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Deere & Company, founded in 1837 (collectively called John Deere), has grown from a one-man blacksmith shop into a corporation that today does business around the world and employs approximately 56,000 people. The company continues to be guided, as it has been since its beginning, by the core values exhibited by its founder: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.

John Deere USA Corporate
One John Deere Place
Moline, Illinois 61265-8098 USA

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1-800-537-8233 Press 2


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11/11/2016 John Deere - I purchased a used John deer 950 have called john
I purchased a used John deer 950 have called john deer for help sill cant find even with the engine Number I will end up selling this Piece and Buying a ford I have never had a problem with ford John Deer in my words is JUNK and service sucks for parts SURE CORP GETS A COPY OF THIS John deer has no tracking Info on their products they change numbers and don't update the info DONT BUY JOHN DEER youl have problems

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11/17/2015 John Deere - I have a 25 year old J.D. 650 tractor
I have a 25 year old J.D. 650 tractor where do I find rear tires? ZIP 44077

Your website does not give any contact information.

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8/24/2015 I have a a John Deere model 1025R
I have a John Deere model 1025R.The greasing of the drive shaft under the floor board is difficult because of the cert is hard to get to. I took a long 1/8th drill bit and drilled a pilot hole by the cert up thru the floor. I then enlarged the hole with a 2-inch hole saw. I then could see when the shaft is in a favorable position to grease. I then got a 2 inch. bathtub drain plug to put in the hole I cut. This can be easier to remove the next time I would think to know this a plug would be incorporated in the manufacture of the floor panel.

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8/11/2015 Has anyone taken the hood brake off on there John Deere d130??
has anyone else had the hood brake off on
there d130??

wayne Read More
6/5/2015 John Deere - approximately 3 yrs. ago I brought a d130 mower
approximately 3 yrs. ago I brought a d130 mower from Lowe's in Galesburg Il and the mower was what I had wait for yrs. to get now after three yrs. it has performed great but the paint where you step to get on it has bubbled up and has not adhered to it so I am very, very unhappy about this as I do not want it to rust. Will provide pictures if needed

sally Read More
5/26/2015 John Deere - Last Friday I went to the Zimmerman Ace Hardware
Last Friday I went to the Zimmerman Ace Hardware Store in Burtonsville, MD, which is listed as selling John Deere riding lawn mowers. I currently have an ancient John Deere mower which came with my house. I understand it is about 45 years old and it has finally rusted through on the bottom. It is time for the mower to retire and I wanted to buy a a comparable John Deere to replace it. We went to the Ace Hardware (Zimmerman's) in Burtonsville MD. The elderly gentleman who waited on us tried to steer us toward a $3,000 mower which was far too big for my amoujnt of grass . He told us that the trend nowadays is to buy larger mowers to get the jobs done faster. Knowing the configuration of my yard, the larger mower would have been unwieldy. I asked if John Deere made smaller riding mowers, and he told me that they sold some of the smaller mowers at Home Depot, but that I would not want to buy the lawnmowers Deere sold through Home Depot because they were crap. He said that they are aimed at a lower clientele of customers and that I would have nothing but problems with them, they would not hold up. I tried to explain that the size of the mower needed to be appropriate for the amount of land, and not for the wealth or social class of the owner. In disgust, I finally just left the store.

After that, I went to three Home Depots and found one that sold no lawnmowers, one sold walking mowers but no riding mowers. The third Home Depot that I went to did carry John Deere riding mowers, and I purchased one, a level D125 mower, and it is to be delivered to my house this coming Friday.

My treatment at Zimmerman's was nothing short of bad business.. I don't know if Zimmerman uses this tactic to sell customers more mower power than they need, or whether this was the foolish actions of a senile old employee or family member who needs to be put out to pasture with my 45 year old John Deere tractor.

BTW, I have been so pleased with my ancient John Deere mower that I purchased a banner which I hung in the area where my housekeeper sits in his spare time.

Second BTW, if you would be interested in acquiring my ancient mower to restore and put on display in your company museum, it is your's for the taking.

I would appreciate some feedback.

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3/14/2015 I have a John Deere 110TLB that has a broken
I have a John Deere 110TLB that has a broken transmission housing, I talked to someone from JD and they say they no nothing of this problem with these particular tractors, then I pull it up on the internet and find several so I had it taken out and I had it welded,then I pull up to the dealer today and there sits another 110TLB with the very same problem, busted transmission housing, now I know that internal parts wear out but the housing should be there for life. I've had several tractors and they have all been Deere's and I have always got good service from them but I can't even get JD to say they know about there problem. When a manufacturer makes a bad design they have to stand behind what ever it is, but please don't insult me anymore and say you know nothing. Why can't you just man-up and take care of your problem. My tractor is being worked on by a JD dealer will somebody please help me. I should not have to pay for your problem!!!

Kenny Read More
11/1/2014 John Deere - ridiculous. repeated attempts, ended w/an aloof
ridiculous. repeated attempts, ended w/an aloof rep @ corporate whom corrected me stating i'd called john deere after i'd told him i have a jd and was attempting to get support for a recurrent problem. no one answered the support or tech #'s. not to mention n/a of the 800 customer #. arrogant.

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8/5/2014 John Deere - Lawnmower just got it. Falling apart trier of
Lawnmower just got it. Falling apart trier of taking it back to get fix. :-(

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7/30/2014 John Deere - i BOUGHT A DEERE 100 LAWN PONY BASED ON THE

GARY Read More
7/16/2014 John Deere - I am disabled and needed a tractor so I found a
I am disabled and needed a tractor so I found a John Deere 430 loader/backhoe. I just had two surgerys. One just a few weeks ago. The John Deere dealer in Chico, Calif show me how good it work and he drove it on a trailer without me there. He unloaded it at my friends home a ex sheriffs as I shop for a trailer. The saleman left and then I try to drive it to the area to park it. It would not get into gear. I did not know a thing of having Hydro trany at all. NEVER HEARD OF ONE TOO. It keeps having problems in all gears. I could not use the B range so I left it in A range to panrk it. The saleman said he give me a new switch since it was broken too. He left me a handle only without a switch. I went to John Deere and they wanted about $75 for the switch. Also he told me the tire has a slow leak. NOW I THINK THE RIM HAS A PROBLEM. So I have about 3 problems: #1 Hydro trany, #2 The tire problem of keeping air, #3 Not getting the new Switch for the flashing lights he said the switch is for. I am 100% disabled using my arms is why I use my "trust money" $$ from my sister having ecoli. I have had the John Deere 430 for 15 hours now. Not happy with the dealer in Chico, Calif at all. He did say they did change the oil so I need to see if any new oil filters are CLEAN. I wish I was just fishing but had to find a motor driven fishing reel. I hope this never happens to anyone.

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6/23/2014 I purchased a John Deere D105 Riding Mower a week
I purchased a John Deere D105 Riding Mower a week and a half ago .I Insisted on Hi Lift blades after reading all the past reviews regarding the 200 series mowers and was told my mower came equipped with the Hi Lift blades. First time I cut part of my lawn the blades left most of the grass on the lawn. It turned out I had the blades the mower usually comes with, the General Purpose blades.. The dealer replaced the blades with Hi Lift blades from JD. I cut another section of grass the next day and the mower didn't pick up one blade of grass.I Had to rake both sections of lawn (not the work-out I planned when purchasing the mower and bagger). I now am planning to contact the dealer on the assumption that possibly the dealer installed the blades upside down(?). Again assuming that may have possibly caused the problem. I will advise further regarding this screw up.

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