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Minneapolis-based Jostens, founded in 1897, is a leading provider of products, programs and services that help people celebrate important moments, recognize achievements and build affiliations. The company's products include yearbooks, class rings, graduation products and products for athletic champions and their fans.

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8/31/2014 Jostens - I purchased a womens Packer super bowl ring and
I purchased a womens Packer super bowl ring and the center of the ring which is a G has fallen out and can't find can this be replaced if so how and what is the cost

BonnieRead More
5/19/2014 Jostens - Its lucky for Josten's that they have a monopoly
Its lucky for Josten's that they have a monopoly on graduation products. Their service department is totally unhelpful. Their web site is NOT user friendly. Their coupons don't work and are misleading. Their announcements were fair quality, but still overpriced.

Bought a package including a gown (like we have any choice about buying a gown) then they charged us for the cap and gown when we picked it up.

When I ordered my Name cards I put 50 cards in my cart, but after entering my code for prepaying for the cards it changed to 25 (the # I prepaid for); but I wanted to add 25 more for $9. Service desk could not help me. Had to pay $24 +$9.95 S&H for 25 cards (other coupon for free shipping did not work).

samRead More
5/7/2014 Jostens went into my account and took $297.00 to
Jostens went into my account and took $297.00 to purchase my sons class ring the initial
deposit is the only money they were authorized to take from my account. I told them my son would be paying the balance however they went into my bank account and took the money any way. I know I should have took them to small claims with money being short it would have been more time consuming. My son paid me back the money debited from my account. After many phone calls and Emails my son still has not received his class ring two weeks before graduation. The person we used at Jostens is from Calico Rock, Ar

EllaRead More
3/18/2014 Jostens - Where is my cap and gown I ordered it almost two
Where is my cap and gown I ordered it almost two months ago order number w52677130

AmyRead More
1/26/2014 Jostens - Hello,I am purchasing a vintage NCAA Final Four
I am purchasing a vintage NCAA Final Four for Ring from 1988. It has want appears to be a diamond in it. Where diamonds used on these ring at that time. Do you certify NCAA Final Four Basketball tournament rings?
Please advise.


JoeRead More
11/19/2013 Jostens - Josten is the company graduation ring in te world.
Josten is the company graduation ring in te world.

Gilberto RodriguezRead More
9/30/2013 Jostens - I received a damanged ring, sent it back and
I received a damanged ring, sent it back and received it again still damaged!! Customer Service department is non-existant, just keeps directing me to other departments. Patty in the Waranty department had an attitude and kept repeating herself without listening. I'll be sending it back again! Also, I sent the ring back exactly as it was sent to me originally and they kept the box sending it back in a bag. This is a gift people!!!! Maybe should have gone with Herff-Jones?

ChasityRead More
8/16/2013 Getting the runaround from Jostens - I will never use them again
I ordered a HS class ring for my granddaughter online, paid on line, was given a time frame called to check on the progress& they added 2 was to the delivery I explained what they had told me at the time of order with all of this info in the email they had sent me she then said they had a computer glitch , she had the ring expedited I received with 3 major errors,was sent a label to return the ring and also requested a refund you would not believe the run around I am getting. It appears to me that this company's dept. cannot communicate with each other and no one takes personal responsibility for their job, human error,sent an email, where did you get your return label, I spoke with my manager he said I handled it, you will rec. it in a few days, and the best yet I have been out a few days since I talked to you I will send an email now. I will never do business with jostens again. Individually or through a school.

ToniRead More
4/18/2013 Had a recent experience with Jostens that is
Had a recent experience with Jostens that is causing me to call attention to this company. Sorry for the length but I think the story needs telling. I purchased, as a coach a championship high school baseball ring in 1993. Fast forward to 2012 and a player on that team has become a close friend of mine and joined his high school as a coach. The school won championships in 2000 and again in 2009. He had purchased all three rings. In August of 2012 his house was broken into and all three rings were stolen. After much consideration I decided to see if my ring could be changed with his name replacing mine on the 1993 ring he won as a player. I felt as a coach on that team it was the right thing to do. At first a Jostens rep told me it could be done for a $75 resetting fee. I told him that was fine and I wanted to go ahead with changing the ring. Right after he told me sorry for the confusion but Jostens had a policy where they would not change the name on any championship rings. He suggested we send the ring in and worse case scenario the ring would be sent back. It was sent back, untouched, after about one month.

I begged Jostens to reconsider and explained the circumstances. No sympathy at all. Bottom line is the money they can make by having these rings remade.

I think Jostens has a monopoly on the high school class ring market and I think they are a terrible company. I had my name removed from my championship ring and am going to give the blank ring to this former player. This removal process was done by an independent jeweler. Funny this jeweler told me my ring is actually stainless steel. I can't remember what I was told back in 1993 but I know the ring was pretty expensive and I think I would remember being told it was stainless steel. I wonder why it is gold in tint?

Jostens sucks.

MikeRead More
12/7/2012 Jostens Ring Question How Do I tell if it is authentic? 12.10.12
I have my daughters class ring from 2002 Bishop Diego in Santa Barbara, CA and someone was trying to do harm to me and they were using chemical imaging as a form of lacing everything from keys to door knob which making me real sick so what I want for you is some kind of fact sheet or order form from your production dept. claiming that this is actually Jostens ring and not a duplicate. I need to collect facts so it would be much appreciated if somehow I can send this ring to your company.

MarjorieRead More
9/4/2012 Jostens - I ordered a ring two years ago and spent a little
I ordered a ring two years ago and spent a little over $300.00 and after receiving it, it was the wrong ring. I DID NOT ORDER A TRADITIONAL RING!!!! I called and emailed them several times and has yet to hear back from anyone. I want another ring. I WANT THE RING I ORDERED DAAAGGONIT!!!!!!
It has been two years now and I have not wore the ring they sent me. At this point I think I need to speak with someone legal. This can no longer go on. They better hope they go out of business before I get into the court house. At this point, it is not a game.

RhondaRead More
6/13/2012 Jostens - The seniors from Muhlenberg County High School,
The seniors from Muhlenberg County High School, Greenville Ky. that ordered the $230.50 package have not yet received their Mug/Tankards yet. I was sent an email stating it would come in the mail two weeks after graduation and this week makes five weeks. Please update me on the status of this order. If they do not receive them then they should be reimbursed $27 for the amount of the tankard.

LyndonnaRead More
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