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1/10/2014 Kaiser Permanente - Oregon/Washington residents - Nursing Staff & Specialists are excellent - Everyone else not so much
Nursing Staff is excellent. Specialists are excellent. But in between, not so much. in my experience _some_ personal care physicians seem to have a phobia against making referrals to specialists, seeing patients assigned to them, or ordering tests - or maybe they have to play the automated assembly-line-medicine numbers game. I'm sure there are excellent PCP's on staff. If you have a problem you'll have to raise hell with Members Services. That gets their attention, apparently. Don't hesitate to ask for a different personal care physician until you get one that will listen or at least see you when you have a concern.

Oh, yeah, don't forget to 'thrive' while you're trying to get some help.

I don't expect this will be posted since it's not particularly positive, but it was good to vent.

RayRead More
3/3/2011 Kaiser Permanente - Oregon/Washington residents - KAISER PERMANENTE SUCKS!Heres how KAISER

Heres how KAISER PERMANENTE treates their "subscribers"

1. Mom breaks about 2/3 of her humerus ball joint near the clavicle off (not the socket) of her shoulder Monday.

2. Shes rushed to SWWMC emergency and they stabilizer her in the ER.

3. Kaiser is called first thing tuesday am and they say call back today (wednesday)

4. Today Kaiser tells mom, "Sorry, the orthopedic department can't see you until monday." Meanwhile moms in extreme pain shes unable to take pain meds and they DONT CARE! HERES MY HONEST OPINION.......KAISER DOESN'T GIVE A XXXX ABOUT PEOPLE! THEY NEVER HAD AND THEY NEVER WILL!

Anybody else had experiences like this?


DanRead More
10/22/2009 Kaiser Permanente - Oregon/Washington residents - You push the e-type of patients' charts, siting
You push the e-type of patients' charts, siting the trees not needed to produce charts.
THEN,you send out dual copies of the Medicare Part D to senior households.
How is that eco-friendly?
How many trees were sacrifised?
How much postage was wasted from your budget?

SamRead More
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