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Karmaloop is an online re-seller of name brand underground streetwear & fashion. We are located in Downtown Boston, Massachusetts.

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1-877-465-2762Hint Needed - Please Comment


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4/27/2015 Karmaloop LLC - I have been waiting inform items for about a month
I have been waiting inform items for about a month now no response from no one and no items this is not how a business is supposed to be run. Karmaloop your slacking. Step up to your customers who keep being loyal and getting screwed in the end.

AntonioRead More
2/13/2015 Karmaloop LLC - Your customer service is probably on par with that
Your customer service is probably on par with that of Comcast's customer service. In other words, you guys blow. I cannot reach anyone by phone or email for return I would like to do. It is now way past the 30 day return mark and I am stuck with an item that does not fit me. You guys need to stop celebrating the Patriots win and get back to work.

JayRead More
2/10/2015 Karmaloop LLC - where is my dam order I need a answer pleaseee.
where is my dam order I need a answer pleaseee.

ricardoRead More
2/6/2015 Karmaloop LLC - I guess I see now from all the negative comments
I guess I see now from all the negative comments that I am not the only one that is not satisfied with this company. I will make sure I tell everyone I know not to ever ever ever order anything from you people. I will let my son know that I will not order him another damn thing from this place he will just have to find another place to spend my money cause it will never be this one again. What I dont understand is why I ordered something on Jan 24 and still havent gotten it yet also why do you all have a number and when you dial the number it rings busy and i mean all damn day and I sent an email this morning and still havent gotten a response back from you. This is what you call bad business and bad company. I will be contacting the better Business Bureau to make a complaint against you guys.

KellyRead More
2/23/2014 Karmaloop LLC - I ordered two things from karmaloop and only one
I ordered two things from karmaloop and only one came where's my other shirt

danielRead More
2/3/2014 Karmaloop LLC - Karmaloop Horrible Service!! Called twice
Horrible Service!! Called twice to verify my billing address with bank. Guess what they already cancelled the order!!!


JoeRead More
8/22/2013 Karmaloop LLC - Trouble purchasing from Karmaloop
I have never even gotten to the point of purchase. There was an item I wanted badly. Just a shirt, but they asked for $8 shipping plus $3 "handling". Its already overpriced, but the s&h made the total $47. Okay. There is a $10 code if you sign up. I did that, and still agonized over my purchase (Im not rich). I decided to go for it, and the code didnt work. They told me, it doesnt work for "marketplace" items. Wtf is that??? Things that ship directly from the designer's warehouse. Okay. The code is bullshit.
Then today, I was trying to purchase that same shirt. Shipping is a few bucks less this time, thats good. "handling" is $2 now. Tried to submit order: "shipping is not available for this scenario". Wtf are yall talking about??? There were two choices - flat rate or standard - with different time frames. Why offer it, then. So this how they con you into paying $9 shipping plus $3 "handling" for a small shirt. I couldnt do it. It pissed me off that for the second time I was thwarted because they presented something false. Im fucking tired of trying to purchase from this site.

k. smithRead More
5/22/2013 Karmaloop LLC - I've ordered from karmaloop twice, my first order
I've ordered from karmaloop twice, my first order (almost $300.00 worth of clothing) was processed, shipped, and recieved in a timely fashion. I recently placed an order with them that was under $100.00 and I've noticed a huge change in the type of customer service I got. I wasn't alerted when my payment cleared, or when my package was shipped (apparently), NOR was as I told that my package was actually NOT shipped out at all because it included nail varnish (which they are apparently unable to ship to outside the states) yet my order was marked as shipped. I wouldn't have even figured it out for a month or so if my boyfriend hadn't suggested I emailed them because my tracking number wasn't working. Very poor service, can't say I'll be shopping through them again anytime soon.

SamanthaRead More
4/3/2013 Karmaloop LLC - So Far , Everything has Been Everything with You
So Far , Everything has Been Everything with You Guys. I Have Recieved All my Previous Products in a timely fashion . But recently i placed a order and got no notification or update on whars going on with my items . But the money is no longer in my account so i know that mu order must have been placed . Please Contact me and let me know whats going on. Thanks

KingRead More
3/13/2013 Karmaloop LLC - I've called customer service 4 different times
I've called customer service 4 different times today and each time the line gets connected before I am able to speak with someone. This is very frustrating! All I want is my RA number which apparently is impossible for me to attain. Someone needs to call me back ASAP!

KolbyRead More
12/16/2012 Karmaloop LLC - Karmaloop Customer Service Review: Horrible 12/17/12
Karmaloops customer service is horrible! Do not order anything from her because who knows if you will get it.

BreannaRead More
12/11/2012 Karmaloop LLC - Karmaloop Customer Review: The worst customer service
This company has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with shopping online. I decided to place an order for a couple of items I called karmaloop customer service and a gentleman answered who sounded extremely preoccupied with something else told me their shipping options and told me if I wanted my package before Monday I needed to pay for express Saturday.I paid for Saturday Express Delivery only to find out whoever was shipping out orders did not ship mines out. When I asked how this could happen I was told I don't know. They didn't sound apologetic for this mistake either. I was told we will refund what you paid for shipping immediately and get the package to you by Monday or Tuesday. I was traveling for work therefore the address I gave for the original shipment was a hotel address and I was checking out Monday morning. I told the agent please just give me a full refund for the shipping and items and I just wanted my order canceled. The representative Sam or Samantha had guaranteed me that she spoke with a manager and the order would be canceled and not delivered. She said she can issue a refund for the Saturday shipping costs but I had to wait to be refunded the entire total. I asked how long she said 3-5 days. I called back the very same evening to double check and was told by another agent that the order was canceled and wouldn't be shipped out to me but that I had to wait for the full refund to be issued. Then what happens a day or two later I get an email confirmation that my Karmaloop package had been shipped out and to expect it Monday afternoon. I was checking out that morning and even though I made sure it was canceled of course it was not. I emailed Karmaloop customer service and was replied with an our apologies it could not be canceled. Are you SERIOUS? so they screwed up a second time and the worst part is... after they realized my order could not be canceled and would still be shipped why couldn't they have the courtesy to call or email me about this information? At least I could have informed the hotel staff in advance that a package may come in for me after I check out. Now I'm waiting to her back from their terrible customer service because I am definitely not going to the hotel to pick their package and fix their mistake. If I don't receive my full refund which they said 3-5 days I am going to file a report with my bank for these charges cause its just ridiculous.

RosyRead More
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