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Jitterbug was created for people who prefer a simple, easy to use cell phone, a friendly, helpful service experience, and affordable plans without monthly contracts.

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2/17/2014 Jitterbug you stink! I wanted to complain about a
Jitterbug you stink! I wanted to complain about a recent bill & it's charges and your Customer Service Office said they could not help me and transferred me too your Financial Services Office, then they said that the proper portocol was to have Customer Service help me and that they could do anything that they could and because me acct. had been so good for many years that the C.S. Dept were to help me! After transferring me back the Supervisor told me that she had to go back to the Financial Services Dept. to find out what she could do! WHAT!! Get the drift? DO NOT GO TO JITTERBUG FOR SERVICE! Why, when you could get unlimited coverage for $30-40 elsewhere rather then having to pay for airtime, incoming calls, voicemail, operater assisted, incoming text's etc. Good Luck! Jitterbug needs to get it together because they are going to loose good customers like me! And just try to get someone to help you when they do make mistakes, HA HA!

Anglikat Read More
4/16/2011 Jitterbug - I want to reopen my account which I closed about 8
I want to reopen my account which I closed about 8 months ago. I understand it will cost $35 to do so and I must send the phone back to be processed. The rep from JBug said he would send me a label so I wouldn't have to pay UPS pick-up charges but I have never received the label.

Carol Read More
3/28/2011 Jitterbug - Kudos!!!Maybe this isn't the best way to get this

Maybe this isn't the best way to get this message to you but I don't have time to search for another one. I recently inquired about the item on my bill re: calls to and from Japan, neither of which had any charges attached since I had not done either. The answer I got back was something which I've shared with many since then. It was a gesture of goodwill to Jitterbug customers since the disaster offering this without charge. What an act of kindness! What great PR! Figured I'd better register my thank you here and now.

C. Hill - Citrus Heights, CA

Carolyn Read More
1/27/2011 Jitterbug - 01/26/11do not get this phone

do not get this phone !!!!!@#$^&&*^^%$%%##@$ Grandparents, 86 yr & 80 yr old lost their
shirt with this company and they still keep sell....SELL>>>>>SELL! Very sad deal for us as we got this present for them, added all the phone numbers, so they would fee safe with their new phone! (Christmas 2007) Paid for 1,000 min 2010, Jan 2011 lost 744 min AND sold 500 min for this year. They both are very upset with themselves! Called the company and they more of less said " That's too bad". Will contact Consumer Affairs and
(they have an ipad we got them with great support)
Monterey Ca.

Lorrie Read More
12/15/2009 Jitterbug - I cancelled our service, sent back the phone, you
I cancelled our service, sent back the phone, you gave us two months credit on our card.
Now today you charge us again. Please credit that amount and stop this nonsense.

Inez Read More
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