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JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMorgan Chase) is a financial holding company that operates banks in 23 states and JP Morgan Securities nationwide.

USA Corporate Office Headquarters
270 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-270-6000

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-392-5749 Press 131.


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3/22/2017 JP Morgan Chase - Can jpm chase make a payment to a chase diamond
Can jpm chase make a payment to a chase diamond preferred card

Mel Read More
2/25/2014 JP Morgan Chase - Why are there are no Chase Banks in in Cape May, NJ?
I would like to know why there are no Chase Banks in Cape May County, New Jersey when there are many TD Banks in the area.

I feel that a Chase Bank located in the county seat of Cape May Court House, NJ would be a welcome site for this area. Better yet in the Cape May area due to the many tourist we have coming off of the Cape May Lewes Ferry. That location at Ferry Road and Bayshore Road here in North Cape May would be a welcome site for the many I-95 travelers; especially with ATMS

Chase is currently my mortgage holder and at this time I do not have any problems with them and would recommend them as well.

Lynne Read More
9/27/2013 JP Morgan Chase - Chase Bank is Hartland Michigan is just one
Chase Bank is Hartland Michigan is just one disappointment after another. I should have known the day I went in to open a business account, the whole staff was huddled in one cubical at the front door....doing what?...nothing. It was the middle of the afternoon and there wasn't a sole in the place that resembled a customer for over an hour that I was in there as I proceeded to open an account. Now I no why, Chase is closing mortgage offices and branches all over the place. ....I don't need special favors, I just need to do simple honest banking. I see clearly now why the Hartland Chase resembles a morgue with no business. Just overall unaccommodating service,...maybe you got to get out of your "Cold Storage that resembles a Bank" and get out in the community and meet business people in their environment, you would have more respect for them and not treat them the way you the end I blame myself for leaving PNC Bank after 15 years...the hassle will be worth it to switch bank.

Paul Read More
9/10/2012 JP Morgan Chase - my house was sold that i rent! all the while the
my house was sold that i rent! all the while the lndlord taking our rent was scamming sec 8 on anther renter at the same address that had moved out months before. They lost the house to chase morgan on a sheriff sale that we nver even knew about now I cannot get a hold of the bank to discuss what they plan to do I am disabled and cannot move without help and money to relocate but the help is most needed to load and unload i am on state assistance awaiting ssdi claim of 4% percent realty and are in ca hoots with each other on this scam please be aware of these crooks and if the bank reads this please respond asap because i am in a hell of a mess and it's not my fault god bless everyone out there who is goig thru the same rip off scams I wish you nothing but the best turn out on your situation please pray for me and my family thank you

gail Read More
5/17/2012 JP Morgan Chase - These people are criminals, Don't you get it?
These people are criminals, Don't you get it? History has a tendency of repeating itself. The economy will collapse on the largest scale in history ( as we know of). The "legal" system contradicts the LAW. One small step for man, One giant leap for JP Morgan and Chase, A.K.A. = MEGA BANK. by the way, I couldn't help but notice every "legal" documentation is always in capital letters. Its considered AS DOING BUSINESS AS. So, hence forth we the people are all business owners (agents) of ourselves which includes under equal consideration of our own names. We hold all responsibility of everything we sign which is fact, Its all owned and traded through stock markets. Sign all your paperwork in CAPITAL letters and watch what happens. Its called fraud. You "legally" do not own your credentials. Your CO. does. All part of property owned by the government your institutionalized by. They gamble your labor through controlled stock markets. How is that any different than being a slave? Your granted certain freedoms because they are profitable to your Broker. Mine is the FEDERAL RESERVE CO. Plain and simple, Its called eugenics. They win because we agree to their terms and conditions. Stop signing things. We are all equal, when will we start being it.

Anonymous Read More
4/8/2012 JP Morgan Chase - I am having a very difficult time trying to talk
I am having a very difficult time trying to talk to the Deferred Compensation Unit located at 1 Cdhase Manhattan Plaza. this Unit is under the Executive Compensation Dept. located at 270 Park Ave. I want to talk to you aboout JPMC's obligation of assumed defeered comp plans under the Seventh Amended Joint Plan (in BK Court of Washington Mmutual) effective 3/19/12. Pls contact me asap. Thank you.

Sharon Read More
2/20/2012 JP Morgan Chase - Hello JB Morgan,I have tried several phone
Hello JB Morgan,

I have tried several phone numbers, websites....etc to get some information from you. I pray you can help me with this, or at least give me someone I can talk to live about my situation. The GA. Dept Of Human Resources ~DFACS sent me a letter on Feb 8th about being eligible for food stamps.I spoke to them today and they gave me your number 1-888-421-3281. This is all automated and I do not have an ID card number nor a pin number as of yet, which they ask me to enter in on the phone?!DFACS told me to call you to get the status on when I will be recieving the EBT card? I was told in a letter on the 2/8/2012, that I would be recieving this in a few days? It is now Feb 20th? I only have a client number here:7. Also another: AU number: . It says I'm authorized to recieve benefits for the months of: Jan 2012~$33.00, Feb. 2012~$200.00. Beginning March, I will receive $200.00 each month.
Would some body please give me the status on this? the local office says you are the 3rd party and can look it up by my SS# and give me the status.
I would be so grateful if someone could please help me with this ASAP, and get back to me.I've called so many numbers now and attempted email addresses. No Help!
Thank you so muc for your time and consideration.

With Kindest Regards,

Stephi Davis Read More
11/19/2011 JP Morgan Chase - my child support goes on a chase card, someone
my child support goes on a chase card, someone stold it and used it, I filed a claim
and they said it wasnt stolen because it was used in the town I live in at places it has been used befor. And a deposit went on it around the same time, this person that took it knows me but if I would have given them my card why didnt they know my pin. He is on video on
a bicycle at a carwash using it in the quarter machine. This is a shame on chase bank. Why is the guy found guilty in court but not by my card company?

Sharon Read More
10/14/2011 JP Morgan Chase - I had a message from Chase to call 877-836-3040 ,
I had a message from Chase to call 877-836-3040 , they ask if I had an accout I SAID it was CLOSED 04/2009 I was transferd to Custermer service an automated sevice asked for my account # or ss# I'M not giving out SS# AND like I said the mortgage accout was closed 04/09 why would I have the account # I want to talk to talk to a real person and one that speaks Englih good. I Posted a complaint with Consermer Affairs earlier this week regarding Chase Recovering Letter I had recieved about the account # I had fax proof of account CLOSED on 2010 & 2011 Credit Reports.

Sonya Read More
7/25/2011 JP Morgan Chase - I have been trying for weeks to reach coustomer
I have been trying for weeks to reach coustomer service at J P Morgan on a deed this has been a night mare im so disappointed in your service to the public. I have 7 accounts with Chase bank. I been trying close on a cash sale on a home for going on 3 months we have people out of work. I have e mailed and called all branches still no response.

Mark Read More
7/11/2011 JP Morgan Chase - I would like to have JPMorgan Chase Sears address
I would like to have JPMorgan Chase Sears address and telephone number in Ottawa in Canada

Teresa D'Souza Read More
6/22/2011 JP Morgan Chase - Your chase bank at vacaville outlet is horrible,
Your chase bank at vacaville outlet is horrible, very bad customer service, hope the general manager can see it to improve their customer service.

Pillar Read More
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