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7/10/2015 Jewel-Osco - have shopped at Jewel for over 50 years. Service
have shopped at Jewel for over 50 years. Service has been poor at times, but usually very good. I shopped mostly at the store at 75th and Stony and have found that the products are often not shelved correctly, but these things are usually resolved by the people on the floor . My major problem is the store closer to my home. The deli seem to have the worst customer service employees I have ever encountered. It seem that this young man Maurice has a serious attitude problem. First he can't look you in the eye and I have decided that maybe I am a person he does not want to serve. Three times I have had a problem with him and today was the worst yet. I was #37 and while waiting for him to complete my order, he put the wrong price in for my purchase and when I called it to his attention. he stated, "this is not a pound, should I make it a pound, I can take care of the price later." He never acknowledge that I had even spoken to him, They were serving #43 when I advised him, I would go to Wal-Mart where the service was better and I cancelled the rest of my order.

macRead More
1/25/2015 Jewel-Osco - After shopping at Jewel for a number of years
After shopping at Jewel for a number of years tonight was the last time I will ever walk into a Jewel store.
I shopped at the Plainfield Illinois Jewel on Route 59. I had an entire cart of groceries, probably about $175 worth. Went to the check out and was told they were only doing self checkout. Jewel charges premium prices for products and now they expect their customers to scan and bag their own groceries. I don't want to scan and bag my own groceries, and I won't. I walked out of the store and left my cart at the counter. Your management team is clueless to customer wants and needs. For what its worth to you I have choices and Jewel will no longer be one of them.

Mark Read More
4/24/2014 Jewel-Osco - I just returned from the Jewel in Buffalo Grove. I
I just returned from the Jewel in Buffalo Grove. I specifically went there to purchase the coconut cod, which went on sale Thursday, today. I was informed by the person in that department, who identified himself as the manager, that they have the cod that i was there to purchase. I said, how can you be out of something that went on sale today? He replied, they didn't send us any. I would like to add
that this is not the first time, nor the second time, nor the third time this has happened. I have talked to the store manager in the past
about this issue. He was apathetic, with an I couldn't care less attitude. Obviously the bar isn't very high when it comes to selecting department managers or store managers for that matter. I called corporate when I got home. After explaining what had transpired during my visit, he said that a district manager would contact me. I wouldn't want to hold my breath waiting for that to happen. I did state to the person I spoke with at corporate, that there is a Mariano's opening about a mile and a half away and that if things at this Jewel and their manager don't improve, I will spend my money else where. I'm sure I'm not alone. I'll let you if anyone contacts me.

JoeRead More
11/3/2013 Jewel-Osco - I find myself, once again, returning one of the
I find myself, once again, returning one of the Heineman's Danish coffeecake. As in 7 times past, I once again find that this particular coffeecake, cherry danish without hardly any filling inside. Why isn't anything ever done about seeing that the fillings are consistent? Why, at least, doesn't someone look into the situation? My neighbor next door has the same complaint as I. i don't think we can continue to purchase this product anymore.

Dr. William DaleRead More
10/15/2013 Jewel-Osco - On Sunday Morning, October 13th at approximately
On Sunday Morning, October 13th at approximately 9:00 am, I attempted to shop at your ewel-Oscoe location at 599 E Roosevelt in Glen Ellyn Illinois. This store is currently being remodeled. In doing my shopping I had a difficult time finding anything due to the "NEW" layout of everything. It became extremely difficult with a skeleton staff being on duty and no one to ask for assistance. I went to the cashier Ellen and asked for direction as to where several products were. Ellen was extremely rude pointing to different aisles where I could find what I was looking for.
I finally had all that I needed and went to Ellens line, which was the only one open commenting that I had had a difficult time shopping and that the store was a mess. With this comment, Ellen went absolutely nuts sticking her finger towards the customer in front of me and screaming at him asking if he had had a difficult time shopping at the store. He was taken off guard and simply replied "no". With that answer, Ellen pointed her finger at me and again screamed that "he", the customer in front of me had not had a difficult time shopping.

Ellen than proceeded to question the customers behind me, pointing at them and asking them if thay had had a difficult time shopping. As they all answered "no", Ellen would turn to me, again pointing at me screaming that they had not had a difficult time shopping. Ellen was, in my opinion totally out of control screaming at all of us. I have to admit that I was talke so "off guard" by Ellens screaming, I was totally and completely shocked, and intimidated with all these shoppers and Ellen staring at me. I am a 70 year old resident of Glen Ellyn who for the duration of Ellens screaming felt like I was back in the third grade being yelled at my my teacher.

I am amazed that Jewel would have someone as a cashier, who would, in my opinion have such an "personal anger management problem" that you would allow here to represent you. If I were the manager on duty, who I talked to later, I would have instructed her when she was hired, to comment to any customer that had a comment such as mine, that she would call the manager and he or she would talk to me. Ellen not only scremed at me, but four or five customers who just wanted to get their groceries and go home. They did not want get into an arguement with me Ellen or me, which was obviously Ellen's goal.

With new competition such as Mariano's opening in Wheaton, two major grocery stores also under construction in the area and extensive upgrade at Vallie, (spelling),I would think that having someone like Ellen representing you as basically the only person that the shopper has contact with, would be given some critical evaluation and training.

Not only has Ellen influenced me in not shopping at Jewel, but I have to admit that I have told several people here in Glen Ellyn about my experience with Ellen, and will continue to tell others. You have to admit, it was an extremely interesting experience.

PeterRead More
7/27/2013 Jewel-Osco - I just called the customer service and was shocked
I just called the customer service and was shocked and the poor training of the people that answer the phone. The person did not understand the word concerns about a store experience, could not type, did not understand English very well. Had NO idea what to do with a complaint. This is customer service, maybe a review of the customer service help line would help.

PaulRead More
1/7/2013 Jewel-Osco - I have been getting my prescriptions from your
I have been getting my prescriptions from your store for a long time and now you have decided to change companies. I am not having any luck with this company but when I asked if they could give me the one I have been taking for a long time they said no.I would love to have the name of the company so that I could get them myself with the help of my doctor. I am 81 yrs old and was doing OK till now and i would really appreciate your help.Thank you

Older but wiserRead More
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