior master sergeant finally made him work sandbags after we complained. I have also had racial slurs thrown at me by my previous commander while four other superiors in my unit stood by and watched the vicious act in the same room; and when I brought it up to the Equal Opportunity and Inspector General offices on base sometime later they told me that it was past 60 days and that time had expired. The question I ask you is should there be a set limit of days for when something such as racism can't be brought up nor talked about because you didn’t bring up the situation 60 days prior? The military doesn't set a limit of days on when a rape case can be reported and yet I do agree that there is a significant difference between the two, but they are both violations that can affect and change a person's life in a negative way for the rest of their life. I know that I am not the only U.S. troop in the military that has went though this situation and I will most certainly not be the last one, but I can and I will be the one who takes a stand and make a significant difference along with your assistance. In the words of the late civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer “ I am sick and tired of being sick and tired," and that is how this unit has made me day in or day out during my two years at this base. I am not just doing this on my behalf to get my rank reinstated that would be a selfish act, yet I am seeing this for the overall bigger picture which is justice for the past, present, and future cases that were or will be based on your race but your merit as a person. Equal Opportunity in this unit has never existed since my tenure here because of discrimination, racism, hazing, or like many people in this unit say “ you have to play the game" and by all means my life is not a game nor will I take it as one either. In conclusion I am asking with all the sincerity in my heart on my behalf and many others in the unit that with your help and voice you could help us start a Federal Investigation not only be started on the 355th Security Forces Squadron but an investigation be started on previous closed cases that were equally unjust and if not worse than my case was because of the factors previously submitted, for I am not the only person in this unit who feels this way and I have plenty Airman and NCO’s (Non-Commissioned Officers) that seek the same punishment for the unit and our corrupt leadership as I do. I am just the first person with the courage to speak up about it. I honestly am just sick of seeing good Airmen and NCO’s being cut loose from this unit and military because of lack of equal opportunity, because they honestly never give a second chance because of racism and discrimination.
Nicholas S. Martin, Amn, USAF

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