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JP magazine for Jeep Lovers and 4x4, custom off road Jeeps including show & event pictures, off roading videos, Jeep parts and accessories installation.
international inquiries, please call 386-447-6383

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1-877-388-7761 Review and Hint Needed


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2/23/2017 JP Magazine - just want to contact customer service with a
just want to contact customer service with a question about my subscription, Two different numbers on address tag, #9772600022150282 and #9772600022150282 with same subscription.

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10/5/2014 JP Magazine - Getting tired of hearing about the girls choise of
Getting tired of hearing about the girls choise of clothing.they send it in on their own.These gals are jeeper girls. There is nothing finer than a jeep gal,any age...big little short or tall.they are our sisters,daughters,mothers, wives, and girlfrineds.we love them all.nothing beats doing what you love with your love.if your wife has a problem with what you look at...well it sucks to be you.Mabey you need marriage counseling.I wrench for a living.and I welcome Katie and love to see her working on her own jeep.This is coming from a man who married his high school sweet heart....34 years ago.So take s some advice....man up!

Gary Boyle
Roscommon Michigan

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