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1/13/2016 Kawasaki USA - I purchased a new 310 ultra about may 2015.... by
I purchased a new 310 ultra about may 2015.... by august the engine failed with about 30 hours on it. I took it to the local dealer and they had never heard of this happening. REALLY long story short, it is more common than folks realize. A piston and ring flaw. ITS BEEN OVER 4 MONTHS and my Jet Ski is still in the shop getting warranty work done. In now 135 days they still haven't been able to get it fixed. I have called Kawasaki customer service a couple times a week for over 2 months. I have emailed everyone I can find in the company. Usually folks wont call me back. When I get a live person they tell me it will be a couple days. They have all the parts. EVERY time I call they tell me this. I know everyone at the customer service center by first name. They have resorted to calling my wife now because they don't want to speak to me. I paid 18,000.00 for a ski that lasted about 30 hours. At this point they only thing I have is a ski with some extra warranty and a continuing payment. Shame is the moment it gets out of the shop I am selling it and never buying another Kawasaki product.

Benjamin Smart Read More
6/3/2015 Kawasaki USA - More of a question:Does a 2009 Vulcan Nomad
More of a question:Does a 2009 Vulcan Nomad windshield including the brackets fir on a 2013 Vulcan 900 classic?

Dave Read More
1/17/2015 Kawasaki USA - Attention Mr. Chris Lopez, Received extreme
Attention Mr. Chris Lopez, Received extreme friendly service from you helping me sign up for the $500.00 voucher at the Bike show in Washington D.C.. I used the last one in 2012 for my beautiful Kawasaki Ninja ZX1400R. This is my 5th bike and the best yet. Looking at the 30th ann. addition real hard. Please send me 3 Hats, 3 Tee-shirts for me, wife and son who rides a ZX-10. Thanks

Gil Freeman Read More
12/23/2014 Kawasaki USA - Right now I would like to give a negative star to
Right now I would like to give a negative star to this corporation. My brand new teryx started acting up in under a week, and it's been 4 weeks and I find out they are having to go into the engine! Literally drove it maybe an hour...who wants to pay this much and have the most impersonal and most unprofessional customer service reps contacting me?? I'm almost to the point of involving my attorney and seeking legal advice on what to do next. I'm not asking for much, simply another teryx of same value being since I purchased and took home a brand new one.

Adam Read More
8/24/2014 Kawasaki USA - 2006 ninja ex 500r. I blew the motor and wanted to
2006 ninja ex 500r. I blew the motor and wanted to know will any of the ninja 600 motors fit in the frame of my 500. Without having to fabricate new motor mounts. Or modifying the frame at all. If not I will just replace it with another 500 motor. Also does kawasaki make a 550 motor.

Brian Venson Read More
6/22/2014 Kawasaki USA - I've got a kawasaki ga 3200 a s portable
I've got a kawasaki ga 3200 a s portable generator. The voltage regulator burnt out on it and the price for a replacement is outragous. New is like 347.00 and used is from 130.00 to200.+ . I can get a new generator for those prices. Why is this part so expensive and is there anyway your co. Could help a poor man out. I bought the generator for the name and quality of your products. But I must say I am totally dissatisfied with this purchase. Like I said "can u help a poor man out"
Also hard to find anything on generators on any of your sites. Totally dissatisfied! !!!!!!!!!

David Read More
6/4/2014 Kawasaki USA - I recently purchased a new Kawasaki Teryx4 LE and
I recently purchased a new Kawasaki Teryx4 LE and I couldn’t be more excited with the quality, ride and handling. The warranty was a big sell for me and the overall price. I’m over 50 and I’m not sure I’ve ever had a toy I enjoy this much. I will say the dust in the cabin is a challenge and I don’t have it figured out yet but trying several options. The main reason I’m writing this rating is the accessories catalog I received. I can’t believe what high prices you quote for all the extra equipment. I was shocked when I started looking at the prices for some of things I wanted. The small front floor mats are $139.00 for the set and I bought a large set of quality mud mats from Cabela’s for my Dodge for under $60.00. I would like to purchase some of the products but your prices have forced me to the aftermarket products and I will think long a hard before I buy another Kawasaki product.

Leonard Walker Read More
5/18/2014 Kawasaki USA - I bought a 2011 teryx new it has 400 miles on it
I bought a 2011 teryx new it has 400 miles on it an 50 hours It has been down for about six months I have had it to two shops They cannot find the problem one shop had it for over a month The dealer I bought it from has had it for three weeks I have put new fuel pump an filter , new vacuum accumulator new plugs put fresh gas in it nothing helps It will run until it gets warm It acts like it goes in limp mode

Leon Read More
5/2/2014 Kawasaki USA - Kawasaki Wheelhorse tiller from 1980 - I need parts
I have an old Wheelhorse tiller from 1980. It needs a carburetor as there is no rebuild kit for it. Will the carbs from a newer F series engine fit on this one? The motor is an FA-130R with a code of AS01

Lou Read More
4/25/2014 Kawasaki USA - Kawasaki Mule 2010 Purchased while ago and it
Kawasaki Mule 2010 Purchased while ago and it needs to service and check motor, battery, the ring that holds handle into neutral/forward /reverse position on the shift handle broke- and check overall running conditions of my mule- I am located in Coeur D'Alene Idaho 83814 and have not find a Kawasaki dealer that service this unit.

Please advice; Juan

Juan Read More
4/22/2014 Kawasaki USA - Review - Kawasaki Ultra 300x - I love it!
Got a kawasaki Ultra 300x and love it! A performance beast. Incredible holeshot! This was my first kawasaki product and I am very impressed with the brand.

DJ Read More
12/24/2013 Kawasaki USA - New stator not covered on my Kawasaki warranty?
Purchased 2012 Vulcan and the dealer I purchased the bike from stated that I needed a new stator and that it's not covered on my Kawasaki warranty.

2012 vulcan Read More
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