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12/10/2013 Joan Rivers Jewelry - I have been a Joan Rivers fan and customer for
I have been a Joan Rivers fan and customer for several years and I make most of my purchases through QVC. I recently bought a bracelet for $94 and matching earrings for $49. With tax and shipping, I paid $162.16. The second time I wore the items, stones fell out of the bracelet. I was heartsick, as I loved the set and $162.16 is a lot to pay for costume jewelry. I expected it to last longer than for 1 occasion. I still have the box and cloth bag it arrived in. I take good care of my jewelry. Because it was more than 30 days, QVC said they could not help me. Additionally, they told me the item sold out and was no longer available. It is no longer being sold and is discontinued. As beautiful as this piece was, I tend to believe that the quality was poor and customer returns might be the reason they will no longer sell it. QVC referred me to [email protected] and after talking to a service representative, he told me that they don't know who I bought it from. He said once they sell a product to a retailer, even QVC, that it is their problem. I intend to post my experiences on QVC as well as here. To a buyer, I would say, "Buyer Beware!". If you feel that it is worth $162.16 (your purchase price may be more or less) to wear an item once, then buy Joan Rivers Jewelry. If you wear it every day for 29 days and it doesn't fall apart that may be one way to get your money's worth. The item I bought was called crystal opulance in turquoise. The stones were multi-colored. It was BEAUTIFUL, so I gave it 1 star; but the price was too much, the quality was POOR--IT FELL APART, and customer service does not serve if you have the product more than 30 days. I love Joan Rivers and yet, I have decided not to purchase any more products from her jewelry line. In defense of the jewelry, I have spent several hundred dollars and this is my first really bad experience. If the product does not have stones that can fall out, maybe it would be safe to buy. I WAS SHOCKED AND DISAPPOINTED WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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